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Engraving Your Stanley Cup Is Officially a Thing (And It Only Costs $10)

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This is not a drill — the custom Stanley cup is here. That’s right. The notoriously hard-to-find Stanley tumblers can now be engraved. So now you can personalize your cup beyond just accessories like boot sleeves.

And, we’re obsessed with the options available. You can add graphics, a monogram, or your own text. The customization choices are perfect for all the WaterTok girlies obsessed with their Stanleys.

The best part? The engravings cost just $10. But, there are a few fine print details you need to know. I’ll share my findings below.

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1. It only costs an additional $10 to get your Stanley cup engraved.

person drinking from a custom engraved stanley tumbler

The keyword here is “additional” since you do have to purchase a cup to get it engraved. So you’ll have to pay an extra $10 on top of the usual price for your preferred cup style and color. The $10 fee is a flat rate and doesn’t change even if you choose a more complex design or a bigger or smaller size cup.

But yes, in case you’re wondering, you have to buy a new Stanley to get this done. Just note that engraved items are not available for any promotions. No sales, coupons, or other deals can be applied.

Price Summary
spend $12 in addition to the cost of your cup

2. Choose from monograms, graphics, or custom text.

stanley cups in various styles and colors with custom engraving

There are currently three different ways you can personalize your cup: text, a monogram, or a graphic. You can only have one of those three per cup, so no mixing and matching options.

For example, if you start with a monogram and then try to write out your name underneath, it’ll just delete the monogram. Each style has its own parameters as well. Let’s explore each option a bit more.

You can choose from five different fonts for text customization. For horizontal text, you can write whatever, so long as there isn’t any profanity and you keep it to 40 characters per line with a max of 17 lines. For vertical text, the same rules apply except you only get 13 lines. You can’t change the size of the text.

As for monograms, you can choose from three different fonts for monograms. Just know that you can only have up to three letters.

If you’d prefer a graphic instead, there are 10 art designs to choose from. The artwork is centered around nature themes like plants, animals, and landscapes. Note that you can’t upload your own designs at this time.


3. Only cups purchased at Stanley qualify for custom engravings.

While Stanley cups are sold at a number of different retailers, the only one that offers engravings with your purchase is Stanley. There are some other third parties that sell customized cups, but it’s hard to say if those are real-deal Stanleys or just lookalikes.

And other engravers typically charge more than an additional $10 for their services. The best and most legit deal when it comes to customizing your tumbler is to go through the official custom Stanley page.

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4. You can’t mail in tumblers you already have to get them customized.

Let’s say you already own tumblers you bought directly from Stanley before they started offering engravings, unfortunately they are not eligible. They don’t engrave cups that are mailed or otherwise delivered to them. However there are third-party sites that’ll engrave cups mailed to them, but as I mentioned, it’ll cost more than $10.



5. Not all Stanley cups can be engraved.

mixed breed dog lying beside a custom engraved stanley tumbler outside

Stanley has a wide variety of drinkware products, from flasks to mugs to the iconic Adventure Quencher. But of those products, only a select few are customizable. Currently, you can only choose from 17 different types of drinkware. But don’t fret, the bestselling Adventure Quencher is on the list, as is the Iceflow.

Here is a list of the drinkware you can customize:

  • Stanley Adventure Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler (40 oz, 30 oz, 20 oz, and 14 oz)
  • Adventure Stacking Beer Pint (16 oz)
  • IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler (30 oz)
  • Legendary Bottle (1.5 qt and 20 oz)
  • Legendary Camp Mug (12 oz)
  • Trigger-Action Travel Mug (20 oz, 16 oz)
  • Iceflow Flip Straw Jug (64 oz, 40 oz, and 20 oz)
  • Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask (8 oz)
  • Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein (24 oz)
  • Legendary Food Jar (24 oz)

Additionally, only a few colors are available for personalization. Let’s take a look at the 40 oz. Adventure Quencher for example. At the time of publication, there are 15 colors listed on the Stanley site. However, only five colors are eligible for engraving. The colors available are neutrals including black, charcoal, fog, cream, and rose quartz. We’re hoping they expand this offering to more than just those five colors. And, if they do, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated.

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