My children's favorite people to plan Christmas gifts for are their teachers. My kids love making something themselves, and this card is quick and easy for little hands to create (and turns out super cute, too). Just attach your card to a yummy treat and you can cross that task off your list!

Materials needed:

  • Card stock
  • Ribbon in various widths and patterns
  • Twig
  • Star for top of tree (for example, a button or star shape cut from paper)
  • Hot glue


1. Cut and fold card stock to desired size.

2. Trim a twig the same height as your card.

3. Tie ribbons around twig, starting at the bottom with your widest width of ribbon.

4. Cut ribbons to create the shape of a pine tree and adhere to the card stock with hot glue.

5. Attach a star to the top.

DIY: Twig and Ribbon Christmas Tree Card