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101 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Partner

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Listen up, if you want creative ways to announce your pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place! Before we dive in, may we suggest how to save on diapers and baby freebies — because well, babies are expensive and we’re all about budgeting for baby. OK, back to the fun part: announcing your big news! Whether you want to surprise your partner, friends, soon-to-be grandparents, Instagram followers, or you want to go TikTok viral, we’ve got ideas for you. We hope you use one of these 101 cute ways to announce your pregnancy. Good luck, and congrats!

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Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Partner, Spouse, or Significant Other

A baby gift box with a bow next to some booties and a pacifier on a table.

Of course, your spouse, partner, or significant other will be the first person you want to share the great news with. Here are several ways you can announce that you’re pregnant to your significant other.

1. Set up a surprise photoshoot with a photographer.

Just tell your partner that you “won” a photo session through a social media contest. Then coordinate a plan with the photographer to capture his reaction when you show him the sign.

2. Make a baby kit to surprise your significant other.

Put together a few baby items, like booties or a bib, along with your positive pregnancy test in a box, and have your partner open for the surprise.

3. Write your partner a poem to announce your pregnancy.

If you’re a wordsmith, here’s one of the cute ways to announce pregnancy. Write out a poem for your spouse about your upcoming addition to the family. Even if it’s less than perfect, it’s a unique and special pregnancy announcement.

4. Go simple and announce your pregnancy with a box and a bow.

Wrap up your positive pregnancy test in a small gift box and bow, and give it to your significant other.

5. Create a caution zone.

Use some caution tape to mark off a spare bedroom or space in your bedroom. Make a caution sign announcing it’s under construction until (due date).

6. Send your partner on a scavenger hunt.

Hide your positive pregnancy test and give clues to your partner as they go on a scavenger hunt to find the surprise.

7. Make a pregnancy announcement pizza.

Bake up a pizza and arrange the toppings, like pepperoni and peppers, to spell out your announcement — for example, “we’re pregnant.”

8. Order diapers and other baby essentials for delivery.

Place a grocery delivery order that includes a pack of diapers or other baby essentials and let your spouse unpack the bag when it arrives.

9. Frame your sonogram picture.

Place your sonogram photo in a picture frame and set it out somewhere in your house, and see how long it takes your partner to notice.

10. Let your significant other find out first.

Instead of you waiting out an at-home pregnancy test and sharing its results with your partner, let them check the results before you.

11. Write ‘I’m pregnant’ on a mirror.

Use lipstick, an oil-based marker, or a dry-erase marker to write “I’m pregnant” or another message on a mirror to surprise your significant other the next time they see it. You can go the extra mile and write a “hidden” message on your bathroom mirror using a few common household items.

You’ll need:

  • White vinegar
  • Newspaper
  • Disposable cup
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol

What to do:

  • Spray the vinegar on the mirror and wipe with a newspaper until dry.
  • Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the disposable cup.
  • Dip a cotton swab in the alcohol and coat thoroughly (wet, not dripping)
  • Write your message, recoating your cotton swab if necessary.
  • Let dry.

When your partner takes a hot shower, the steam will fog every part of the mirror you didn’t write on, and reveal your message.

12. Highlight the date on your partner’s calendar.

If your significant other relies on a calendar day to day, whether paper or digital, go and mark or create an event on your due date. Ask them if they could check that date as you have some plans and you want to make sure their schedule is clear.

13. Create a baby drawer.

Clear out one of your partner’s most used dresser drawers and leave a written message like “reserved for baby.” Definitely one of the more clever and cute ways to announce pregnancy.

14. Reveal your pregnancy with a cup of coffee.

Either buy a pregnancy reveal coffee cup or make your own with an oil-based, fine-tip, food-safe paint marker. Fill up the cup with coffee and watch your partner’s reaction when they get to the bottom.

15. Serve dinner with a pregnancy announcement plate.

Similar to the coffee cup announcement reveal, you can make a pregnancy reveal plate. Serve dinner to your significant other and observe their reaction.

