I'll admit it, when I watch my little one smear pureed yams all in his hair and teeter around to the Wiggles'dance, the thought of how I'm going to afford to send him to Harvard never really crosses my mind. Yes, I knew that I should be starting a college savings account, but the idea was so daunting that I just pushed the idea away far back into my mind. Then I discovered Upromise and saving money for college became easy and rewarding.

There are four ways to earn money with Upromise: shop online through upromise.com at more than 600 participating retailers such as Target and Home Depot and earn 1% – 25% cash back on elgible purchases; eat at participating restaurants and get up to 8% cash back; activate Grocery eCoupons each month to earn on participating grocery and drugstore items; and save up to two times more when you invite your family and friends to sign up for Upromise. The money you earn from your everyday spending with Upromise partners goes directly into your Upromise account. You can choose to invest your earnings in a high-yield savings account or tax-deferred 529 plan; use it to pay down a student loan; or request a check that can be used for college or other expenses.

Here's how to sign up for your free Upromise account:

  • Click here.
  • Enter your full name and email address in the designated boxes and then click on the orange "Join Free" button.
  • On the next page, fill out the required personal information and press the orange "Continue" button.
  • You will be directed to an advertisement to apply for a Bank of America credit card. If you wish to skip this ad, click on the "Continue" link located toward the bottom of your screen.
  • On the next screen, select a free 5$ gift card from Target, CVS, and more! After you make your first purchase through UPromise, you will receive your $5 gift card in the mail.
  • You're all set! Starting shopping and saving money for your future today!


Earn Cash Back with Upromise, Plus $5.00 Sign Up Bonus!