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Here's How The GetOutPass Works (and Take up to 70% Off Right Now!)

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Simply put, a GetOutPass is a membership card that offers 12 months of access to different entertainment venues in your city. Think along the lines of museums, zoos, and other family-friendly attractions. And if you’re planning a family vacation to a city that offers GetOutPass, you can buy them for that location to use on the trip. It’ll make sight-seeing cheaper. To be clear, a GetOutPass purchased for a certain city is only good in that city. You can’t use one membership for multiple cities. Currently, there’s a sale on memberships — 70% off the regular price (which varies by location).

Now keep in mind, the GetOutPass is currently only available in select cities, which we list below. This deal drops a single pass in Pittsburgh, PA from $99.95 to $29.95. Instead of spending about $400 on GetOutPasses for a family of four in Pittsburgh, you can outfit your crew in memberships for just $119.80.

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The 12-month GetOutPass costs between $29.95 – $124.95 during the current sale, depending on your location.

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Pittsburgh and New Mexico are the two locations with 70% GetOutPass discounts, costing just $29.95 each. You don’t need a Get Several other locations, like Arizona and North Carolina, have over 60% off and ring in under $40. While areas in California, Idaho, and Kansas City all cost over $100, even on sale.

Don’t let the higher initial cost of some locales stop you. These passes are still worth the upfront cost and I’ll break it down for you below.


These are the 22 locations with Get Out Pass along with the cost in each area.

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There are 22 states or cities that partner with the GetOutPass. Pay special attention to the type of ticket you’re buying. Some locations offer admission to very popular water or amusement parks (like Silver Dollar City in Arkansas). Those increase the initial cost of the pass. Overall, if you’re going to buy a pass you do get a better deal if you purchase at the higher price with the popular venue included.

Let’s look at the Idaho pass. When you purchase the pass without Lagoon admission, it costs $84.95. If you add the Lagoon admission, you’re ringing in at $124.95, a $40 price difference. The Lagoon single-day tickets cost $94.95. So, by buying the pass, you’re immediately saving that $40 and get free access to dozens of other attractions at the same time.

Here are all the locations that partner with the Get Out Pass.

  • Arizona GetOutPass

    • 68 venues, $39.95 (reg. $99.95), 60% off
  • Arkansas GetOutPass

    • 35 venues, $69.95 (reg. $109.95), 36% off
    • With Silver Dollar City, $109.95 (reg. $149.95), 27% off
  • California – Central Valley GetOutPass

    • 33 venues, $62.95 (reg. $89.95), 30% off
    • With Gilroy Gardens & Wild Water Adventure Park, $105 (reg. $149.95), 30% off
  • California – North / Reno GetOutPass

    • 94 venues, $69.95 (reg. $149.95), 53% off
  • California – Southern GetOutPass

    • 77 venues, $69.95 (reg. $99.95), 30% off
  • Colorado GetOutPass

    • 85 venues, $44.95 (reg. $99.95), 55% off
  • Florida – North GetOutPass

    • 47 venues, $54.95 (reg. $99.95), 45% off
  • Florida – South GetOutPass

    • 74 venues, $54.95 (reg. $99.95), 45% off
  • Florida – Tampa / Central Florida GetOutPass

    • 84 venues, $49.95 (reg. $99.95), 50% off
  • Georgia GetOutPass

    • 54 venues, $64.95 (reg. $99.95), 35% off
    • With Wild Adventures Theme Park, $97.47 (reg. $149.95), 35% off
  • Idaho GetOutPass

    • 79 venues, $84.95 (reg. $109.95), 22% off
    • With Lagoon admission, $124.95 (reg. $149.95), 17% off
  • Indiana – Indianapolis GetOutPass

    • 82 venues, $54.95 (reg. $99.95), 45% off
  • Kansas City GetOutPass

    • 48 venues, $69.95 (reg. $109.95), 36% off
    • With Silver Dollar City, $109.95 (reg. $149.95), 27% off
  • Kentucky – Louisville GetOutPass

    • 43 venues, $44.95 (reg. $69.95), 36% off
    • With Kentucky Kingdom, $74.95 (reg. $99.95), 25% off
  • Maryland / Washington D.C. GetOutPass

    • 87 venues, $54.95 (reg. $149.95), 63% off
  • Nebraska GetOutPass

    • 41 venues, $54.95 (reg. $99.95), 45% off
  • Nevada – Las Vegas GetOutPass

    • 52 venues, $44.95 (reg. $99.95), 55% off
  • New England GetOutPass

    • 55 venues, $59.95 (reg. $99.95), 40% off
  • New Jersey / Philadelphia GetOutPass

    • 72 venues, $59.95 (reg. $99.95), 40% off
  • New Mexico / West Texas GetOutPass

    • 40 venues, $29.95 (reg. $99.95), 70% off
  • North Carolina GetOutPass

    • 73 venues, $34.95 (reg. $99.95), 65% off
  • Ohio GetOutPass

    • 94 venues, $49.95 (reg. $99.95), 50% off
  • Oklahoma GetOutPass

    • 49 venues, $69.95 (reg. $109.95), 36% off
    • With Silver Dollar City, $109.95 (reg. $149.95), 27% off
  • Oregon GetOutPass

