Are you paying too much for internet?

Those monthly costs can totally add up! But there are totally ways to get FREE or cheap internet. Here are 4 of them:


1. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is awesome! You must buy a Freedom Hub Burst modem from them for $89.00, but after that you get 1 GB of totally free internet a month.

FreedomPop also offers free cell phone service plans if you’re within their service area. This option is best for light internet users who want to check their email or surf the internet.

Cost: FREE after you buy their modem.


  • This option is best for light internet users who want to check their email or surf the internet.
  • Truly FREE.
  • You have the option to upgrade to similarly priced plans with more GB.


  • You can’t really watch video or share pictures. But you can upgrade to $10/month for 5 GB, or $18/month for 10 GB.
  • $89 is a lot to pay up front.
  • Coverage area is limited.


2. All Free ISP

All Free ISP helps you find free dial-up internet in your area.

You choose from a menu of cities, and they give you a list of providers in your area and how to contact them and apply yourself.

Cost: FREE


  • Truly free! Yay!
  • They have a wide range of service areas to help you find a provider in your area.


  • It’s dial-up. If you’re old enough to remember dial-up, I don’t have to explain why this is hard to handle. (It’s sloooooooow!)
  • Can be complicated to apply for free internet through the providers they list.




EveryoneOn is a non-profit that helps provide internet access to everyone, and is only available for low-income families.

It’s a $50 one-time fee for your modem, but after that they only charge $9.95 a month for your internet, based on your income.

Cost: FREE to set up, after that it’s $9.95/month depending on your income.


  • Service is month-to-month, no contract required, which is good if you need to change your service provider.
  • No installation fee.
  • 10 MB per minute for $9.95 a month.
  • They also work with refurbishers to offer deeply discounted laptops (if you qualify).


  • Only available for low-income families.
  • You do need to pay $50 for a modem up front, which can be a lot if you’re looking to cut costs.


4. CenturyLink Internet Basics

CenturyLink Internet Basics is a program for qualifying low-income families.

You will sign a 12-month contract for $9.95 a month. Speeds are variable, so it can be slow, and this program is best for light users who need internet to do basic things like email and web surfing.

Cost: $9.95/month for qualifying low-income families


  • You may also be eligible for a $150 laptop through this program, which is a great price.


  • Only available in areas that CenturyLink provides service for.
  • Service is slow, 1.5MBps, so if you like to watch movies on your computer this isn’t for you.


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