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Here's Everything You Need to Know About BJ's Coupon Policy

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Coupon policies are confusing, I know. But we’re here to make things a little easier. BJ’s coupon policy in particular is definitely one of the better ones, especially if we’re comparing it to similar wholesale retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club. That’s because they actually accept manufacturer’s coupons in addition to their own in-store ones. This really changes the game on how to save, but more on that later.

We read up on BJ’s coupon policy, plus we use coupons at BJ’s all the time. So we can tell you everything you need to know about stacking coupons at BJ’s, where to find the coupons, and every other detail you might be curious about.

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BJ’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons — unlike similar wholesale retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club.

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We were thrilled to find out that BJ’s accepts manufacturer’s coupons. Just know that you have to get them through BJ’s “My Coupons” page, either online or in the store’s mobile app. They don’t accept digital manufacturer’s coupons from places other than BJ’s coupon gallery.

BJ’s in-store coupons also generate great deals every month. You can find these coupons at the front entrance and at the service desk. Members may also print coupons online at Just keep in mind that BJ’s does not accept coupons that need to be scanned directly from your phone.

As per BJ’s coupon policy, the store accepts the following coupons:

  • Clipless coupons: These are BJ’s coupons that are automatically applied at checkout, whether in store or online.
  • Digital coupons: You can find digital coupons right on BJ’s website or on their mobile app. These coupons include both manufacturer and BJ’s-exclusive coupons. Members can clip digital BJ’s coupons directly to their Membership Card either online or on the app.
  • Paper coupons: These include BJ’s in-store coupons that you get at the service desk, paper manufacturer’s coupons, or “Basket Level” coupons. Basket Level coupons refer to offers like “Save $10 on your next BJ’s purchase of $50 or more.”

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You can absolutely stack coupons at BJ’s — this includes combining a BJ’s coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon.

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Get this — per BJ’s coupon policy, the store accepts more than one manufacturer coupon on multipack items if the item can be sold individually. For example, I’ve purchased a 3-pack of Crest toothpaste in the past and was able to use a coupon on each tube. I don’t know about you, but that kind of blows my mind.

  • Examples of multipacks: If you’re thinking about buying a 2-pack of Heinz ketchup, you can use a manufacturer coupon on each bottle of the pack as long as the bottles can be sold individually (i.e., their individual barcodes are visible within the multipack).
  • Examples of products that are not multipacks: Cases of water or soda, a box containing two bags of pasta, and a box containing two bags of cereal.

You can also combine multiple BJ’s coupons (online or in store) on a single selling unit, as long as each offer is unique. Even better, you can also combine one BJ’s coupon with one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item.

I know I just threw a lot at you, so here’s a summary of a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You can use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on multipack items, if the items can be sold individually (and have individual barcodes on them).
  • While each coupon must offer a different deal, you can use multiple BJ’s coupons on a single selling unit.
  • You can combine one BJ’s coupon with one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item.
  • Even when a clipless coupon has been applied to an item, you can stack a BJ’s coupon or a manufacturer’s coupon on top of it.
  • As for BJ’s coupons, you cannot use a digital and paper one together if both offer the same deal.


Nonmembers can use coupons at BJ’s too.

Even if you’re not a BJ’s member, you can use coupons at BJ’s too. You can use manufacturer paper coupons and any BJ’s paper coupons when you shop. Just know that you will be charged a nonmember surcharge on your order. This surcharge can range anywhere from 5% to 20%. (Honestly, the reasoning for this range is unclear — we’ve seen varying surcharges on the website. While we reached out to BJ’s, we were unable to get in touch with them).

But if you’re a member, you have the advantage of loading BJ’s digital coupons and select manufacturer coupons directly to your membership card via BJ’s website or mobile app.

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