    • 43 venues, $44.95 (reg. $99.95), 55% off
  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh GetOutPass

    • 36 venues, $29.95 (reg. $99.95), 70% off
  • St. Louis GetOutPass

    • 27 venues, $69.95 (reg. $109.95), 36% off
    • With Silver Dollar City, $109.95 (reg. $149.95), 27% off
  • Tennessee GetOutPass

    • 45 venues, $69.95 (reg. $99.95), 30% off
    • With Kentucky Kingdom, $104.97 (reg. $149.95), 30% off
  • Texas – Dallas / Fort Worth GetOutPass

    • 70 venues, $44.95 (reg. $79.95), 44% off
    • With 5 Splash Kingdom Water Parks, $64.95 (reg. $99.95), 35% off
  • Texas – Houston GetOutPass

    • 64 venues, $79.95 (reg. $129.95), 38% off
    • With Typhoon Texas, $99.95 (reg. $149.95), 33% off
  • Texas – San Antonio / Austin GetOutPass

    • 60 venues, $64.95 (reg. $99.95), 35% off
  • Utah GetOutPass

    • 122 venues, $84395 (reg. $129.95), 35% off
    • With Lagoon admission, $124.95 (reg. $169.95), 26% off
  • Washington GetOutPass

    • 53 venues, $39.95 (reg. $99.95), 60% off


A membership offers admission to zoos, aquariums, museums, and more family-friendly attractions.

Three manatees under water in their habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The GetOutPass is a one-time purchase that gives you access to multiple family-friendly events and venues in each city for a full year. Each partnering city has dozens of venue options to choose from for the duration of your 12-month pass. You’ll find zoos, water parks, aquariums, family fun centers, bowling centers, trampoline parks, and more. Most venues offer one free admission to each participating venue for the entire year’s pass. However, some places include one visit per month (which is the absolute best return on the cost of the pass).

RELATED: The Pogo Pass is worthing checking out, too. It’s a similar concept and they may have more activities available in your family’s area.


The passes are worth it if you plan to visit at least two attractions.

When trying to decide if the cost is worth it, the passes that are $50 or less can pay for themselves with just one event. For example, the Pittsburgh GetOutPass is just $29.95 and you’ll get one free ticket to the Breakout Escape Room. That alone usually runs $44.99 per person. You’re getting 150% back on your initial spend in just one visit.

The passes that are not as heavily discounted may need more careful consideration. However, they can still be well worth it. Let’s look at the Idaho pass again as it is one of the most expensive. If you buy the pass that has admission to Lagoon, you’re paying $124.95 even with the 17% discount. That being said, an adult, single-day ticket to Lagoon is $94.95. So as long as you visit another attraction(s) worth $30 in the next 12 months, the pass pays for itself.

It’s worth noting that your pass is only valid in the city you initially purchased. So even though you don’t need to live in that city, you’ll get more bang for your buck and visit more attractions if you choose a city local to you.


Shop this sale by November 1, 2023, to lock in these prices.

The current sale runs through the end of October. Once we cross over into early November, we predict you’ll be able to take advantage of the GetOutPass Black Friday sale. We aren’t sure (yet) what the Black Friday discount will be, but we’ll share an update as soon as we find out. Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can expect discounts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and a handful of other holidays throughout the year.

Depending on your location, aim to score 30% – 55% off at least for it to be a good deal.


Your annual pass will automatically renew at a discount.

Love your pass? Great! It does automatically renew annually. But unlike cable providers, GetOutPass will actually reward you for being a loyal customer after your yearly membership ends. According to our contact at GetOutPass, you’ll find your discounted membership rate in your online account once you become a member. Your new pass will be the current cost of the pass less your membership discount rate.

Don’t want to renew? No prob! You can cancel your automatic renewal by logging into your GetOutPass account.


Passes are digital, so as soon you pay, you get to play.

Once you purchase your pass, download their free app and use your pass anywhere it’s accepted. You don’t need to bring any tickets or printed vouchers. Just the app on your mobile device that can be scanned at the admission gate.

You can also add more than one member to your account. So you only need one app to take advantage of the discounted attractions. That being said, the GetOutPass is non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose name is listed on the account(s).


Pogo Pass is a similar option if you live in Phoenix/Tucson, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, or Austin/San Antonio.

a child feeding a giraffe at the zoo

The Pogo Pass is a similar concept — you’ll pay once upfront and then get admission to dozens of family-friendly activities for a full year. Shop through our link for 50% off Pogo Pass prices and get yours for as low as $49.99. The Pogo Pass and GetOutPass partner with different venues, so before you snag either one, make sure it’s got attractions close to you. It’s hard to compare these two side by side since they offer discounts for different activities, but it is worth noting that Pogo Pass offers more than one visit to some attractions and also seems to have more high-value admissions included.

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