There’s only one thing I like better than I like Target: A blow-your-hair-back, screaming deal.

And every now and then, those two don’t align.

When this happens, I end up shopping elsewhere for items because I want the deals. Here’s a quick list of things I never buy at Target:


1. Don’t buy bread at Target; buy it at Dollar Tree instead.

Dollar Tree sells Oroweat bread, and it’s the lowest price you’ll find on that brand. Throw it in the freezer, or use it right away, though. Bread at Dollar Tree isn’t expired, but it’s closer to expiration than bread at Target. Find out what else you should be buying at Dollar Tree.

  • Dollar Tree (Oroweat bread): $1.00
  • Target (Oroweat bread): $2.54


2. Don’t buy children’s bikes at Target; buy them at Walmart instead.

Kids’ bikes are like kids’ shoes — they outgrow them too fast to justify spending more money than is necessary.

Walmart beats Target on bike prices, and it’s where we always end up buying our kids a bike.

Is Walmart always cheaper than Target? We compared 100 items to find out.


3. Don’t buy children’s bike helmets at Target; buy them at Hollar instead.

Buy helmets from Hollar to save yourself a couple bucks. You’ll need to spend at least $25 at Hollar in order to get free shipping, so plan your purchase accordingly.



4. Don’t buy Carter’s bodysuits at Target; buy them at Kohl’s instead.

Truth: You can’t beat Kohl’s prices on Carter’s bodysuits when they run sales.

Here’s a general idea how these deals work:

Five-pack bodysuits may be marked down 50% to $12.99 (regularly priced $26.00). There’s often a promo code of at least 15% off which you can stack with any other promo or coupon codes, including a $10.00 off a $30.00 baby purchase that we recently saw. To get a killer deal in that instance, you’d need to buy three packs of bodysuits.


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5. Don’t buy Sonicare replacement heads at Target; buy them on Amazon instead.

Sonicare replacement heads are $2.00 cheaper per head when you buy them on Amazon. But if you want to save the most money, buy the generic version because it’s even cheaper — $1.00 per head!

I’ve been using generics for years and can’t tell the difference. In fact, there are loads of generics you can get for dirt cheap on Amazon.


6. Don’t buy living room furniture at Target; buy it at Big Lots instead.

Guys, Big Lots. Unless you’ve been inside a Big Lots, you may not believe me when I say they have great furniture and lovely prices.

You can save money tons of ways at Big Lots too. Target furniture is cute, but not for double the cost!


7. Don’t buy Instax Cameras at Target; buy them on Amazon instead.


If you’re gonna buy one, get it on Amazon and save yourself $13, and check out a few other best things to buy on Amazon.



8. Don’t buy pregnancy tests at Target; buy them at Dollar Tree instead.

Some people say these don’t work, but most people say they do. And for $1 why not try a few out?

When comparing with Target’s generic tests, you’ll still save a few dollars. If you go with First Response or Clearblue, you’ll save dozens of dollars.



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8 Things You Should Never Buy at Target (and Where to Buy Them Instead)