16. Announce your pregnancy at the baseball field.

If you and your spouse, significant other, or partner are huge baseball fans, search Google for MLB scoreboard announcements and pick your favorite team. Follow the instructions on how to request a message on the scoreboard during a game. Hockey, football, and even basketball fans can search Google as well; just insert NHL, NFL, or NBA in front of scoreboard announcements.

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Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy With Clothing

Baby clothes pinned to a clothesline with a wooden background.

Clothes can help you get your pregnancy announcement out there without having to say you’re pregnant to everyone.

17. Gift your partner a matching T-shirt and onesie set.

Present your significant other with a T-shirt and a matching onesie.

18. Wear a pregnancy reveal shirt.

Make it easy on everyone by wearing an “I’m pregnant” shirt.

19. Hang a banner using onesies, baby bibs, and baby booties.

Make your pregnancy announcement with a cute banner made using jute twine or ribbon, small craft clothespins, baby clothes, onesies, baby bibs, and baby booties.

20. Wear a pair of socks to announce you’re pregnant.

Here’s on of the cute ways to announce pregnancy at a get-together. Wearing a pair of pregnancy message socks, make yourself comfy, sit back, and put your feet up to see how long it takes for your family or friends to notice.

21. Gift family members custom onesies.

Present future aunts, uncles, and grandparents with custom onesies spelling out your pregnancy. You can find an array of sayings.

22. Set out an extra pair of shoes for a pregnancy announcement.

Line up a pair of shoes to represent everyone in your family and set a baby pair in the front to highlight your new addition. Take a photo, add text, and use it online or print your announcements.


Sweet Ways to Share Pregnancy News With Family

A grandmother opening a gift and looking surprised while her daughter and grand daughter watch and smile

Deciding how and when you tell others is a personal choice. Incorporating some of these sweet announcement ideas may make the experience over-the-top.

23. Present a Hello Grandparents Baby Announcement set.

If you don’t have the energy to put together a special baby announcement for the grandparents-to-be, gift them the Nordstrom “Hello Grandparents” baby announcement set that comes with a sonogram magnet frame and a “Hello Grandparents” bodysuit in a gift box.

24. Wear a ‘bun in the oven’ apron.

This is one of our favorite, cute ways to announce pregnancy. Wear a “bun in the oven” apron while preparing food to surprise your significant other or family.

25. Hand out scratch-off reveal cards to announce your pregnancy.

When you’re ready to share the great news, hand out scratch-off reveal cards to your family members.

26. Gift grandparents with a baby book.

Give your parents or in-laws a baby book that focuses on the special bond between a baby and their grandparents.

27. Play a slideshow of your love and growing family.

Create a slideshow using any number of tools to show how your relationship between you and your partner has blossomed over the years and has culminated with your newest addition. Some software options for creating slideshows include Adobe Express, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Canva.

28. Promote aunts and uncles with baby announcement glasses.

Present soon-to-be aunts and uncles with their own glasses announcing to the world that they are now free to begin spoiling your bundle of joy.

29. Gift grandma with a special necklace.

Whether it’s Grandma’s first or umpteenth grandchild, you can make the moment special by announcing your pregnancy with a Grandma necklace.

30. Hand deliver pregnancy announcements.

Print out pregnancy announcement cards and hand deliver them to family and friends near you. For those who live far away, surprise them with a snail mail announcement.

31. Share an audio recording of your first ultrasound as your pregnancy announcement.

Get your tissues, as this is at the top of cute ways to announce pregnancy. Use your phone to record your baby’s heartbeat during your first ultrasound so you can share it as a way to announce your pregnancy with loved ones.

32. Present grandparents-to-be a set of Grandma and Grandpa coffee mugs.

Tell your parents or in-laws they’re about to become grandparents with their own Grandma coffee mug and Grandpa coffee cup.

33. Give Grandpa a set of golf ball markers.

If your dad enjoys golfing, give him a baby announcement golf ball marker.

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Creative Pregnancy Announcements Using Food

Cookies decorated for a baby announcement sitting on a rack.

