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10 Ways to Get Cheap Video Games for Your Kids

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Your kid wants video games. You want a way to get cheap video games.

But not only is a new console gonna take up the TV, it’s going to cost $300 for just the console, $60 for new games, and even more for new controllers. Before you know it, you’re sinking over $500 into a hobby that will distract your kid from their homework.

Nope. We’re not going to let that happen. There are so many other ways your kids can get their game fix without breaking your bank. Older systems, online subscriptions, and mini consoles with games packed in can literally save you hundreds.

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1. Check eBay for cheap video games and bundles.

ebay campus in san jose ca

Tons of people on eBay want to get rid of their gaming gear in bulk, so look around for some cheap video games and console bundles.

There’s always a risk when it comes to buying on eBay, but you can still request a refund if you return your item 10 business days after you receive a shipping label or get your return confirmed.

Here are some bundles that I found:

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle with 3 games for $100
  • PlayStation 2 with 12 games for $80
  • Nintendo Wii with 10 games for $140
  • Nintendo 2DS with 5 games for $50


2. Play hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games for $10 a month.

minecraft for xbox halo 5 guardian skins promo poster

Getting Xbox Game Pass for your Xbox One gives you access to 385 games. And these are games your kid will actually want to play, like Halo, Rocket League, Kingdom Hearts, and hundreds more. And it’ll only cost $10 a month!

Considering that a lot of the Xbox Game Pass games are worth $60 on their own, this is definitely the best bang for your buck.


3. Rent video games online for $6.75 a month.

young boy looks at gamefly website on his laptop

Why spend $60 on a game your kid will forget about in a month when you can rent video games online for much cheaper? GameFly lets you rent one or two games with free shipping. They send you the games, and you send them back when you’re ready for a new one. There are also rewards, like $5 off a used game every three months you subscribe.

GameFly offers a few different price tiers:

  • One game at a time for 30 days free ($15.95 monthly afterwards)
  • One game at a time for $9.50 a month for three months ($15.95 monthly afterwards)
  • Two games at a time for $13.50 a month for three months ($22.95 monthly afterwards)


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4. Play 85 Nintendo Switch Online games for $1.66 a month.

super mario bros U deluxe poster from nintendo


Nintendo Switch Online lets you play 85 (and growing) classic games like Super Mario World and Star Fox for super cheap. Here are the price options:

  • One month for $3.99
  • Three months for $7.99 (savings of $3.98)
  • One year for $20 (savings of 27.89)


5. Fire up the PC and play some free Steam games.

boy looks at steam website on his laptop

There are tons of free Steam games available online. The beautiful part? You won’t need to buy a new console as long as your PC is powerful enough to handle the games. (It’s usually recommended for your PC to have 8 to 16 GB of RAM to run Steam games.)

After you install Steam, just check out the free-to-play games section and download away.


6. Get a microconsole like the Super Nintendo Classic console with games packed in.

nintendo classic mini

Microconsoles are a great option if you’re looking to get a bunch of retro games at a low price. Plus, they all come with two controllers and games already inside! Here are a few different options:



7. Play 78 PlayStation Plus games for $5 a month.



If there’s a PlayStation 4 in the house, you can get 78 games to play whenever you want and discounted digital games with PlayStation Plus. Here are a couple of different ways to subscribe:

  • One month for $9.99
  • Three months for $24.99 (savings of $4.98)
  • Twelve months for $59.99 (savings of $59.89)


8. Looking for a Nintendo Switch? Save $100 with Nintendo Switch Lite.

Even though it’s a few years old, kids still love the Nintendo Switch. If only one person will be playing it, you can save $100 by buying a Nintendo Switch Lite for $200 instead of a regular model.

Plus it doesn’t plug into the TV, so no worries about the kiddo taking over your Netflix time.


9. Resell old games and consoles for new purchases.

home page swappa

If you’re gonna buy some new games, definitely consider selling your old ones that are collecting dust. Websites like Swappa and Decluttr give you a pretty simple way to sell your old games and consoles. While Swappa lets you sell to other users and set the price, Decluttr pays you a flat rate.

Or, if you prefer to go local, stick to Facebook Marketplace. Just look up how much you should sell your game for on GameValueNow first.


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10. Save hundreds by just getting free video games on a tablet.

three girls look at roblox on a tablet


There’s a good chance your kid’s already got a tablet (or maybe even a smartphone). And, if they don’t, you can get a cheap tablet like the RCA Voyager for just $45.

There’s pretty much an endless supply of free games on the App Store or Google Play, like Roblox, Clash of Clans, Mario Kart Tour, and thousands more. Sure makes those $60 new games feel like a ripoff, huh?


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