These darling cupcake jars make a great little Valentine's Day gift. All you need are baby food jars, caulking and a few embellishments. Since the "icing" on the cupcake is made of caulking, it is definitely not edible—but these cupcakes look incredibly sweet! And don't let the idea of using caulk intimidate you. I am a complete caulking-gun novice. And while caulking my bathtub may be a different story, I had no problems piping it on these jars!

Materials Needed:

  • Baby food jars or other small jars with lids
  • White caulking
  • White paint and paintbrush
  • Embellishments (glitter, tiny beads, foam stickers, ribbon, etc.)
  • Candy


  1. Paint the lids of your jars and allow to dry completely.
  2. Once your lids are dry, screw them onto the jars so you have something to hold on to while you add the caulking.
  3. Pipe on your caulking just like you would pipe icing on a real cupcake. I practiced first on a paper plate just to get the feel of it.
  4. Add your embellishments right away before the caulking dries.
  5. For embellishments, I worked with what I had around my house: glitter, tiny beads, and confetti made from card stock with a small hole punch to resemble sprinkles.
  6. I added sparkly foam stickers as cupcake toppers.
  7. I also used some ribbon to tie a bow around the lid rim and secured it with a dot of glue.
  8. Once your jars are completely dry (wait overnight) fill them up with some sweet treats and give them to someone you love!

DIY Valentine "Cupcake" Candy Jars