Just as people are clearing shelves at brick-and-mortar grocery stores, massive demand has cleared the shelves of Amazon Pantry, the grocery and household products service of Amazon — and the service has, for the first time, temporarily shut down.

Here’s what you need to know:


Items listed as “Ships & Sold from Pantry” can’t be added to your cart, for now.

Amazon Prime Pantry was created so people could save money on individual nonperishable grocery items and household products by assembling them into a box. The problem is, these items are sourced from many different vendors, and the system has buckled under the pressure of coronavirus buying.

You can’t create a Pantry box, and you can’t add items listed as “Ships & Sold from Pantry.” Amazon says they’ll be up and running soon, but there’s no official time frame for when it’ll be back online.


In-process Prime Pantry orders will still be delivered.

Amazon says that while they’ve stopped Prime Pantry orders in order to allow its various vendors to restock, current orders will be fulfilled and delivered as expected.


There are still ways to get around Prime Pantry with Amazon.

Just because Prime Pantry isn’t taking new orders, it doesn’t mean you can’t order the majority of the items Pantry carries. From Oreos to batteries, cucumbers to fabric softener, many of the items can still be found by searching for them on Amazon. They’re typically a little spendier, and you’re subject to the stock on hand, but you’ll still be able to add many items to your cart.

Amazon encouraged customers to find the things they need through several of their other stores:


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High Demand Shuts Down Amazon Prime Pantry