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Mod Podge is a great adhesive. It’s so useful for all sorts of crafting projects! What I don’t love about it is the price—Mod Podge runs about $8 for 16 oz. This simple recipe brings the cost down to $1.50 for the same 16 oz! All it takes is white school glue and water. Too bad I didn’t discover this a few projects ago!


Materials Needed

  • White school glue
  • Water
  • Empty container


  1. Pour a bottle of white glue into an empty container. I upcycled a peanut butter jar—I like using something with a wide opening so I can easily fit a paint brush into it.
  2. Pour an equal amount of water in with your glue so that you have a 50/50 ratio of glue and water. To make this easy, just fill up your empty glue container with water, shake it up and add it in. This way you know you have the same amount of water, and you can get those last little bits of glue out, as well.
  3. Now firmly screw on your lid and shake up your mixture of water and glue until it is thoroughly combined.
  4. That’s it—you’re done! To test out the concoction I made a label for my jar and adhered it with my homemade Mod Podge. It worked great!
Make Your Own Mod Podge and Save!