When you’re having a baby there are so many upfront costs that add up quickly.

Here’s how to stock your nursery and get all the gear you need when you’re on a tight budget.


1. Get diapers and wipes when they’re 50% off or more.

If you can get at least a 50% discount on diapers and wipes, you’re getting a stock-up price as far as we’re concerned!

You’ll see the deepest discounts on brand names because of regular diaper coupons that manufacturers like Kimberly Clark and P&G put out. Combine these with store sales, and you’ll be able to save 50% pretty easily.

Download the KCL app and we’ll tell you when it’s time to print Huggies coupons or Pampers coupons and which store to shop so you can stack a coupon with a sale for the deepest savings.

KCL Stock-Up Prices:

  • Huggies jumbo packs: $4.00
  • Huggies 56-count wipes: $0.99
  • Pampers jumbo packs: $5.00
  • Pampers 56-count wipes: $1.49
  • Store-brand jumbo packs: $3.00


2. Don’t be diaper-brand loyal — go with whatever brand offers coupons and sales.

This is a Couponing 101 lesson — you’ll save the most money possible if you’re not brand loyal. Instead, buy the brand that has the sale you can stack with a current coupon.

As I said, that’s usually a brand like Huggies or Pampers, but sometimes Target offers a store promotion on their store brand, Up&Up. If Up&Up brand diapers hit stock-up prices, be prepared to pull the trigger even if you tend to buy Huggies.


3. Stock up on Pampers at drugstores like Walgreens and CVS.

Because drugstore loyalty programs rock, you can save a lot of money when you combine a loyalty program promotion with Pampers coupons at drugstores.

Look for promotions like “Spend $20.00 and receive 5,000 Balance Rewards” ($5.00 reward at Walgreens).

Or if you’re shopping CVS look for promotions like “Spend $15.00, get $5.00 in ExtraBucks.” You can use Balance Rewards points and ExtraBucks like cash on a future purchase.

Then whip out your “$2.00 off 1 pack Pampers diapers” manufacturer’s coupon and enjoy the savings.

Sign up for Balance Rewards at Walgreens and ExtraCare at CVS.


4. Stock up on Huggies diapers and wipes at Target.

Target offers some sort of week-long baby promotion about once a month.

Discounts vary but they’re typically along the lines of “Spend $100.00 on a Baby Department purchase and receive a $25.00 Target gift card.” During these promotions, plan to buy your wipes as well in order to reach the minimum spend.

The other type of discount on Huggies at Target is “Buy 2 Huggies Super Packs and receive a $10.00 Target gift card.” When you can use Huggies coupons with these sales, it results in about a 50% discount on Huggies, which is great.

Sign up for a Target REDcard for an additional 5% savings.


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5. Ask for Amazon’s price on the Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor at Target or Pottery Barn.

You can use the Amazon app to scan items and compare prices as you shop at other stores like Target and Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn will match Amazon’s price on identical baby gear brands like Owlet, Nuna, Thule, Medela and more.

If you’re shopping in store, you might as well ask for a price match and get it for Amazon’s price. For example, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor is $299.99 at both Target and Pottery Barn. But it’s $286.98 on Amazon.

Or just buy a certified refurbished one on Amazon for only $199.99.


6. Buy a crib, changing table and dresser at IKEA and save up to 61%.

These three items are cheapest at IKEA when compared with Target and Walmart — especially a changing table, where you can save up to 61%.

Basic crib

Changing table

3-drawer dresser

TIP: Join IKEA Family to get benefits like an extra 30 minutes of in-store daycare (Smaland), 90-day price protection and more.


7. Buy a crib mattress at Walmart.

IKEA actually comes in last for crib mattresses, although it’s a tight race. Buy your mattress at Walmart and be sure to use Walmart Pay so you can get automatically reimbursed if there’s a lower competitor price (hey, it could happen!).

Crib mattress


8. Find out if your insurance will cover the cost of a breast pump. (Most will!)

Many insurance companies will spot you the money to buy a pump, although it will be subject to your specific company and plan.

You can visit a website for the brand of pump you want to buy to see if your insurance covers it.

For example Lansinoh will help you quickly determine if your insurance covers the cost of their pumps. Just enter your state and insurance company to find local suppliers. Or, call your insurance company directly to find out if you’re covered!


9. Create your own sale on CVS brand formula using ExtraBucks.

Infant formula coupons are notoriously hard to come by, and the best way to save money is to create your own sales.

One way to consistently do this is to use ExtraBucks you earn from other CVS shopping trips as cash toward your infant formula. Plus, look for rebate offers through Ibotta — they’re higher value than brand-name formula offers.

For example, right now there’s an Ibotta offer for $6.00 off CVS Infant Formula, compared to $3.50 off Similac Infant Formula.

If there’s no Ibotta rebate, consider getting a discounted gift card from Raise to spend at CVS to save up to 3.6% on top of other coupons and discounts.



10. Buy your travel gear online from Albee Baby to save up to 60%.

Albee Baby is a little-known online retailer that sells popular brands like Maxi-Cosi, Britax, Nuna and more for lower prices than regular retail stores.

Which makes it a great place to score a deal on travel gear like car seats, strollers and travel systems.

For example, Albee Baby sells a Britax stroller for $199. The same stroller at Kohl’s is $499.99 — 60% savings!


11. Use your 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon on floor models at buybuyBaby.

OK, stick with me here.

First, you should know that you can use your 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond at buybuyBaby because they’re owned by the same company.

Armed with that knowledge, hoard those 20% off coupons and pick up some of the mid-range items like a bouncer, a swing, etc. when you have a coupon.

You’ll get the most value if you can score a floor model, because buybuyBaby will discount it for you even though it’s likely in brand-new condition.

Find out all the other ways you can use that 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon!


12. Get Carter’s bodysuits for $1.09 at Kohl’s during the Baby Sale in January and February.

Look for Carter’s bodysuits on sale, and print the “$10 off a $30 purchase” coupon from the Kohl’s website during the Baby Sale, or use promo code BABY10 if you’re shopping online during this time.

It’s easy to get bodysuits for about $1.09 each when you apply this coupon to a sale price during the Baby Sale.


13. Don’t buy Baby Gap clothes unless you can get them for 75% off.

Seasons move so fast in retail, and at the end of every season, Baby Gap marks items down like crazy and then offers 40% off on top of marked prices.

Look for seasonal 40% off sales during January, April, July, October and December.

Or shop online during Black Friday when you can get everything in the store for an additional 50% off sale prices.


14. Trade in an old car seat at Target and get a 20% off car seat coupon.

Twice a year, Target runs the Car Seat Trade-in Event. Keep your eyes peeled for it during April and September.

The event lasts for about three weeks, and you can bring in any old car seat to Target. When you turn it in, Target recycles the car seats and gives you a 20% off coupon you can use on a future car seat purchase.

TIP: First time baby? Ask around and see if any of your friends has a car seat they’re not using that you can trade in for the coupon.


15. Get all the baby freebies!

Be sure to sign up for all these baby freebies and you’ll score free diapers, formula samples, a nursing cover, baby books and more!


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How to Prepare for a Baby When You're on a Tight Budget