If you’re looking to save money on your groceries, download these 7 free coupon apps to start saving!

Krazy Coupon Lady App

Take couponing with the Krazy Coupon Lady to the next level. Choose the stores near you with geolocation. Browse over 60 new deals per day. Find coupons, create a shopping list, and save deals for later. Celebrate your savings by posting a brag in seconds. And learn how to coupon with tips from founders Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer! Download for Apple! Download for Android!

Ibotta App

The original rebate app, Ibotta, carries the most offers for brands you already buy. Browse the app by retailer, and unlock offers by taking a simple action such as learning a fact or answering a question. Search offers in store by scanning the barcode of items in your shopping cart. After making a purchase, submit a rebate by tapping on “redeem.” Then scan the product bar code and take a picture of the receipt. Plus, when you sign up this month through this link and submit 1 offer, you’ll get an extra $11 bonus as a thanks from KCL! SIGN UP FOR IBOTTA NOW!

Sync your facebook account to Ibotta and become teammates automatically with your Facebook friends. Then, participate in monthly “challenges” like: earn an extra $5 when you redeem $10 in rebates AND your team earns $20 in total rebates.

Snap App by Groupon

Newsflash: Groupon’s gone grocery. Browsing coupons (or rebates, rather) is a Snap. (See what I did there?) Look for offers such as savings on any brand laundry detergent, paper towels, soup or dish soap!

Add offers and products to your shopping list. After your purchase, upload a picture of the receipt within two days. Cash out once you earn $20.

Key Ring App

Download Key Ring and eliminate the store loyalty card(s) you’ve got hanging off your ignition switch. Once you load your supermarket loyalty card, browse coupons specific to your store. Just scan the bar code on your loyalty card to add to the app.

With Key Ring, there is no need to walk around the store with a floppy circular, or even subscribe to the Sunday paper if you’re not getting it for the coupons! Browse weekly ads from your area in-app. Select items or promotions, and add them to your list. Even share the list with your husband, and make him do the shopping!

Shopmium App

Shopmium doesn’t require you to take any action before you shop! So, while we recommend you browse offers regularly, if you’re running last minute errands and you don’t have time, Shopmium won’t disqualify you from receiving a rebate!

Come home and request your rebate by scanning your products’ bar codes and taking a picture of the receipt. You’ll get your money within three days no matter how much (or little) you earn!

Shrink App

Shrink is a rebate app that’s all about connecting consumers with brands. Not only can you redeem offers like $0.25 off orange juice or a dozen eggs, you can search for brands you like, learn more about them, then access a whole slough of coupons for their products.

One of the best things about Shrink? Shoppers can redeem each offer multiple times. If you buy three products, you will be rewarded for each purchase. Use referral code OBCHJY when you sign up!

SavingStar App

Access coupons on the go with SavingStar app. Download today, then select the stores where you regularly shop.

For supermarkets that require a loyalty card, scan your store card or enter the ID number (often found on your receipt) to begin. Activate offers before you shop or while you are at the store! Redemption is automatic when you enter your store card! Voila!

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