For the last six or so years, I’ve been hoarding electronics. The problem is, whenever I buy a new phone, tablet, camera, DVD player, etc., I can’t seem to part with the old one. Flashbacks of how much I originally paid for each gadget block the truth: that what my old electronics really amount to is a box of unused clutter.

This year, one of my resolutions is to get more organized (aka get rid of the stuff that no longer brings me joy). Luckily, most of those once-expensive electronics are still worth something to Amazon. I’d like to introduce you to my saving grace, Amazon Trade-In.

The 411 on Amazon Trade-In

In exchange for your used electronics, books, CDs and DVDs, video games and more, Amazon will give you gift cards. Getting an Amazon gift card for your hoard of used electronics and books is simple, involves free shipping, an immediate offer, and unlike eBay, doesn’t require you to go through a tedious process in order to get cash for your old goods. Here’s how I made an easy $127 with Amazon Trade-In:

1. Go to Amazon Trade-In and find the product(s) you’d like to receive credit for.

For extra convenience, you can also use the Amazon mobile app to submit Trade-Ins.

2. Find the matching items(s) you want to trade, ensuring there aren’t cracks or major scratches.

If you have the original cords and packaging even better—you'll get more money!

3. Select the condition of your item(s) and the option you prefer should Amazon find your item is in lower condition than you thought.

You can either have Amazon return the product to you for no charge, or give Amazon permission to credit you with the lower Trade-In cost.

Trading in electronics? Make sure your item meets or exceeds the product eligibility requirements.

4. Enter a return shipping address.

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5. Print the prepaid shipping label and packing slip.

6. Affix the prepaid shipping label to the box containing your well-padded Trade-In and packing slip.

Use small, sturdy boxes and pad the Trade-In items well to reduce the risk of damage en route to Amazon. In fact, you should probably just go ahead and double-tape the bottom and top ends of the box—just to be sure. Damaged goods = less Amazon credit.

7. Drop your Trade-In item off at the post office or UPS within 7 business days.

Amazon guarantees the price they quoted you for your Trade-In as long as your package is postmarked within 7 business days of your Trade-In request, and meets the product eligibility requirements.

You can track your Amazon gift card credit here. Keep in mind, it may take up to 12 business days to get credited.


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Amazon Trade-In: Earn Hundreds for Your Old Books and Electronics