Want to offer a toy to trick-or-treaters suffering from food allergies? Or maybe you want to keep the neighborhood sugar high from getting out of control.

These 15 non-candy treats are sure to please everyone.

And in case you’re worried about cost, the average price per candy of a jumbo Halloween pack from Walmart is $0.07-$0.15. Our list of 15 non-candy items fall around the same price range.

(Don’t forget to stick a teal pumpkin in your yard to signify that your house is allergy-safe as part of the Teal Pumpkin Project!)


1. Glow sticks: $0.07 each

Get 100 glow sticks, rings, bracelets and necklaces from Target for $6.99. That’s just $0.07 per trick-or-treater!


2. Kazoos: $0.17 each

Get 72 kazoos for $11.99 on Amazon. The bulk purchase equals just $0.17 per kazoo.


3. Lip whistles: $0.16 each

Amazon will send you 48 lip whistles for $7.49, or $0.16 per whistle.


4. Sticky hands: $0.12 each

Get 75 sticky hands for $8.95 on Amazon. That’s just $0.12 per sticky hand!


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5. Mixed party favors: $0.13 each

Amazon’s 120 piece party favor set has something for everyone including disguises, slinkies, finger traps, and more. You’ll pay $15.99 for the pack, or just $0.13 per toy.


6. Mini Play-Doh: $0.39 each

This is like a “King Size” treat! At $0.39 per can, parents will be thanking you for these mini Play-Dohs. Get 15 for $5.99 on Amazon.



7. Airplane gliders: $0.15 each

Get a variety pack of 72 airplane gliders for $10.97 on Amazon, or just $0.15 per plane.


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8. Spider rings: $0.02 each

Purchasing 288 spider rings for $6.99 on Amazon is the ultimate trick-or-treat deal. It equals out to just $0.02 per ring!

Remember to store the leftovers with your Halloween decor for next year.


9. Rubber snakes, centipedes and lizards: $0.09 each

Via Amazon

This might be called a “trick” rather than a “treat”! Get 148 fake bugs, worms, snakes and more for $13.99 on Amazon, or $0.09 per toy.



10. Retro slap bracelets: $0.15 each

Remember these? Amazon features a pack of 72 slap bracelets for $10.99, or $0.15 per bracelet.


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11. Bouncy balls: $0.14 each

Hand out 100 bouncy balls for $13.99 off Amazon. That’s just $0.14 per ball.


12. Light-up spinning tops: $0.19 each

Get 100 light-up spinning tops for $18.97, or $0.19 each, on Amazon.



13. Self-ink stamps: $0.16 each

Amazon sells 100 self-ink stamps for $15.99, or $0.16 per stamp.


14. Mini dinosaur figurines: $0.15 each

Purchase 100 dinosaur figurines for $14.99 from Amazon. That’s just $0.15 per figurine!


15. LED finger lights: $0.15 each

Set your neighborhood ablaze with 100 LED finger lights from Amazon for $14.97, or $0.15 per light.


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15 Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Any Trick-or-Treater