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29 Hot Toys That Will Probably Sell Out (If They Haven't Already)

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Every year, there are always select “it” toys that are in high demand for the holidays. You know them well — the ones that stores can’t seem to keep in stock. We’re rounding up the hot toys for 2023 now so that you have time to grab them before the holidays sneak up on us. You need to know what toys will be hard to find this Christmas 2023 now, before you’re frantically running from store to store on Dec. 24.

Walmart’s Toy List, Amazon’s “Toys We Love” List, and Target’s Top Toys hit before October. As did the Macy’s Toys R Us Holiday Toy List and Kohl’s Toy Box. So as Christmas gets closer, your chances of finding these top sellers in stock get even slimmer.

Though you may have to scoop up some of these toys at full price to ensure they’re wrapped under the tree, it is important to understand how to get the best deal. We’ll show you where we think you’ll find the best prices on the hot toys for 2023 at competing retailers.

Most of these toys are going to be available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. They’ll likely all price-match each other. And you’ll save a tiny bit more if you’re a Target RedCard holder with that 5% discount to get the lowest price.

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Our Top 29 Hot Toys for 2023

Expect Barbie, LEGO, and Magic Mixies to be hot toys for 2023. We’re also watching for restocks of the viral Target Barbie and Target Cash Register. Fingerlings have a new arrival for 2023 and the Cookeez Makery ovens are flying off shelves. Here’s what we expect on pricing and sale info.

Barbie Toys for 2023

The Target Barbie

Someone holding a Target Barbie doll in front of a shelf

The Target Barbie doll’s official name is Barbie Skipper First Job. It comes with a Barbie Skipper doll decked out in a Target uniform, holding a mini Target shopping bag. You also get a mini Target checkout lane and cash register, a shopping basket, and other shopping accessories.

The doll currently rings up on sale for $18.39 at Target, regularly $22.99. But you’ll get it for as low as $17.47 with your RedCard — a 24% discount off the original price.

Barbie Skippers First Job Target Doll
In-Store or ONLINE Deal
As low as$17.47$22.99(24% off)

Barbie Pink 2023 Dreamhouse Set

Barbie dreamhouse next to target cart

The 2023 Pink Barbie Dreamhouse has been around $179 at all major retailers this year. But we finally started to see some great price drops for the holidays. The lowest price we saw was during Kohl’s Black Friday sale when it dropped to $130 after coupons and Kohl’s Cash earnings.

Right now, the lowest price is just $9 more ($139) at Amazon — at a rare 30% off and in stock! — this is a great deal to scoop up if your little one has it on their wishlist.

$129.00$199.99(35% off)

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Barbie Collectible Dolls

a Barbie doll from the Barbie Movie

With Barbie The Movie released in theaters in the summer of 2023, toys from the movie are hot tickets for the holidays. The majority of collectible dolls were sold at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. But before the holidays, they were almost solely available from third-party sellers (at higher price points). Walmart seems to have the best re-stock record this season and you can get this collectible Barbie for $24.97 right now.

The good news? The Ken Doll is almost always in stock and has a $25 price tag. Maybe because he’s just Ken?

Out of Stock – Hot Wheels RC Barbie Corvette

a child playing with a Barbie corvette

This Hot Wheels RC Barbie Corvette is a recent release for the Barbie movie. It’s currently sold out at the big stores and has been sitting pretty steady at $55 (when it’s in stock). If we had to guess, this won’t drop in price any further than around 20% since it is so new. Watch for re-stocks at Walmart and Target. If Target has it in stock at all before Christmas, snatch it up because the 5% RedCard discount makes it the lowest price.

Two Barbie dolls fit in the front seats, plus store their accessories in the open-and-close trunk (dolls and accessories sold separately). The full-function remote-control car faithfully replicates movie-accurate details, capturing the authentic Corvette style.

Barbie Corvette
As low as$52.24$54.99(5% off)
What to buy
Mobile coupons needed
5% off - Target RedCard Savings
Pickup: Free

More Hot Toys for 2023

Fisher-Price Stanley Cup

a child holding onto a fisher price coffee mug

If you want to score a Stanley dupe for your little one, Fisher-Price has just the thing. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Coffee Mug looks just like our water cups, but it’s very rarely in stock right now. You can snag this toy — when it’s in stock — for around $9.99 on Amazon.

