Here’s an easy project that will add a little dazzle to your New Year’s party. You can use pre-printed cups to make these pretty little lights (which would really make this project a breeze), or you can use any decorative paper you wish to make your own unique look. I used some pretty scrapbooking paper, but any paper would work—colorful tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc. I love that you can easily adapt these lights for any party or event by simply changing the paper!


1 (20-light) string white Christmas lights – $2
20 (3 oz.) disposable cups (like Dixie Bath Cups) – $2 for 100 cups
Pretty paper (optional) – $1 or less


1. Start by cutting up a cup to make a template. Cut straight up the side, then cut off the bottom and the top rim of the cup. You will end up with a curved template you can use to cut out your decorative paper.

2. When you cut the paper, make sure to cut one of the short sides about half an inch longer than the template to provide some overlap. After cutting, tape the paper to each cup.

3. Carefully use a knife to cut a 1/4-inch long slit in the bottom of each cup. Slide the cups over each light. Then string them up, plug them in, and amaze your party guests!

DIY: Dixie Cup Party Lights