With the shelter in place advisories still expected through the Easter holiday, unless you have a park-like backyard, it puts a damper on traditional egg hunt activities. Here are some fun indoor egg hunt ideas for kids (and adults) of any age!

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Have an egg-clue scavenger hunt leading to the Easter baskets.

Using plastic eggs, put a piece of paper with a scavenger hunt clue in each egg, leading your crew on to the next. They might have to work as a team to decode the clues and find each one.

The last clue leads them to the grand prize — their baskets — hidden somewhere in your house or garage.

Make the clues age appropriate — if you have older kids you can use lines of poetry. (Shel Silverstein is my family’s favorite.)

Sample clues:

  • “Your favorite Grouch lives here” (near garbage cans. Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street)
  • “Too bad we can never find enough of this in stores right now” (toilet paper)
  • “Where you do this for twenty seconds, while you sing the Happy Birthday song” (bathroom sink)
  • “Where Dad keeps his socks” (Dad’s sock drawer)

What you need:

Slips of paper/pen

Easter Baskets:

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Plastic eggs:


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Play a giant game of Solo Cup memory egg hunt.

If you lack the energy to come up with creative places to hide the eggs, then hide them under a sea of 100 Solo cups and call it “educational.” Have the kids play the memory game, lifting two cups per turn, to find matching eggs. When a kid finds a match, she gets to keep both eggs. Loser has to wash all the cups. And you get to sit back and sip mimosas.

What you need:

Plastic party cups, Solo or other brand:

Dyed eggs:

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Tie strings onto their Easter baskets and have them follow the string to the prize.

This one gets hilarious, especially for younger kids. Tie one end of the string or yarn to the Easter basket handle, then run the other end all over the house — under chairs, around tables, over couches, into and out of closets, tangled together. Kids will love getting all tangled up and following the string to their prize.

What you need:

Yarn or string:

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Easter Candy:

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Let them unscramble their eggs to find the clue.

Unscramble eggs? How is that possible, many of you may ask? Because it’s a word scramble!

Let’s say you’ve hidden their Easter baskets in the “GARAGE.” Six eggs each get one letter drawn on them to form the clue, G, A, R, and so on. Once they’ve found all the eggs, they can unscramble the letters and read the clue. Then go get their prizes!

What you need:

Dyed or plastic eggs

Sharpie to write on eggs


Have a blindfolded Easter egg hunt.

Maybe all of this is just too easy. Up the challenge by blindfolding the participants and having them feel around for the eggs. Just make sure you put anything breakable away!

What you need:

Scarves or other blindfolds:


Or hunt eggs in the dark with flashlights.

My kids always got up at the crack of dawn to get their baskets. And, woke up the entire house. If they’re gonna do that, then fair is fair. They should hunt for eggs in the dark, too. Keep the lights off, paint those eggs with neon paint, and give them blacklight flashlights. You get to go back to bed. Happy hunting, kids! (This game is also fun for grown-ups in the evening.)

What you need:


PRO TIP: Take the hunt to the next level with blacklight flashlights and neon painted eggs!


More great indoor places to hide eggs.

None of this will be any fun unless you can think of where to hide those eggs. Now, obviously some areas need to be off limits — you don’t want the kids rummaging through your underwear drawer. Other than that, anything goes! But, do yourself a favor and count the eggs. I won’t go into the time I hid an egg in a bookcase and we couldn’t find it…until it started smelling. Not fun.

Here are some ideas:

  • Put eggs in shoes, if you take yours off near the door or have a mudroom
  • Light fixtures or ceiling fans should not be off limits, just make sure they haven’t been on or fingers will singe/get whacked
  • Inside cups in the kitchen cabinet
  • In the dog’s bed or crate
  • Inside the toilet paper rolls, if you have any
  • Unlit fireplace
  • In the couch cushions (plastic eggs only or yuck if someone sits)
  • Junk drawer in the kitchen
  • Jacket pockets in the hall closet
  • In the fridge, in the egg container
  • On your pets (wrap an egg in a handkerchief and tie onto your dog’s collar)
  • In your own pockets/under your hat
  • In the mailbox
  • Houseplants
  • Under stuffed animals

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Awesome Indoor Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids Aged 2 - 100