Food plays a huge part in our everyday lives and celebrations, so we say, why not use food to announce your great news?

34. Surprise your significant other or family with a box of donuts and a funny note.

Give your partner a box of donuts or donut holes with a message taped to the inside of the box saying something like:

  • “Our little munchkin arrives (date)”
  • “We’re expecting a munchkin (date)”
  • “Eat up, so my mommy isn’t the only one with a belly.”

35. Decorate a giant cookie or cake.

One of our easy, cute ways to announce pregnancy. Simply bake or buy a giant pan cookie or cake and decorate it with your pregnancy announcement.

36. Share pregnancy announcement fortune cookies.

Buy a bag of fortune cookies and pull out the fortune with tweezers. Measure the piece of paper. Cut out however many strips you want the same size and write your pregnancy news on them. Using the tweezers, insert the new fortune and share the cookies with family and friends.

37. Crack open a pregnancy announcement egg.

Surprise your partner or grandparents-to-be with a quail egg pregnancy announcement. One crack and your news is out.

38. Serve a round of bottled beers with baby announcement labels.

For those who drink beer, serve them a bottle with baby announcement labels. We found a 6-pack of bottle labels, neck labels, plus a carrier and four stickers, for $12. You can find various labels for soon-to-be uncles, grandparents, etc.

39. Play the hide a bun in the oven game.

Place a bun or roll in your oven (cold) and tell your family or significant other that you have a surprise. Play the hot/cold game (calling out getting warmer or colder depending on how far they move from the oven). Someone gets to the stove and you yell, “hot.” If you’re not into playing the game, you can opt for a bun in the oven (in a box) pregnancy announcement.

40. Serve custom pregnancy announcement M&M’s.

Order custom M&M’s and watch the faces of your family and friends when they realize these chocolate candies have a special message. You can add up to nine characters on each of the two lines or upload an image.

41. Use a bottle of Prego spaghetti sauce.

How clever is this? Tape a small piece of paper with the word “we’re” on it to a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce (just above the Prego label). Family and friends should catch on quickly.

42. Serve cake with color on the inside to announce your pregnancy.

If you’ve held off announcing your pregnancy and know the gender, or you just love cake, bake a boxed white cake mix, dyed a color like pink, blue, or a combo. To dye a white cake mix, combine all other ingredients following the directions, and then add 3 – 5 drops of red or blue food coloring (add more if desired). If you want both colors, split the batter evenly into two bowls before adding color.

43. Create a donut or cupcake bar with pink and blue icing.

Here’s a delicious way to spill the beans even if you don’t know the gender. Set up a donut or cupcake bar for your announcement party or gathering with pink and/or blue icing.

44. Serve up a bottle of wine with a pregnancy announcement label.

Celebrate your news with a personalized pregnancy announcement label on your partner’s or family and friends’ favorite bottle of vino.


Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy With Siblings

A little girl standing next to a chalkboard sign that says, "Big Sister x2

Courtesy of MFerPhotography

Time to get the whole family involved in announcing you have another little one on the way. Many work in person and as printed or digital photo announcements.

45. Write on their bellies to announce your pregnancy.

Line the family up and write something that works with the number of children you have, like B-A-B-Y on each belly (including yours and your partner’s if needed), using a washable marker.

46. Share a big brother or big sister book.

Help your little ones warm up to the idea of a new sibling by presenting them with a big brother book or big sister book. Reading along with them allows you to explain what it all means for them and the family.

47. Announce your pregnancy with an older sibling superhero.

Dress up your child in a superhero costume, awaiting their sidekick. Be sure to put a sign (literally or digitally) next to them revealing when you expect the next superhero to make their debut.

48. Write on your child’s feet.

Write something like the words “big sister” or “big brother” on the bottom of your child’s feet (if they can handle it) with a washable marker. When taking a photo for your announcement, have them sit or lay down so you can see the writing.

49. Allow your dog to announce your pregnancy with a bandana.

Since your dogs are your children, include them in your pregnancy announcement using a bandana to break the special news to family and friends. Check out Amazon for all kinds of fun and cute sayings.

