I love having a decorative way to collect all the love notes that get passed around to our family this time of year. This darling envelope made of felt and rickrack attaches to the back of a chair. Pottery Barn sells a similar product for $26, but I created my own version for only $4!

Materials Needed:

  • 9×12″ felt pieces, 3 white, 1 red – $0.23 each
  • Package of red jumbo rickrack, 2.5 yards – $1.66
  • Red embroidery floss – $0.30
  • Pack of Valentine themed stickers – $1.00
  • 2 buttons
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Total cost: $3.88


  1. Start with a piece of white felt.  This will be the back view of your envelope.  Mark a spot in the center and 5" down from the top with a pin.
  2. To show you where to stitch for the lines on  your envelope back, line up a ruler with this pin and the outside corner.  Make a small mark with a pencil every ½".  Repeat for the other side.
  3. Make similar marks all along the two short sides and the bottom of the envelope back.
  4. Working still on envelope back, cut out the triangle opening at the top 9" across and 4 1/2" down.
  5. From another piece of felt, cut a triangle that is 12" across and 6" tall.  This will be the top flap of your envelope.
  6. On this top envelope flap make similar marks every ½" for the stitching along the two short sides.
  7. With red embroidery floss and needle, stitch along all the marks you made.
  8. Now get your last piece of white felt.  This is the envelope front. Using hot glue attach the rickrack all around the perimeter.  Also glue rickrack to the back side of your top envelope flap along the two short sides. Don't worry too much about this looking neat as this will be hidden when you glue everything together.
  9. For the straps to attach the envelope to the chair you will need two strips of red felt, 1 1/2" x 8". Attach each strip on your envelope front 2 ½" from the side with buttons and needle and thread. Cut a small slit on the other side of this strip for your button hole.
  10. Now that all 3 of your pieces are complete you can put it all together. Start by hot gluing the envelope back to the front, sandwiching the glue and rickrack in between the two layers. Now glue your top flap in place along the top edge.
  11. Cut a heart out of your red felt and attach it with hot glue to the tip of the envelope flap.
  12. Pick your favorite phrase from your stickers and attach.
  13. Use the straps and buttons to hang from your chair and enjoy slipping your love notes inside!
DIY Knockoff Pottery Barn Valentine Envelope