Furby Furblets Mini Friends

furby furblets

If you haven’t heard yet, Furby is making a comeback. If you don’t want to shell out the $49 to get the original Furby that haunted millennials when we were kids, you can get these Furby Furblets Mini Friends for just $9.99. It dropped as a new release on Dec. 1 and we’re currently seeing it in stock for delivery by mid-December.

$49.00$69.99(30% off)

Out of Stock – Cookeez Makery Oven

someone holding a plush of a baked bunny next to a toy oven

To use the Cookeez Makery Oven Playset, kids will mix the ingredients into a dough. Once they place the dough in the oven and it heats up, they’ll have a new plush friend to play with. The plush toy is interactive with sound and reactions — it warms up when your child squeezes it.

This is a toy we see sell out often. It runs around $35 and, to be honest, it likely won’t drop much since it is so popular. Amazon often has the lowest price at $30, but it goes in and out of stock very quickly. Right now we’re only seeing it sold by third-party sellers for double the original price. This one might be gone for the season!

Another place to check for the Cookeez Makery Oven is on QVC with QVC coupon codes. While their prices look higher, new customers can often get $20 off $40. With shipping, we’ve seen prices closer to $30 instead of $35.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
$29.86$34.99(15% off)

Magic Mixies Pixlings

some kids playing with a Magic Mixies Pixling doll

Magic Mixies make our list again this year (with a fun lamp toy further down our list) and these Magic Mixies Pixlings reveal dolls when kids mix a magic potion. The price has been steady at $17.99, but you can get 5% off with a Target RedCard.

Target is also running a promotion for Circle members right now where you get $10 off $50 on qualifying toys. So if you’re looking to finish up your toy list for Christmas, you could score $10 off your order.

If you want this toy now, use your RedCard and pay $17.09. If you don’t have a RedCard, Amazon has them for $17.99 with free shipping for Prime members.

And if you happen to have a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership, you can snag the absolute lowest price on the Magic Mixies Pixlings in purple, pink, or aqua for just $15.99.

Magic Mixies Pixlings
As low as$17.09$17.99(5% off)
Mobile coupons needed
5% off - Target RedCard Savings
Pickup: Free

Target Cash Register Toy

the Target cash register toy with accessories set up on a table

The 22-piece Target Cash Register toy includes a unique Target-branded cash register, a mini Target shopping bag, play money, coins, and various grocery items from Target-owned brands. Plus, it features a faux Bullseye The Dog cookie, mirroring the real Target bakery cookies. This toy is almost always selling out, definitely making it one of the hot toys for 2023. Right now, we don’t see it in stock at many stores, but it is available for shipping.

This cash register toy also qualifies for Target’s $10 off $50 toy promotion.

Target Cash Register
In-Store or ONLINE Deal
As low as$25.64$29.99(15% off)
What to buy
Shipping: Free with Circle Card or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 3 Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box

a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet card box set

This Pokemon collector’s box has Obsidian Flames booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring Charmander, 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards, and more. The price was $54.99 when it was released and has since dropped to the lowest price of $36.95. Right now it’s sitting at $39.99. We suggest that you aim for around $37 to $40 if you want to scoop this up for a holiday gift, so the current $40 price falls just within the goal range!

MGA’s Miniverse MGA Entertainment Make It Mini Food Diner

someone playing with a mini replica food set

Each Miniverse ball includes lifelike mini “ingredients” and kitchen accessories to craft miniature versions of beloved snacks and desserts. The contents are a surprise until you unbox them and consult the collector’s guide. Follow the “recipe” card to create your collectible, then let it harden under UV light. Display it in the included capsule, which doubles as a mini table for diner-themed Miniverses.

This MGA Entertainment Make It Mini Food Diner has hovered right at $10 for the past few months. We recommend only buying it at $10 or less. The current $7.99 price is a good one!

Magic Mixies Genie Lamp

two kids playing with a Magic Mixies lamp

Magic Mixies always seem to come up with something new each year! In 2023 they’ve got the Magic Mixies Genie Lamp. You can get this in pink or blue on sale now for $47.99 — the lowest price we’ve seen so far! Or you can get the Amazon Exclusive lamp (on sale now for $54) or the new Walmart release which is now also on sale for $54 (reg. $64.97).

