If you have hardwood floors or slippery kitchen tiles you have probably seen a child take a spill or two. Ouch! Slick floors can pose a danger to little ones just learning to toddle or to rambunctious older kids. Here is a quick trick to add traction to a child’s socks (and kids can help with this fun project):

You need:

  • Clean socks.
  • Puffy fabric paint. Find tubes at craft stores and even some dollar stores. Make sure the paint is specific for use on fabric, or it will wash away. Spend no more than $3.00.

Easy steps:

  • Apply dime-sized dots of the puffy paint to the bottom of the socks. Or, apply the paint in thin rows.
  • Once the bottom of the sock is covered in this pattern, lay flat and allow to dry about 24 hours.

With new, special traction socks, kids can run around the house like maniacs without the risk of taking a spill (no promises about your furniture)! This trick also works on socks for seniors who need extra traction.

Thanks Real Simple

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