There are a lot of words that I use to describe myself: wife, mother—and geek! I love reading comics, all things Star Trek and going to cons (conventions) whenever I can, so, needless to say, I love giving and receiving geeky gifts! However, if you’re not a geek yourself, choosing a gift for one can be an overwhelming task. Before you shine the bat symbol in a last attempt for help, check out these nine great gifts that would make anyone geek out:

1. Dr. Who Slippers

If you’ve got a Whovian on your list, there’s definitely no shortage of Doctor Who merchandise out there, but perhaps none as cute (or as useful) as these Tardis Slippers! Priced at $19.99, these slippers are perfect for when you feel like traveling through the galaxy…or just lounging on the couch, watching your favorite episode of Doctor Who. Available on ThinkGeek, the Tardis Slippers are available in both men and women’s sizes.

Dr. Who Tardis Slippers, $19.99
Shipping depends on location, approximately $6.00
Final Price: $25.99

2. Star Wars Ice Sabers

If the summer months make you feel like you’re living on the desert planet of Tatooine, help your geek cool down with the Star Wars Ice Sabers Kit and Cookbook. This kit includes 4 ice-pop molds along with a full-color cookbook featuring over 30 recipes including Echo Base Frozen Lemonade, Ice Cream Clones and Frozen Hoth Chocolate. The Star Wars Ice Sabers Kit is priced at $22.49 on Amazon.

Star Wars Ice Sabers Kit and Cookbook, (reg $24.99) $22.49
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $22.49

3. Star Trek 2014 Calendar

Captain Jean-Luc Picard once said to a late crewman, "I don’t know how they do it on Deep Space Nine, but on the Enterprise we still report for duty on time." Although your geek’s daily life may not entail traveling through space on a starship, punctuality is an important factor in any job. Help them keep their schedule organized with this 16-month Star Trek Calendar, which features vintage-style art and Star Trek trivia. The Star Trek 2014 Engagement calendar is priced at $9.48 and is available at Walmart.

Star Trek 2014 16-Month Engagement Calendar, $9.48
Free shipping on orders of $35 or more
Final Price: As low as $9.48

4. Geeksoap

You may have seen cute soaps before but you’ve probably never seen any like these! With soaps based on such fandoms as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft and more, Geeksoaps has something for every geek on your list. My personal favorite? The classic D20 Soap on a Rope. Soaps start at $5 each on and are handmade with all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients.

D20 Soap on a Rope, $6.00
Pay $5.50 shipping
Final Price: $11.50

5. Minecraft Cookie Cutters

If your geek spends all of their free time rummaging through dungeon chests and climbing jungle trees in search of the virtual ingredients to make Minecraft cookies, give them an easier and tastier treat! The Minecraft Cookie Cutter Set, available for $19.99 on ThinkGeek, comes with five cookie cutters including the pickaxe, sword, player, creeper and even the Minecraft cookie, and all come packed in an adorable Minecraft-themed chest. Although these cookies won’t supply your character with hunger points, at least you won’t have to spend all day farming coco beans!

Minecraft Cookie Cutters, $19.99
Shipping depends on location, approximately $7.00
Final Price: $26.99

6. Loki Pop Bobble Head

He may have waged war against earth in The Avengers, but there’s no denying that the Loki Pop Figure is one of the cutest supervillains of all time! Priced at $9.99 on Entertainment Earth, this bobble head figure is based on Loki’s look from Thor: The Dark World and features the antagonist with his trusty sword. If you feel like spending a bit more, you can consider adding Thor, also $9.99, alongside his adoptive, and equally adorable, brother to complete the set.

Loki Marvel Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head, $9.99
Pay $4.95 shipping
Final Price: $14.94

7. Space Invaders Jenga

If your geek longs for the days spent burning through rolls of quarters at the local arcade, give them a twist on one of the classic arcade games with Space Invaders Jenga. Players must evade lasers and alien attacks all while trying to keep their Jenga tower intact in this retro-version of the classic game. Priced at $24.92 on Amazon, Space Invaders Jenga offers two ways to play including the classic Jenga and the Custom Space Invaders game play. Other geeky editions of Jenga include Donkey Kong and Spiderman, and all are available on Amazon.

Space Invaders Jenga, $25.11
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: As low as $25.11

8. Wallet Ninja

What geek wouldn’t love a stealthy secret weapon for everyday tasks? The Wallet Ninja is a credit card-sized tool that has 16 different functions including a can opener, hex wrench, bottle opener, phone stand, screwdriver and more! Made from 4x heat-treated steel, the wallet ninja is TSA approved and has a lifetime guarantee against injury. The Wallet Ninja is priced at $9.99 and is available on ThinkGeek.

Wallet Ninja 16-in-1 Pocket Multi-Tool, $9.99

9. Soft Kitty Snuggler

Although Sheldon typically reserves the tune of Soft Kitty for when he’s sick, you’ll want to sing it all the time when wrapped up in the Soft Kitty Snuggler! This snuggler blanket, which measures 70" by 54", features the adorable kitty on the front and is a great gift for any Big Bang Theory fan. Priced at $22.99 on Entertainment Earth, we think any geek would approve.

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Snuggler Blanket, $22.99
Pay $6.95 shipping
Final Price: $29.94

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