$47.99$64.99(26% off)

Fingerlings 2023 New Interactive Baby Unicorn

a child playing with a unicorn fingerling

Each of these new 2023 Fingerlings comes with a unique personality and voice, boasting over 70 delightful reactions from singing to laughter. They greet you with a “hello” when placed on your finger, recognizing you. These interactive companions respond to touch with sensors on their head, mouth, and belly, and they even react when shaken or flipped.

The new baby unicorn just arrived, so it’s got a $14.99 price tag. We don’t think it’ll drop much over the holidays. A $12 deal would be worth snapping up.

Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet

someone opening ip a Bitzee digital pet with food icons

If you grew up with a Tamagotchi or Nano Pet, you can give your kids the same experience with this interactive toy. Kids can feed pets, play with them, and watch them grow. We finally saw these toys drop below $29.99 and they’re around $24.99 everywhere right now.

Amazon has them for $24.97 and Target is sitting at $24.99. With your RedCard, you’ll pay $23.74 for this one. It also qualifies for the $10 off $50 toy promo at Target through Dec. 9.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis

a little girl playing with a Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Mini set

You can find Little Live Pets at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. They retail for around $60 each. These interactive pets have more than 25 sounds and reactions. They respond to your touch and a toy bone. It’s like having a pet without the responsibility. Currently, the My Puppy’s Home Interactive Plush Toy is 18% off at $49.

$49.00$59.99(18% off)
Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free
But if you want the same experience — in mini size — you can shop the Little Live Pets Mama Surprise Minis for $15. These little pets require care and play and then they have surprise babies for kids to care for.

$14.97$35.99(58% off)
Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

Melissa & Doug Dentist Playset

a Melissa and Doug Dentist Play set on a table

If you’re shopping for this Melissa & Doug Dentist Kit without a sale, you’ll see a $29.99 price tag at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Right now Amazon and Walmart are price-matched at $21.99. Amazon is also running a buy one, get one 50% off toy promo.

Target has this for $24.99, but it does qualify for both the $10 off $50 toy promo and the buy one, get one 50% off toy deal.

$21.99$29.99(27% off)
What to buy
Buy one, get one 50% off select toys

LEGO Walt Disney Collector Tribute Camera

a person looking at a Lego Disney tribute camera

This LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera building set (part of the Disney100 collection) showcases a vintage-style movie ‘camera’ with a surprise panel, film strip featuring stills from 20 Disney films. There’s also a director’s clapperboard, three LEGO Disney minifigures, two animal figures, and a multiplane camera displaying The Old Mill’s creation process. It includes a turning crank, sliding matte box, and rotatable lenses. It has 811 pieces and is designed for adults.

This set retails for $99.99 at Amazon, Walmart, and Target, and you can get it for $94.99 with a Target RedCard.

LEGO Disney Camera
ONLINE or In-Store Deal
As low as$94.99$99.99(5% off)
Mobile coupons needed
5% off - Target RedCard Savings
Pickup: Free

LEGO Christmas Train Puzzle

a Lego Christmas Train Puzzle set

This Lego Train Puzzle set was released on Sep. 26, 2023. We’re seeing it in stock for the original price, $16.95, on Amazon. It’s already sold out at Walmart and is only being sold by third-party sellers for a higher price. It’s been listed at $16.95 the entire season and we don’t think it will drop much below that price before Christmas. Usually, the LEGO limited edition holiday sets stay the same price throughout the holiday season. If you see this one in stock, grab it!

LEGO Minifigures Marvel Series 2, 6-Pack

a child playing with Lego minifigures

This set contains a random selection of six characters for kids ages 5+ to expand their LEGO minifigure or Marvel collections. The current price is $25.69. We’re seeing it for this price both at Amazon and Walmart.

$25.69$29.99(14% off)

Pigs on Trampolines

kids playing a game on a table

Check out a family-friendly game for ages six and up. You and your fam will bounce your pig off a trampoline and land it in the Mud Puddle to earn Mud Pies. The muddiest pig at the end is the winner — no actual mud is required (thankfully).

Target and Amazon both currently have it for $14.39. Both stores offer buy one, get one 50% off with this game and it also qualifies for the Target $10 off $50 toy promo (plus the RedCard discount for cardholders). Both stores are a good option right now.

