If you’ve ever dreamed of having someone take the work out of grocery shopping, you’re going to love Peapod! Best of all, it can also save you money. We are here to show you how to use it and how to stack your savings!

What is it?

Peapod is a website and app that lets you create a grocery list of products that you can have delivered or that you can pick up. The fee for delivery is $6.95 plus a fuel charge, depending on where you live. Or, you can pick up your list of groceries for $2.95 at Stop and Shop locations. You must meet a minimum of $60 to use the service.

The app and site feature “aisles” of a virtual grocery store, as well as a search function, to find your favorite brands and items. They sell much of what a standard grocery store would offer, including items like baby diapers and wipes, and personal hygiene products. Currently the service is offered in the following states: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We love the easy-to-navigate menu, and it’s super simple to use!


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How do the prices match up?

The prices are a bit high. Ideally, this service will be great for professionals, working parents, etc. who feel the trade-off for paying a little more to save time is a worthwhile one. Meeting the $60 minimum is only prudent if you have a list of things you can save money on. The prices, from our research, seem to closely resemble those of Kroger and Safeway chains, and are not as low as Target or Walmart. Diapers and wipes are approximately $8.99 for a jumbo pack and $2.39 for a pack of wipes. Some items were lower than chain stores, like Burts Bees diaper cream, which is only $8.99 on Peapod and $9.99 at Target, but you have to do a good bit of research to find the items you can save on. Things like chicken breast were $2.99 a lb, and veggies seem about 10% higher than large chain stores like WinCo. We recommend searching with the search bar to find your favorite, most-used items and tracking the prices to compare.

How can Peapod save me money?

Here’s where it gets good! Although the prices are high to start with, there are ways to save on Peapod, just like any higher-end grocery store. And the savings are good.

The sale section

Peapod has a sale section, just like store circulars and ads. There are hundreds of items on special that vary day to day, and they are relatively low priced. By scanning only the sale section, the prices seemed to be closer to large chain grocers, and more budget friendly.

Double coupons

The biggest benefit to using Peapod is they double coupons! Yes, this is where you will save the most. How do you double coupons on an app? You have to pay full price (or sale price) at the outset, and then supply your driver with your paper coupons and order number in a sealed envelope upon delivery. The price difference is then credited back to your form of payment. They double manufacturer coupons up to $0.99, and the very best part is: you are more likely to get some deals because Peapod has a large stock, and less couponers may be chasing the deal.

Go green

Select the “greener” delivery method to earn an extra $2 off your order. This method means the window of delivery may be longer, but if you’re home a lot, this is convenient and money saving.

You can use Savings Star and Ibotta with Peapod! Just use the Ibotta app, select Peapod, and use the redemption link for redeeming a rebate through their site. For step-by-step instructions on how to use Ibotta and Peapod together, read this. For a step-by-step on how to use Peapod with your Savings Star account, click here. We gave both a try, and it worked like a charm, with no hiccups!

Right now, SAVE with a new member promo!

Peapod is offering new members a promo code to save $15 on their first order with this code: PPSE15ALL. There is no expiration listed on the site, but we recommend jumping on that to earn the savings. It’s applied at checkout. Don’t forget they also offer referral credit of $10 for friends who join and place orders! It works the same as any other referral program, where you send your friends your link via social media platforms, and they can sign up through it.

There’s lots of savings to be had with Peapod, especially if you use your coupons!

Peapod: The Grocery Delivery Service That Will Double Your Coupons!