50. Create a to-do list.

Create a to-do list on a poster board leaning against a wall. Have your child stand next to it as if they are marking off tasks, with becoming a big sister or brother at the bottom of the list.

51. Announce your pregnancy with a new video game player.

Here’s a fun, photographic way to announce your pregnancy. Dress up your children as video game characters and have them stand in front of a wall next to a sign announcing “player (number) will join the game (and date).”

52. Stage a tea party.

Set up a tea party for your child, leaving an empty seat with a sign that shows “best friend expected (date).” You can also have your child hold a framed sonogram image with the words “best friend expected (date).” Talk about an adorable photo announcement.

53. Let your furry friend announce your pregnancy with a chalkboard sign.

Write your pregnancy announcement using either a chalkboard or letter board and take a photo of your furry friend(s) next to it. This is a great way to share your news online or print your announcement to mail your good news to those not local.

54. Showcase your child(ren) ‘baking up’ the new sibling.

Have your child(ren) use a mixing bowl, measuring cups, etc., like they are baking. Set the recipe for a baby on a letter board nearby. For the recipe, you could list out a number of kisses or love and include the “bake until” date.



Cute Pregnancy Announcements Using Props

Some baby blocks arranged to spell the word "BABY" with a rubber duck on top and stacks of diapers in the background.

Using props can make any online, printed, or even in-person pregnancy announcement extra adorable.

55. Use Starbucks coffee cups as your pregnancy announcement.

Here’s the perfect pregnancy announcement if you’re a big Starbucks fan. Have dad’s and mom’s cups on each side of a small cup, or line up Starbucks coffee cups with or without sleeves in a row, the tallest to the smallest. Write something like your names or “Dad,” “Mom,” and “Baby.”

56. Spell out ‘baby’ with balloons.

Hang metallic word balloons that spell out “baby” or “oh, baby” to announce your pregnancy.

57. Build a stack of baby books and booties.

Here’s one of the more subtle, cute ways to announce pregnancy. Stack several baby books with a pair of baby booties on top and place them somewhere in your home. Invite family and friends over and see how long it takes someone to notice and say something.

58. Hang a pregnancy announcement banner.

Not into balloons? Announce your pregnancy to your family and friends with a “we’re pregnant” banner.

59. Use a pair of safety pins.

Here’s a photo op for your pregnancy announcement. Lay two large safety pins next to each other. Form one of the pins into a “pregnant belly” and lay a smaller safety “baby” in the middle.

60. Spell out the gender with baby blocks.

If you want to announce your pregnancy and you already know the baby’s gender, spell it out using baby blocks. Of course, you could also spell out something like “we’re having a baby” if you have enough letter blocks.

61. Use a background with baby items.

Either buy a few baby items to lay out as a photo background or use a stock photo from sites like Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Freepik, and Dreamstime. Insert your text and you’re ready to share your exciting news on social media.

62. Attach your pregnancy announcement to a balloon.

Surprise your partner with a pregnancy announcement tied to a balloon.

63. Share an image of your sonogram on your phone.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That holds true even when that picture is a sonogram photo on your cell phone.

64. Frame your out-of-office maternity leave notice on your desk.

Hearing some gossip at the office about your growing baby bump? Clear the water cooler talk by framing a cute out-of-the-office maternity leave announcement. They’ll get the hint.


Unique Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

A couple kissing in some woods with a sign that reads "Bump Ahead" in front of them.

If you don’t have much of a sense of humor, it’s about time you get some with a little one coming. Why not share your pregnancy in a witty fashion?

65. Use chalk to draw in your growing bump.

For a photo op, stand sideways in front of a chalkboard and use chalk to draw an outline of a growing belly as a pregnancy announcement.

66. Play a game of Charades or Pictionary.

Totally one of our fave cute ways to announce pregnancy: telling your family and friends you’re pregnant without saying a word.

