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Whoa! Buying by the Case Can Save You How Much?

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A “case discount” is a discount that some stores offer if you buy a certain number of the same exact product.

For instance, a case of cereal might be 18 individual packages in a box, which is how it’s distributed to the store. But a case of Annie’s Mac & Cheese is 30 boxes, and a case of bottled water is 24.


Save 30% on cases of wine at Cost Plus World Market two times a year.

Mix and match 12 bottles of wine during January or February and June or July, and you’ll get 30% off your total wine purchase. Best wine sale ever.


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Make Whole Foods a little more affordable and save 10% when you shop by the case.

You can purchase a case of just about anything at Whole Foods and receive a 10% discount.

If you want to buy an item by the case, look for the number in the lower left corner of the shelf tag. There should be a backslash with a final, smaller number. That’s how many you have to buy of that item to get the case discount.

For instance, you’ll pay $2.99 for an individual 8-oz. package of Saffron Road Harissa Simmer Sauce. Or you can buy a case — eight packages in this instance — and you’ll pay $21.53, or $2.69 each.

Bonus! You can get 10% off wine at Whole Foods, and you only have to buy six bottles or more.

Exclusions for this deal include any sale items, their 365 Everyday Value brand, and Third Wishes wine. You also can’t get the discount on Whole Foods Market orders on Prime Now.


Save 5% when you buy just about anything by the case at WinCo Foods.

Live in the western U.S.? Then you should already know about WinCo’s crazy low prices. Save an extra 5% when you buy many items by the case.

Some WinCo stores also hold case lot sales where you can stock up on tons of dry goods at steep discounts.

During a Case Lot Sale, the store will set out product by the case and offer a steep discount—look for beans, pasta, rice and other dried goods. Contact your local WinCo to see if they participate.


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Check with your local Dollar Tree to save 5% or more when you buy by the case.

According to a Dollar Tree insider, all discounts vary by store. I’ve bought multiple cases of party supplies and was given a 5% discount.

I did have to buy multiple cases to get the discount, but it was totally worth it. Ask your local Dollar Store manager what their policy is before you load up your cart.



Shop Smith’s Case Lot sale and you don’t even have to buy a whole case to save as much as 33%.

via Smiths

Smith’s — a sister store of Kroger — runs their Case Lot Sale every year at the end of December into the beginning of January, and it’s for a variety of name brand and store brand products. The best part? You don’t have to buy a whole case to get any of the deals!

We found peanut butter for $1.00 for 12 oz. (reg. $1.50), a 33% savings. Instead of having to buy the entire case, there was a two-case limit, making this one of the best times to stock up at Smith’s.


You have to ask at Kroger and other affiliates, but you might save as much as 10% on a case.

Once upon a time, a 10% case discount was pretty typical at Kroger, but all good things must come to an end.

Kroger’s official policy is that case discounts are decided on a store-by-store basis. My local Fred Meyer — a sister store of Kroger — informed me that they only give case discounts under very special circumstances, such as orders for food banks

It never hurts to ask!


Buy a case of wine at ShopRite and save 20%.

via Yelp

A case of wine at ShopRite is twelve bottles, and you can mix and match any full-priced bottle to get the 20% discount.

You can also include a bottle that’s on sale to get you to the twelve bottles that you need to score the discount, but you won’t get an additional 20% off those bottles that are already on sale — just off the full-priced bottles in the case.


You can also save 5-10% on wine at Publix — because you should just never pay full price for wine.

Publix will give you a 10% discount on a mixed “case” of wine as long as you buy eight bottles or more.

They’ll also give you a 5% discount if you buy four to seven bottles.


Do NOT miss Case Lot sales at your local Commissary if you’re military — save as much as 50%.

Shopping at the Commissary is a seriously great benefit if you’re military, and their big sales make it even better. Not all Commissaries participate, and the amount saved varies, but if you’re near one, go check it out.

A list of Sidewalk and Case Lot sales can be found on the Commissary website. The most popular time for a Case Lot sale is back-to-school season, where you can stock up on lunchbox snacks and back-to-school necessities.



Save 20% on cases of wine at Harris Teeter — but only when they run the sale.

You can save 20% on any case of wine — twelve bottles — mixed or not. For instance, a case of Barton & Guestier Beaujolais, reg. $15.99 a bottle , is only $14.39 a bottle when you buy a case.

Harris Teeter runs their wine case sale off and on throughout the year, so wait to stock up on the vino until another rolls out.


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Check your local co-op grocery store for a discount of up to 10%.

Most co-ops and small grocers will offer up to a 10% discount on unopened cases of items. You’ll almost certainly have to order ahead since smaller grocers don’t keep as much in stock as the big guys.

I purchased a case of organic black beans — twelve to a case — for $13.93. Had I bought them individually I would have paid $1.29 apiece, or $15.48 for twelve.


Save up to 49% on meat by the case when you buy from Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club sells most of its meat by the case at decent discounts. You can get their top round roast for $2.68 a pound when you buy it by the case, versus $3.98 a pound, regular price.

Keep in mind that you get three bags of meat in a case of top round roast — 60-80 pounds of meat — and you’ll have to cut it down yourself.


Save 42% on prime tenderloin when you buy by the case at Costco.

Costco also offers case discounts on meat, and their best cut is the prime tenderloin. They’ll give it to you for $11.25 a pound when you buy it by the case, whereas it runs for $15.99 a pound regularly.

In this instance, a case is nine bags of tenderloin — roughly 75-80 pounds of meat — and you’ll have to cut it into individual steaks yourself.


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