I love swimming. I love floating under the water and pretending I'm little again as I scour the “ocean floor” for helpless spare change. I also love the fact that, once I'm actually in the water, I suddenly forget to care about the size of my swimsuit relative to the size of my form. But there is no getting around it—maintaining a swimming pool is not cheap. Here are four fabulous apps that can help you track pool supplies use and do your own minor maintenance and repairs—all with the goal to help you save money on swimming pool expenses.

1. Swim University

Swim University can help you care for your pool, spa and hot tub. Designed by a pool and spa-care expert, you can watch videos, read blogs, access online tools, and learn DIY tips to keep maintenance and repair costs low. When you join the email list (on the website) you’ll receive a free eBook teaching you how to save money on caring for your pool, spa or hot tub.

  • Potential cost savings: By learning basic DIY pool maintenance and repairs (such as balancing your water with chemicals, clearing away debris and blockages, changing filters and more) you save on the costs of hiring a professional pool maintenance company.

2. The Pool Monitor Free / Pool Pal 

The Pool Monitor Free / Pool Pal are apps that take all the guesswork out of keeping your pool water at optimal freshness, clarity and cleanliness. You can calculate the volume of water in your pool, learn about the chemicals your pool requires, and more.

  • Potential cost savings: You can track how much water your pool uses and build a budget for different seasons. You can also keep your water cleaner, which cuts down on common health issues associated with swimming (ear and eye infections, throat and skin irritations, fungus and algae growth that can lead to illness) that can send summer swimmers to the doctor’s office.

3. PoolSmart

If you’re not chemically inclined, you may find spending a couple bucks for an app like PoolSmart is well worth it in water results! This app is packed with more than two decades of pool and spa maintenance experience and is especially handy for first-time pool owners. You’ll learn water balance basics, learn how to use fewer chemicals to get the same clean results, and be prompted with the exact amount of each chemical to use.

  • Potential cost savings: By understanding how to properly combine the chemicals your pool requires, you can ultimately use less of each chemical and save money on maintenance.

4. Swimming Pool Energy & Water Savings Calculator

This app will help you calculate out the exact cost of every element of owning a pool. Calculate the usage costs of energy, water, chemical, water heating and more. If you aspire to maintain a "green friendly" pool, the app can give you guidance in this area as well.

  • Potential cost savings: By calculating and tracking expenses and usage over time, you can budget more effectively and control pool maintenance and repair costs.
4 Apps to Help Keep Summer Swimming Pool Costs Low