I still remember the year I reached “that age.” By this I mean, that age when it seemed like every single friend I had was having a baby. I was flooded with invitations to baby showers…and perplexed by how to afford all those baby shower gifts! And I knew I needed to figure out a longer-term strategy, since in a year or two, I’d be attending another round of showers when my friends had baby #2.

Here are some of the great finds I rely on today to offer baby shower gifts while still keeping my budget in mind!

1. The Honest Company

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is a hit with mothers worldwide. Alba may be a celebrity, but she is first and foremost a mom who wants her kids to have the best start in life. I love her products! They’re affordable, useful, and praised across the board.

You can get a free trial on any Bundle (Diapers & Wipes, Essentials, Organic Infant Formula + DHA, Health & Wellness)—even these free trials make great baby shower gifts!

Or shop individual products and put together your own great Bundle for the mom-to-be!

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2. Mothers Lounge

Even though you still pay shipping (around $14.99) with Mothers Lounge, the products you get are so useful to new moms—plus they’re FREE! Mothers Lounge does also have brick-and-mortar stores, but these promotions are just for their online store.

Current promotions include:


3. Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane is mom-founded. Each product has been vetted by parents within and outside the company. Along with amazing single products, you can purchase monthly packages to save time and money for any new mom-to-be.

Right now, save 40% (Coupon code: TAKE40) off your first month’s package—if you’re on a strict budget, this first month alone makes a great gift (and you can cancel before the second month’s payment falls due—no penalty).

4. Tommee Tippee

This company has a host of ultra-useful new mom items, but one of the hands-down best is the Travel Warmer, which keeps you out of the hot seat when you need to warm up milk or formula on the go (no electricity required). You can’t buy directly from the company, but you can get this unique warmer on Amazon for $13.31 (plus free shipping for Prime members!).

5. WubbaNub

WubbaNub is a company that specializes in huggable infant pacifiers. Here again, you can’t buy the item direct from the company website, but you can get it for a steal on Amazon (just $12.95 plus free shipping for Prime members!).

6. Sticky Bellies

The Sticky Bellies collection takes “baby’s photo journal” to a whole new level, with gentle, removable stickers the guest of honor can stick to her own tummy (or her baby’s) to share growth milestones in pictures with friends and loved ones. Not only are they cute, but they are cheap at just $12 per set for Amazon Prime members!


6 Brilliant Baby Shower Gifts Under $20