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The Best Under-Desk Treadmills

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It’s no secret that sitting at a desk all day long is not ideal. Research links sitting for long periods of time to serious medical conditions (even early death), which is terrifying to hear. If you have a job that requires being in front of a computer all day, prolonged sitting can feel inevitable. But investing in something like an under-desk treadmill is one way to get yourself moving, and it might even be … fun?

TikTok is making under-desk treadmills a bit of a trend. People on the app swear they’re effective, convenient, and even life-changing. It’s hard not to be intrigued.

An under-desk treadmill is smaller and less bulky than the real deal, as well as hundreds of dollars cheaper. For these reasons alone, they’re great for those on a budget or low on space. And while they can cost upwards of $500 or more, I found plenty of great options for less than $500. Check them out below.

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Under Desk Treadmill
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What to buy
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1. Urevo Strol Lite 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

The Urevo Strol Lite 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill ($359.97, Amazon) is a great basic option that works whether you want to run or walk while working. The 16.9″ widened running belt gives you plenty of room, although it’s still a compact option. There’s silica gel column support to absorb shock and make your run or walk more comfortable. I like the LED display, which helps you track speed, distance, time, and calories all at once. A remote control makes it easy to change the speed or stop at any time. It’s also foldable when not in use and has wheels to make moving it easy.


2. Under-Desk Treadmill: GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

A person using a GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill on a white background

While the Urevo is a good basic design, the GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill ($345.99, Amazon) offers more features. This one has a riser that makes it more versatile. When folded down, you’re able to jog at a higher speed. When raised, the running speed lessens, and you can walk on it instead. It has a powerful motor said to be very quiet, with a shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, nonslip running belt. The multifunctional LED display lets you see time, speed, distance, and calories at once. A Bluetooth speaker, phone holder, remote control, and app control are all great add-ons. It’s foldable and has wheels to move around as needed.

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3. Walking Pad P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill

A person walking on a WalkingPad under-desk treadmill in their home office

The WalkingPad P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill ($499, WalkingPad) is among the more expensive options, but it’s very sleek and compact. So if a small size is important to you, it might be worth the extra money. It offers 180-degree folding, meaning the belt literally unfolds unlike many of the other options with a folding handrail. There’s no display screen on the treadmill; it’s on the remote control. Foot-sensing speed control on the belt is a handy feature allowing you to control the speed with your feet. Stepping in certain areas either keeps your pace, slows you down, or speeds you up.


4. BiFanuo 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

A person using a BiFanuo 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill on a white background

This BiFanuo 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill ($289.99, Amazon) has a powerful but quiet motor with a shock reduction system to make running more comfortable. There’s a multifunctional LED display that allows you to look at your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. When you have the riser up, it has a built-in phone bracket, making it easy to watch videos or check your email. The remote control allows you to easily change the speed. And at under $300, this is one of the best-priced options.


5. Urevo Treadmill with Desk

A person using an Urevo Treadmill with Desk on a white background

Most of the foldable under-desk treadmills are meant to be used beneath an existing desk. The Urevo Treadmill with Desk ($499.99 but has a $50 coupon right now, Amazon) comes with its own removable desk, which kind of justifies the $500 price point. The removable desk can hold a laptop and books. It’s a perfect small work surface while you’re walking or even running, but when you take it off, it can just be a treadmill. The handlebar has an LED display; however, if you’re not using the desk part, you can see that same display on the included remote control. It’s also more powerful than some other options.


6. Egofit Walker

A person walking on an Egofit Walker while working at a standing desk

If space is a big issue, try the Egofit Walker ($399 with a $20 coupon, Amazon). According to the Amazon page, it’s the world’s smallest walking treadmill that makes it easy to stay active without taking up too much room. It has a 5% incline design as well, so you can increase the intensity of your workout without increasing the speed. While the size and the incline are great features, this is a fairly expensive option considering it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other choices on this list.


7. Sunny Health and Fitness Walk Station

A person walking on a Sunny Health and Fitness Walk Station

The Sunny Health and Fitness Walk Station ($369.99, Target) is a good option if you don’t mind something that can’t fold. The flat design makes it ideal for using underneath a desk and easy to store. The large digital monitor allows you to see your time, speed, calories burned, steps, and distance. It also comes with a remote control. Power Saving Mode goes into effect if the machine has been idle for more than 10 minutes. There are more cost-effective options that fold up and have some other features, but this one is a pretty nice price.


8. Bigzzia 1.5 HP Electric Treadmill Walking Machine

A person using a Bigzzia 1.5 HP Electric Treadmill Walking Machine on a white background

The Bigzzia 1.5 HP Electric Treadmill Walking Machine ($199.99, Walmart) is one of the lowest price points I found. While it doesn’t fold, it does have a removable handlebar with a phone mount. The belt has five layers of shock-absorbing material and is anti-slip and anti-static. There are multiple speed options as well as an LCD screen that allows you to see all of your stats. The super thin design makes it easy to store even if it doesn’t fold.



9. Redliro Under-Desk Treadmill

A person using a Redliro Under-Desk Treadmill on a white background

Super quiet and powerful, the Redliro Under-Desk Treadmill ($368.99, Amazon) is a compact option with some nice features. It folds when not in use, with a folding handrail that’s easily adjustable. It’s sturdy and slim, including wheels that help you move it around. There are 12 preset programs and manual modes plus an LED display with a remote control so you have constant control. There’s also a phone holder on the handrail.


10. FYC Under-Desk Treadmill

A person using a FYC Under-Desk Treadmill on a white background

Available in a wide variety of colors, the FYC Under-Desk Treadmill ($399.99, Amazon) has a foldable handrail with a multifunctional LED display and a spot for your phone or tablet. When the handrail is raised, the speed is higher. It can be used for running, and when it’s down, it fits neatly under a desk. The motor is pretty quiet, so it won’t disturb anyone. We like that there’s plenty of running surface, all nonslip. The $400 price point is a little higher than other comparable options.


11. Home Fitness Code Space-Saving Treadmill

A person using a Home Fitness Code Space Saving Treadmill on a white background

This quiet Home Fitness Code Space-Saving Treadmill ($239.99, Home Fitness Code) is a great price point at $250. It has multiple speeds, an LCD screen to keep track of your goals, and a compact design. There’s a walking or running mode and a powerful but quiet motor. The price is good for this one; just keep in mind that it’s a pretty basic option. There’s no foldable handrail, so if that’s important to you, check out other options with a comparable price tag.


12. SSPHPPLIE Under-Desk Treadmill

A person using a SSPHPPLIE Under-Desk Treadmill on a white background

With a powerful and quiet motor, the SSPHPPLIE Under-Desk Treadmill ($225.99, Walmart) is an inexpensive and compact option. It has a slim, portable design and only weighs 44 pounds. This makes it fairly easy to move around. A large LED screen shows your stats, and a remote control makes it simple to control everything. It fits nicely under a desk, but keep in mind there’s no foldable handrail.

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