Generally, signing up for any subscription is easy, it’s the canceling part that’s hard. When I was looking to cancel Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, I made sure to write down the process. Follow these three short steps, and your Amazon Subscribe & Save subscription will be canceled immediately. No commitments or obligations.

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What’s Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a subscription program that offers up to 15% discounts on already low Amazon and Amazon marketplace items. On top of the awesome deals, you get free shipping, automatic deliveries, and you can skip a delivery anytime!


1. To cancel, go to your “Subscribe & Save” items tab first.

From the homepage, select “Your Account” under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click “Your Subscribe & Save Items.”

TIP: You must cancel your subscription at least 10 calendar days before your delivery is scheduled.

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2. Next, select the subscription you want to cancel.

Under the “More Order Actions” section, click the “Manage Subscribe & Save Items” tab. Next, click on the subscription for the item you’d like to cancel and hit “Edit Subscription.”

3. Lastly, confirm your cancellation and unsubscribe.

Once you’ve selected the subscription(s) you’d like to cancel, simply click “Confirm Cancellation” and you’re done. That’s it!

If you have any questions or run into weird messages, contact Amazon customer support.

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Cancel an Amazon Subscribe & Save Subscription in 3 Simple Steps