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9 Embarrassing Things to Never Buy in Store Again (Because They're Cheaper on Amazon!)

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There are some things you just don’t want to be seen carrying through the grocery store. For example, you don’t need to bump into your nosy neighbor while you’re in the family planning aisle perusing pregnancy tests. Or carrying a few new pairs of underwear to checkout.

Luckily, you can get these items delivered straight to your door (with free shipping!) on Amazon Prime instead. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save yourself the time and hassle of planning a trip to the store. Plus, you can Subscribe & Save to a lot of these popular bestsellers, which means you don’t even need to remember to repurchase them the next month. We price compared some “embarrassing items” (looking at you: hemorrhoid cream) at Amazon versus Walmart and Target, and found that Amazon was the way to save for certain products. Here’s how it all breaks down!

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1. Get dog poop bags for $0.03 each on Amazon Prime.

“These are by far THE best poop bags I’ve used for my dogs. I like that they come in bulk and I won’t have to order these bags for months!” — Amazon reviewer

Disposable poop bags are a necessary part of being a dog owner. And since they’re a product you’ll need nearly every day, it makes sense to stock up by buying in bulk. These Earth Rated bags have more than 46,000 five-star reviews, and you’ll save 10% with Subscribe & Save on Amazon. That makes the box of 900 bags just $31.62 instead of $36.99. At that price, each bag is just $0.03. Meanwhile, the same product at Walmart and Target costs $0.07. And not only are they half the price of the same bags at those stores, but the bulk box from Amazon comes with a convenient bag dispenser to attach to your dog’s leash. This is usually sold separately for $5.99.


2. Amazon’s prices on maxi pads and pantyliners beat Walmart and Target.

Someone holding Always panty liners in a store

“Great daily liners for extra protection and absorbency-the most bargain-priced liners I found!” — Amazon reviewer

I want to make it clear that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to buy pads at the store. Women bleed, and it’s natural. But for the sake of convenience, these Amazon liners have more than 9,000 five-star reviews from purchasers raving about their softness and absorption. You’ll get six individual packs of 50, so you can easily store the additional boxes until you need them. And, you’ll save around $0.03 per liner, which adds up to $3 per every 100 liners.

As low as$12.61$14.83(15% off)
What to buy
Save 5% - 15% off with Subscribe & Save

3. Pay just $0.15 per tablet of Pepto Bismol on Amazon.

Someone holding a box of chewable Pepto Bismol tablets in a store

“Great to take anywhere. Also great for purses or bookbags. Easy to chew and works as intended.” — Amazon reviewer

When you have an upset stomach, the last thing you want to do is stand in line at the pharmacy. Fortunately, you can order Pepto Bismol on Amazon (with free shipping!) to have on hand whenever illness strikes. You can get next-day delivery on this 90-pack, and you can save even more by subscribing to the product.

As low as$11.79$13.87(15% off)
What to buy
Save 5% - 15% off with Subscribe & Save

4. When you Subscribe & Save on Amazon, you can get tampons for just $0.21 each.

Someone holding Tampax Radiant tampons in a store

“These are my go-to. Easy applicator and I like having a variety pack.” — Amazon reviewer

While you definitely don’t need to be embarrassed buying these at the store, tampons are something you never want to be caught without when you need one. And since many of us need them every month, it makes sense to stock up by subscribing. That way you never have to send your partner or roommate on a late-night run to the store when you realize you’re out. This Tampax variety pack comes in both regular and super sizes. And, it’s cheaper on Amazon than in most big retail stores. You’ll get 25% off with Subscribe & Save, making the box just $17.93 (instead of $23.91). That comes out to $0.21 per tampon.

As low as$22.47$23.65(5% off)
What to buy

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5. Buy your wart remover online instead of in-store for $0.44 each.

Someone holding Compound W wart remover strips in a store

“I would definitely recommend it to anybody that is trying to get rid of a wart. It definitely works!” — Amazon reviewer

If you’re looking to remove a pesky wart, these strips are the #1 best-seller on Amazon in the wart remover category. They look similar to a normal bandage (which makes them easy to put on). But instead of a regular cotton pad, they have a medicated portion that removes warts. They’re made with the max strength medication you can get without a prescription, and the Amazon listing makes each strip a full $0.10 cheaper than at other retailers.


6. Skip the trip to Walmart and Target to save on deodorant.

Someone holding Degree men's deodorant in a store

“I liked that Amazon had a multi-pack so I could purchase several at once and store them for use as needed. The convenience of delivery was something I really like.” — Amazon reviewer

This listing is the #1 best-seller in the antiperspirant category on Amazon with more than 36,000 five-star reviews. And since there are six individual sticks of deodorant, you’ll never be without. Not only will you get free shipping when you buy with Amazon Prime, but you’ll also save $0.29 per stick.


7. Find pregnancy or ovulation tests at $2.69 each on Amazon.

Someone holding a box of Clearblue pregnancy tests in a store

“These are way more reassuring than the other brand, faster, and seem to be way more sensitive. These are wonderful and reliable!” — Amazon reviewer

Pregnancy tests are notoriously expensive — especially the easy-to-read kind with the digital screen. But you can save more than $2 per test by buying them in bulk on Amazon. Plus, pregnancy is often something you want to keep to yourself until you’re ready to share, so having them shipped to your mailbox in discreet packaging is ideal. This pack comes with 10 Clearblue digital tests that reviewers say are easy to read and more accurate than other brands. You’ll get a 10% off coupon when you subscribe, making the box just $26.99 (or $2.69 apiece) for 10 tests.

As low as$25.49$29.99(15% off)
What to buy
Save up to 5% off with Subscribe & Save

8. Stick to buying underwear online for just $2.99 each.

“Love these! They’re so comfy and quality is great. This is my second time purchasing this set and will be ordering again.” — Amazon reviewer​​

Avoid sifting through buckets of panties that who-knows-how-many people have touched. Order them in bulk online when you’re ready to refresh your underwear drawer. This pack of seamless thongs is the #1 best-seller in its category on Amazon and has more than 42,000 five-star reviews. The five-pack comes out to less than $3 a pair, which is at least $2 less than you’ll find at Target and Walmart. If you’re keeping track, saving $2 a pair on five pairs will save you $10.

As low as$14.99$20.00(25% off)

9. Hemorrhoid cream isn’t cheap, but you can save the most when you purchase from Amazon.

Someone holding Preparation H cream in a store

“This product surprised me because it was actually 2-3 inches bigger than what you would buy in a drug store. You get more product for your money and it does shrink hemorrhoids.” — Amazon reviewer

Reviewers say this popular hemorrhoid cream definitely works. With more than 9,600 five-star reviews, you can trust this cream to get the job done. The tube from Amazon costs less than you’ll find at Walmart and Target, and it actually has more ounces in it, too. That means the exact same product is more than a dollar cheaper per ounce when you add it to your Amazon cart. It comes with free delivery for Prime members, but you can pay $1 more for faster shipping if you need it right away.

As low as$11.38$11.98(5% off)
What to buy
Save up to 5% off with Subscribe & Save

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