67. Hand out scratch-off lottery tickets to announce you’re expecting.

When you’re ready to announce your pregnancy to family or friends, hand out some pregnancy reveal scratch-off lottery tickets; instead of winning money, they find out the grand prize is a little one.

68. Serve a bun in the oven (actually a box).

Give family members or close friends a Bun in the Oven baby announcement.

69. Show off your baby bump.

Simply show off your baby bump as a way to announce your pregnancy. Considering some people are hesitant to ask, it may take a bit for others to get it even though your growing belly is right in front of their eyes.

70. Gift your partner a pregnancy puzzle.

You and your partner puzzle enthusiasts? Lay out the pieces of a pregnancy reveal puzzle and watch their reaction as they put it together.

71. Hold a Zoom meeting as a group pregnancy announcement.

Want to share the news but can’t everyone together because they live across the globe? Hold a Zoom meeting to reveal your pregnancy. Have everyone on camera and record your session to save the announcement and their reactions to the news.

72. Play ‘Baby Shark’ at your get-together.

Why not play the viral tune Baby Shark at your get-together? It’ll help get your pregnancy announcement out and leave all your guests with an earworm. #winwin.

73. Stand near a ‘bump ahead’ sign to announce your pregnancy.

Live near a “bump ahead” sign? Stand near it with your partner and take a photo.

74. Play a game of Scrabble.

This one takes a bit of sneakiness, but if you can pull off one of the cute ways to announce pregnancy, we salute you. First you and your partner need to remove enough Scrabble letters to spell a few words like baby, expecting, or pregnant before you and your family or friends play the game. Or buy extra Scrabble tiles and have the letters you need. While your partner distracts your guests, you start off by sneaking your letters in to spell one of your words. Make sure your partner goes next and builds off your word.

75. Show your growing family with your feet.

Announce your pregnancy with a group photo of your feet, your partner’s, any children or pets, and a baby bootie.

76. Write ‘we’re pregnant’ in the sand.

Live near the beach? Use the sand as your canvas and write your pregnancy announcement before the tide comes and washes it away.



Holiday-Themed Pregnancy Announcements

A pregnant woman standing near a Christmas tree that has a sonogram photo and positive pregnancy test on it.

Want to elevate one of the following already fun and exciting holidays? Break the news that you are expecting!

New Year’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

77. Announce you’re ‘expecting’ a great new year.

Post your social media status as “We’re expecting 2023 will be a great year! Happy New Year!” Sit back and see how long it takes for someone to figure it out.

78. Shower guests with colored confetti.

At the stroke of midnight during your New Year’s Eve party, shower your guests with pink and blue confetti.

79. Serve champagne in sippy cup goblets.

If you’re planning on a small get-together to ring in the new year, serve up the champagne in baby goblet cups shaped like wine glasses.

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

80. Use candy conversation hearts as a pregnancy announcement.

Using an edible marker, write individual letters on candy conversation hearts to spell out your pregnancy announcements.

81. Gift a box of chocolates.

Give your partner a box of their favorite chocolates with your sonogram picture inside.

82. Send a message in a bottle.

Tell your significant other how much you love them as you hand them a rolled-up sonogram as a message in a bottle.

St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

83. Fill a pot of gold to share the news.

For St. Patrick’s Day celebration, fill up a plastic pot of gold with baby booties, onesies, and baby bibs, and use it as a centerpiece.

84. Announce your lucky charm.

Here’s one of our favorite cute ways to announce pregnancy. Share your great news on social media, announcing your lucky charm will arrive (date). Aw!

85. Request for nonalcoholic drinks.

If you are known to partake, asking for a nonalcoholic beverage while out may clue those with you that you’re expecting.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

86. Gift an egg timer to announce your pregnancy.

This pregnancy announcement is simple to pull off. Grab yourself a small gift box, tissue paper, and an egg timer. Fill the box with tissue paper and place the egg timer on top. Write a little note saying “something’s about to hatch, and they are going to be grandparents,” followed by your baby’s due date, and tape it inside the lid.

