Being a new mom is hard work. There are late nights, little sleep and lots of dirty diapers—but most moms will tell you that there’s nothing more rewarding. That’s why new moms deserve to be pampered! This Christmas, pamper the new mom in your life with something unexpected that she will really love. If you’re searching for a gift for that special mom, check out these eight fabulous finds:

1. Jellystrands

Many new moms soon come to realize that they can no longer wear jewelry without the constant tug of little fingers on their baubles. If the mom in your life has stopped wearing jewelry on a daily basis, treat her with a necklace from Jellystrands. These fabulous silicone necklaces come in numerous styles and colors and look great with any outfit, but they’re also great for baby! Jellystrands are odorless, tasteless, BPA-free and perfectly safe for babies to chew on. Priced from $22.50, these baby-friendly necklaces can be purchased at

Kate Teething Necklace, $22.50
Free shipping
Final Price: As low as $22.50

2. Mom+Dad=Me Frame

If there’s one thing that new moms love, it’s pictures of their bundle of joy! Consider gifting your new mom a cute frame such as this Mom+Dad=Me frame. This black wood frame features metal lettering with individual places for photos of mom, dad and baby. Priced currently at $13.78, the Mom+Dad=Me Frame is available on Amazon.

Mom+Dad=Me Picture Frame, $13.78
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: $13.78

3. Initial necklace

Help the mom in your life commemorate the new addition to the family with this adorable Baby Bird Necklace. The white gold-plated baby bird can be personalized to feature the child’s initial and hangs from a white gold-plated necklace. Priced at $13 from Luulla, this baby bird is sure to make any new mom smile.

Personalized Initial Bird Necklace, $13.00
Pay $4.00 shipping
Final Price: $17.00

4. Custom phone case

There’s nothing that new moms love more than showing off photos of their little one, so why not put that photo someplace where they can easily display it—on a phone case! Vivoprint allows users to upload photos to create personalized phone cases, as well as other goods such as laptop sleeves, mugs and notebooks. Personalized phone cases are priced from $14.99 to $34.99 (depending on style) and can be purchased at

Wood Frame Personalized Phone Case, $14.99
Pay $4.48 shipping
Final Price: $19.47

5. Monogrammed tote bag

As someone who considers herself a bit of a fashionista, sticking to one or two diaper bags was always frustrating as a new mom. This Monogrammed Tote Bag, which can be personalized with your recipient’s initials, is the perfect size for hauling around all of baby’s necessities, but can be used as an everyday tote or even a beach bag in the summer. And since monograms are the hot trend, she’ll still feel like a fabulous fashionista even while changing dirty diapers. Priced at $20, the Monogrammed Tote can be purchased at

Personalized Chevron Tote Bag with Fancy Script Monogram, $20.00
Shipping depends on location, approximately $8.00
Final Price: Approximately $28.00

6. Blacklisted from the PTA

Although being a new mom is one of the happiest times for most women, it can also be very tiresome and even a bit scary at times. Bring a little laughter and lightheartedness to them by giving her a humorous parenting book such as Blacklisted from the PTA by Lela Davidson. This book features 62 essays that take a candid and comedic look at motherhood proving that it really is okay to laugh at yourself. Priced currently at $13.50, Blacklisted from the PTA is available on Amazon.

Blacklisted from the PTA, $13.50
Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $13.50

7. Personalized notepads

If your new mom is a habitual list-maker then surely she will enjoy scribbling her to-do lists and coupon deals on these adorable personalized notepads. Choose from over 45 designs and further personalize these notepads from Walmart with a photo and message. The custom notepads feature 50 sheets and are priced at $6.82 each.

Photo Notepad, $6.82
Free shipping
Final Price: $6.82

8. Mommy Calling Cards

As a new mom, I was always surprised at how often I found myself digging through my purse for scraps of paper to write down my name and number. Whether it be for playdates, get-togethers or business, having a calling card in your purse is always handy, so consider gifting your new mom a set of Mommy Calling Cards. These adorable Red Wagon Calling Cards can be personalized to feature your recipient's name and phone number as well as other info such as their child’s name and address. The Red Wagon Calling Cards are priced at $24.95 for a pack of 100 and are available at Zazzle.

Red Wagon Calling Cards, $24.95
Pay $5.99 shipping
Final Price: $30.94

8 Gifts to Pamper a New Mom