$14.39$24.99(42% off)
Price Summary
Compare to Target with RedCard price of $13.67

Magic: The Gathering The Lord of The Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth Starter Kit

someone fanning out some Lord of the Rings Magic the gathering cards

Journey through The Lord of the Rings saga while mastering the art of magic with the Magic: The Gathering The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Starter Kit! Designed for two players ages 13 and up, it includes two illustrated prebuilt decks, each boasting a foil Mythic Rare card and four Rare cards, along with two deck boxes for convenient storage.

This one is around $19.99 at most retailers, but it has dropped to as low as $16 on Amazon. Right now, it is sitting at the $19.99 price and this close to Christmas — that’s a fair deal.

Polly Pocket Dolls & Playset

a little girl playing with a polly pocket funland theme park playset

The ferris wheel dishes out surprises when kids turn the yellow star knob in this Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland playset. There are seven play areas in this set and a total of 30 play pieces are included. Right now it’s at $39.99 and we expect it to stay there through December due to popularity.

As of Sep. 5, 2023, it was $20 on Amazon. The lowest we’ve ever seen was in June 2023 for $16.99. And in October it jumped up to its highest price ever at $42.99, definitely making it popular enough to be one of the hot toys for 2023.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

kids playing with the shashibo shape shifting box

Puzzle lovers and parents alike love this magnetic shape-shifting puzzle. Many of the reviews are from parents of 6- to 8-year-old kids who love how busy it keeps them (especially in the car!). Its original price is $25, but we’ve seen it drop to $22. We expect deals on certain color options this holiday season.

Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

someone playing with a Kanoodle puzzle toy

Kanoodle offers a brain-teasing puzzle experience with 12 pieces, 200 challenges, a 48-page illustrated book, and a carrying case. It’s the ideal travel-friendly brain teaser game.

While the game was originally about $6 when it was first released, its popularity upped the price to hover around $10. Try to score it for the $6 price this holiday season in some of the game sales we see at Target and Amazon.

Right now, Target has it for $9.99 (just like Amazon), but it qualifies for the $10 off $50 toy promo and the buy one, get one 50% off deal. Plus, with a RedCard, it’s $9.49.

SEREED Baby Balance Bike

a baby sitting on a SEREED baby balance bike

This SEREED Baby Balance Bike is an Amazon best-seller. It is only sold through a third-party seller, but it ships from Amazon, so we deem it trustworthy. The balance bike is recommended for ages 12-24 months.

It’s currently $49.99 with a $14 off coupon, totaling $35.99. This is $4 lower than we’ve seen this year. Sometimes we’ll see it increase to as much as $50, so don’t buy it unless it’s at the $40 or under price.

Sreed Bike
$35.99$49.99(28% off)
What to buy
$14.00/1 - Sreed Bicycle, Amazon Coupon

Out of Stock – Cocomelon Choo Choo Train Ride-On Toy

a little girl sitting on a cocomelon choo choo train ride on toy

This battery-powered Cocomelon Train ride-on toy was $99 at Walmart. We haven’t seen it available at any other stores, or for a lower price, as one of the hot toys for 2023. It’s currently out of stock and only being sold by third-party sellers at a higher price.

What to buy
Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

Tamagotchi Harry Potter Castle

a tamagotchi with the Harry Potter castle and an owl pet

This is sold out already at most retailers. Your child’s play pattern will determine which of the 25 kinds of magical creatures they interact with. It’s up to them to feed them, pet them, and play four different mini-games.

Earlier in the season, we saw it for $19.99 on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. But now Amazon is sold out and only offering third-party deals at a much higher price. You can still snag it at Barnes & Noble for the $19.99 price, though!

LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet

someone holding a box for Lego Wildflower Bouquet set next to a display

The LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet set came out in 2021. We’ve been tracking the price carefully and, unfortunately, it’s been a little unpredictable. As far as shopping goes, this set dropped in price for the 2021 holiday season to right around $40 in October. Then it increased in price for the holidays in 2022. In Oct. 2022, it was closer to $56.

Right now, it’s sitting at $47.99 and it’s been at that price for most of 2023.

KidCraft Retro Kitchen Set

a little girl playing with a kidcraft retro kitchen

Not exactly new, the KidCraft Retro Kitchen Set came out in 2009, but it is making a comeback. When we originally found this toy in August, it was just $69.99 at both Amazon and Walmart. Now it’s up to $99.66 at Walmart and $112.49 at Amazon. If you want to grab one of these this year, now is the time before the price keeps rising.

Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

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