87. Dye some eggs.

If you color eggs every Easter, here’s your chance to announce your pregnancy in a cute way. After coloring your hard-boiled eggs, take an edible marker and write out the word baby, your last name, and the month and year on a different egg. Place them all in a basket with your other colored eggs. You can leave the wording face up so everyone will know immediately, or you can turn the words down and let them figure it out.

88. Hold an Easter egg hunt.

Fill some plastic Easter eggs with pink and blue candies or small baby items like a pacifier or booties. You could opt for a larger plastic egg filled with baby goodies as a special prize for whoever finds it.

Fourth of July Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

89. Fill the air with color as a pregnancy announcement.

Announce your pregnancy during your Fourth of July celebration with air-filled color party poppers. You can choose to go with a single color if you already know the gender. Otherwise, you can opt to go with a mix of pink and blue.

90. Hand out glow sticks.

As the sky darkens for your Fourth of July festivities, hand out pink and blue glow sticks to your guests.

91. Gift a custom onesie.

Order a customized “Our Little Firecracker Is on the Way” Fourth of July onesie and give it to your significant other or grandparents during your July barbecue. One of our favorite cute ways to announce pregnancy.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

92. Carve a pumpkin to announce your pregnancy.

Carve a heart shape out of your pumpkin and place a small gourd inside for your Halloween pregnancy announcement, or you can get crazy creative and carve out the shape of a flying stork with a bundle in its beak with your due date carved into a smaller pumpkin.

93. Write on a pumpkin.

If you’re not into carving pumpkins for Halloween, you can simply write or paint your pregnancy announcement on a pumpkin.

94. Wear a bun in the oven costume as a pregnancy announcement.

You and your partner can dress up for Halloween and announce you’re expecting with a bun in the oven costume set.

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

95. Create place setting turkey eggs.

Here’s a cute way to crack your news. Decorate hard-boiled eggs as turkeys, one for each of your Thanksgiving guests. Paint a face on the eggs. When dry, put one of the turkey eggs on top of a few craft feathers and pieces of straw in a small gift box and arrange them, one at each place setting.

96. Wear matching shirts.

Heading to a family gathering for Thanksgiving? Announce your pregnancy with matching “a turkey in the oven” shirts for you and your partner.

97. Add a photo to a pie pan to share your news.

Buy a pie from the grocery store or make your own and put it in a pie plate that has your pregnancy announcement on the bottom. To do this, you’ll need a photo, a clear pie pan, scissors, Mod Podge, a bristle brush, a small plastic craft squeegee, and wax paper.

  • Remove any price sticker from the bottom of the pan, and use an alcohol wipe to remove any residue; set aside till completely dry.
  • Cut the image to fit the bottom of the pie pan.
  • With the pan upside down, use the bristle brush to apply an even layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of the pie pan.
  • Lay your photo image-side down onto the Mod Podge.
  • Place a small piece of wax paper on top of the upside-down photo and gently press out any bubbles and excess Mod Podge with the squeegee.
  • Allow to dry for an hour; then apply a top coat of the Mod Podge. You can apply multiple top coats, providing you allow the pie pan to dry an hour or two in between.
  • Leave the pie pan upside down for as long as possible. It may feel dry in under 24 hours but may not fully cure for up to four weeks.

*Mod Podge is not oven safe; this is for decoration, and hand wash only.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

98. DIY a Christmas ornament.

Fill a clear Christmas ornament with your sonogram photo, baby pacifier, or a pair of booties, and hang it on the tree. Not feeling crafty? Go with a premade pregnancy announcement Christmas ornament.

99. Display a baby elf to announce your pregnancy.

Sit two Elf on the Shelf figures next to each other with your sonogram picture on their laps for all to see.

100. Hang a tiny stocking.

If you’re having a family gathering during the holidays to announce your pregnancy, hang your Christmas stockings, including a tiny one, and see how long it takes your guests to notice.

101. Admit your craftiness in your pregnancy announcement.

Sit next to your Christmas tree and use one hand to hold a letter board with the words “I’m so crafty I make people,” to announce your pregnancy.


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