It’s almost February. While the dust has already settled like snow on my new rowing machine (don’t judge), and the resolve melts like delicious ice cream on my tongue, it’s never too late to go from a sigh to a running start! It’s still early in the New Year, so here are some ways you can win at resolutions while you spend more time (and less cash) on the important stuff.

1. Get paid up to $10,000 to lose weight with Healthy Wage.

Shed some junk from that trunk and win up to $10,000 in the process. Talk about win-win! Simply sign up, make a personal weight loss bet, get your friends together for a team weight loss challenge, or compete in a corporate wellness program. No matter how you slice it, your jeans (and, ideally, your bank account) thank you.

Tip the scales: Use a wellness app like MyFitnessPal to track your food intake and be a bigger loser (in a good way).

2. Resolve to save at least $.25 per purchase with Ibotta.

My resolutions this year include earning more money on the go. And while I’m shopping for groceries, why not save some hard-earned cash by scanning those receipts I’m otherwise stockpiling in my purse? With Ibotta, I simply perform a fun, simple task (like learn a fact), purchase the qualified product, scan my receipt, and net anywhere from $.25 to over $1 on items I’m buying anyway.

Bring it: Sometimes you can even find the same deals on multiple rebate apps. Use them all on the same product for huge savings.

3. Organize your home and earn money for old books and electronics with Amazon Trade-In.

De-cluttering and organizing are at the top of my must-dos this year (thanks Marie Kondo). Thankfully, swapping gently loved collections means earning anywhere from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars as credit on Amazon. In fact, based on my past orders, Amazon shows me I could earn up to $657 from trading in my used items.

Swap it like it’s hot: Best Buy also gives in-store credit, and Game Stop gives cash or in-store credit for those trade-ins!

4. Re-Kindle your love for reading and save over $200 a year with BookBub.

Bookbub keeps you in the know by sharing deep discounts on acclaimed ebooks in daily, targeted emails based on the types of books you choose to get notified about. With categories ranging from mysteries to cookbooks, and stores from Amazon to Apple iBooks, when publishers offer deals, you’re in for one happy ending.

A real page-turner: Buy 2 $.99 ebooks a month, and over the course of the year you’ll save at least $200 over conventional books!


5. Enjoy more fun nights out this year for 75% less with

This year, I’m taking more date nights with my husband (and girls’ night out with friends). Even better: I save up to 75% just by visiting and shopping local! A few swipes of the app on any of their deeply discounted offerings, and I can easily score $40 worth of local business credit for just $16.

Feast mode: Buy coupons with your favorite rewards credit card and earn cash back!


6. Spend more creative time with kiddos with Kiwi Crate.

More family time is at the top of my priorities list for 2016. For just a few dollars a month (and free shipping), Kiwi Crate sends age appropriate goodies to engage the creative side of your kids and keep pint-sized crayons where they belong (off the walls). And since crafts come fully contained, I don’t have to shop for supplies and store the extras.

Think outside the box: Check out Kiwi Crate’s adorbs app for iOS and Android, with over 1,500 DIY ideas for arts, crafts, games, experiments, and more!


7. Slim down in ’16 for only $5 a week with Jillian Michaels.

Not everyone can train personally with a fitness pro, but you can become a lesser person (in the best way) with Jillian’s Get Fit regimen. For only $5 a week (versus $100/week for a trainer), you get exclusive access to custom fitness and meal plans, trackers, and more. Follow videos for proper form and save hundreds in gym fees (and guilt for not using that treadmill).

No sweat: Use and score cheaper fitness store cards! I saved 20% on top of in-store savings just by buying last year’s model’s running shoes.


8. Get $20 back and $1 per referral with Snap.

Getting out of debt this year? Groupon’s Snap gets you cash back on groceries no matter where you shop! Simply download “Snap by Groupon,” find cash-back offers on items you’re shopping, and snap a photo of your receipt. When you earn $20 in cash back, they’ll even cut you a check.

Oh, snap. Refer a friend and get paid $1.00 for each friend who joins Snap through your referral link and redeems their first eligible offer!

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9. Read more books this year and multitask with Audible.

