Didn’t get anything for your sweetie yet?  Here’s a simple gift that can save the day!  Sign up for a 30 Day Netflix Membership.  It won’t cost a thing!  And you can personalize it in a way that it’ll actually make a great gift!  If you’re a dude, buying for a lady–don’t order Transformers for your first movie.  Go for a shoe-in like, The Notebook, (then try to stay awake and act interested when you watch it together)! But, here’s the secret.  You can sign up for any of the Netflix plans, including the 4-at-a-time plan (3 for her, 1 for you) during your month-long-membership.  The cost will still be ZERO, and should you decide to continue, you can switch to any other plan.  Canceling the membership, if you decide not to continue past 30 days, is literally one-click under the “Your Account” menu.

Go Here  to start your free trial today! This free offer is available to first time and select former members of the Netflix service. To register for your free 30 day trial, you must provide Netflix with your credit card information, but, as I already stated, you can simply cancel anytime during your free 30 day trial and you will not be charged a cent. If you are enjoying Netflix, do nothing, and your membership with automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate for the plan you selected.  Remember, you can trial the 4-at-a-time plan and then renew on the 1-at-a-time plan ($7.99/month), if you like.

Now, come on, women–order your man some raunchy, macho film and make his day.  Oh, and The Notebook.

Perfect Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift!  Free Netflix Membership!