I am a huge Amazon fan. I love Amazon Prime, Amazon marketplace, Amazon's today's deals—everything about Amazon. Now there’s even something new to love: Amazon Pantry. Learn how to use this quick and easy new service and how you can save!

Who can shop on Amazon Pantry?

Amazon Pantry is a new service just for Amazon Prime members. Once you join Amazon Prime (starting from the free 30-day trial) you will have instant access to the Pantry also.

How does Amazon Pantry work?

Amazon Pantry offers you a fast and easy way to order essential non-perishable items in everyday sizes (not bulk). You simply click on the items you want and pay $5.99 flat-rate shipping for each box you fill (with 4-day shipping).

  • Pantry categories: food and snacks, cooking, beverages, household, personal care, health and nutrition, baby care, pet care.
  • Shipping: Amazon ships to the 48 contiguous states.
  • Coupons: You can use coupons while you are shopping on Amazon Pantry.
  • Box size: the Pantry box is one size and a neat graphic virtually "fills" your box while you shop (each box can hold up to 45 pounds of products).


How Amazon Pantry helps you save 

When you use Amazon Pantry, the savings come in from different places and add up.

  • Coupon savings: Amazon lists coupons you can use right inside the Pantry itself! You can also see how much of your box each coupon item will use up. Best of all, you can clip the coupons as you shop (available coupons display right next to each item).
  • Gas/vehicle savings: Where before you might drive 2, 5, or 10 miles round-trip to find grocery savings, now you can shop from home, saving on gas and mileage-based wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Time savings: No more drive time, no more standing in line, no more trips from car-to-house until all the groceries are safely inside. Plus, Prime Pantry stores your order history so you can "order from past orders" to save even more time.
  • Price compare savings: You can price compare between Amazon Subscribe & Save (a separate service that helps you save on repeat orders), and Pantry to see which has the lowest prices on the items you need. Plus, each item listed in the Pantry includes the price per ounce and per count so you can price compare elsewhere as needed.
  • Shipping savings: Ordinarily, ordering items in the sizes offered on Amazon Pantry would incur prohibitive shipping costs, but you can ship a whole box of separate non-bulk items for just $5.99.
  • Savings on more items: The big advantage of using Pantry (over just Prime itself, with its free 2-day shipping) is that you can shop from a much wider range of products (nearly 2,000 products in all), including those Amazon cannot afford to offer for 2-day free shipping on a standalone basis.
  • You can save in more places: With the addition of Prime Pantry, you can add to the savings available with Amazon Subscribe & Save and your local stores to save more overall on the groceries and household items you need.
  • Pay less in sales tax: With online orders, you can often save by not having to pay sales tax you would have paid by shopping locally (if you live in a sales tax state).
  • You can save by not buying in bulk: While bulk purchases (such as those you might find at Costco) often offer a lower cost per item, purchasing in large quantities can actually end up costing more if you don't need much of something—and don't have a place to store extras!
  • Cheaper than other online grocery/home goods shipping services: One of the biggest savings of Prime Pantry comes if you need to use online shipping for any reason (instead of going to a local grocer or home goods store). Pantry prices are lower than the online competition (FreshDirect, Netgrocer, Peapod, etc.).


Amazon’s Prime Pantry: Meet the Newest Way to Save on Groceries