Via imore

Like to do it all? Audiobooks are cheaper than buying the hottest releases (for the price of one Stephen King book, you get an entire month of audio books—spooky!). Plus, not only does Audible offer up the first 30 days of its service for free, for less than $15 a month, you gain access to over 180,000 titles you can listen to during those work commutes or your morning run.

Hey, listen: Sign up and score a free audiobook a month and 30% off of additional books.


10. Improve your eye health and save up to $350 with Glasses USA.


Who says you can’t enjoy better sight and score some cute frames while you’re at it? With glasses starting at only $38, you’re saving up to $350 over the prices of brick-and-mortar stores. Even better, their curated selection, discounts, 365-day warranty, free shipping/returns, and best price guarantee make shopping for frames fun again!

Claim to frame: Sign up for their emails and save 50% off of your first frame (excluding premium and marked down frames).


11. Rebate like it’s 2016 with Checkout 51.



Based in Canada, this rebating concept is trending like the man bun. Imagine marrying intelligent savings with a CNN-style ticker sharing the latest deals. $1 off Truvia? Shut up and take my money. With Checkout 51, scan those receipts, and once you’ve saved $20 they’ll even mail you a check for more savings.

Yes, we scan: Because their savings updates take place on Thursdays, you’re not constantly hovering over your app.

12. Shop smarter this year and save up to 80% with the app.

I never go anywhere without my smartphone, and has a lot to do with that. Whether I’m shopping for office supplies or cosmetics, I save up to 80% by buying gift cards from their marketplace on items I’m buying anyway. I simply shop their gift card marketplace, get offers delivered to my wallet, and save more cannoli on my cannoli.

App happens: Make sure you have store Internet connectivity before you buy with your smartphone, or you might end up in a savings dead zone.


13. Watch your waistline (and save 50% over Netflix) with Amazon Prime Video.

Did you know Amazon Prime offers workout videos? From Yoga to Tai Chi, nothing makes shaping up better than knowing you’re getting a steal. Amazon Prime, with all of its other benefits (free 2-day shipping) only costs $99 a year. By the time you buy a Roku and a Netflix subscription, you’re already in over $185 for the first year. Talk about savings!

Wham, bam, thank you Am: Try boutique add-ons like Showtime, Starz and Lifetime Movie Club free for 7 days!


14. De-Clutter and enjoy your next great read with BookScouter.

In 2016, I’m de-cluttering my books to make room for new adventures. Thankfully, BookScouter‘s free service compares prices from 57 book-buying websites so I quickly and easily find who’s paying the most for books (and where I can buy more cheapest). Whew. Now I can make s’more deals!

Merit badge bonus: Their simple, easy-to-use mobile app lets you compare prices on the go.


15. Make $19+ an hour with Uber and Lyft.

Going my way? In our sharing economy, taking someone from point A to point B puts money in your pocket, too. Double up on errands by giving a local a lift! Uber drivers earn an average of $19 an hour, while Lyft drivers bring home close to $35 an hour. Want to make even more? Drive during peak evening and weekend hours when more people are out and about.


Pump it up: Use GasBuddy and locate the cheapest area gas every time you hit the pumps!


16. Earn an extra $50+ per month by reviewing bands and fashion with Slice the Pie.


This hip site pays you to write reviews on new songs, commercials, and fashion items before they’re released to the public. What’s cool: most of your reviews go directly to the unsigned artists or fashion designers. While it might take time to build up your reputation, you can earn an extra $50+ per month just by spending 5-10 minutes vibing to aspiring music talents and fashionistas.

Refer madness: Invite your friends to join in the feedback loop and receive 10% of their review earnings, too.


17. Be more social in 2016 and get paid to invite people to dinner through Eat With.

Do you love sharing your mad cooking skills with others? If so, you can earn money hosting dinner parties locally! With over 500 Hosts around the world, this Airbnb startup allows you to join the culinary revolution and earn up to $265 profit monthly by catering to the community in your own home (or backyard).

Grills gone wild: Would you rather sell grandma’s BBQ rib recipe than hostess a farm-to-table nosh? If so, check out Contest Cook for opportunities to win up to $500 (or more) in prizes!


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