Of course Fitbit tracks your steps and your sleep patterns.

But did you know it can also turn on your lights and pay you to work out? Oh yes. This and more.

Check it out:


1. Get paid to work out.

There are a few easy ways to earn money while wearing your Fitbit. Basically, earn money for what you’re doing anyway.

Sign up for programs through Walgreens, Higi, HealthyWage, DietBet, Runister, StepBet and Achievement to start earning ASAP.


2. Connect your Fitbit to the Philips Hue lightbulb, and your lights will come on when you wake up.

Philips Hue lights can be controlled from your smart phone. But did you know you can sync your Fitbit to your Philips hue lightbulb?

When your Fitbit notices you’re awake, your Hue lights will turn on automatically.


3. Sync your Fitbit with Amazon Alexa for up-to-date fitness stats.

Ask Alexa for your latest stats, if you hit your sleep goal, or how you did yesterday, and she’ll let you know!

Take a look at other compatible apps.



4. Enable audio exercise cues to keep you motivated.

Need a little extra motivation while working out? Trust me, I do. Before starting your next run, hike or workout, turn on voice cues for distance, time, average pace, split pace or calories burned. Then, determine the frequency at which you get audio cues by distance traveled or by time passed.


5. Compete with non-Fitbit friends, no matter what fitness tracker they use.

Download the app Stridekick, and compete with friends using different fitness trackers.

Connect and compete with trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch, Xiaomi, Pebble and Polar.


6. Lengthen your battery life by turning off all-day sync.

If it seems like you’re constantly charging your Fitbit, turn off all-day sync, and you’ll boost your battery life even more.

This works because your Fitbit isn’t interacting with your smart phone all day, saving battery. It’ll only update when you do it manually.


7. Casually check text messages and incoming phone calls without looking at your phone.

Fitbit models like the Charge, Charge 2, Charge HR and Surge will alert you to calls, texts and calendar alerts on your wrist — kind of like a smart watch.

Getting alerts on your Fitbit can be helpful if you’re in a work meeting, out on a run, or at the gym and don’t have your phone.


8. Track your steps even if you’re not wearing your Fitbit.

Don’t freak out if you forget your Fitbit at home — the MobileTrack feature allows your smart phone to track your steps, distance and calories burned.

Log in to your Fitbit app, go to your account, and set up a new device as MobileTrack.


9. Receive a weekly progress report via email.

From the fitbit.com dashboard, go to settings and then notifications. From there, sign up to receive a weekly summary sent via email. Easy as that!



10. Set reminder alarms to achieve your health goals.

Trying to drink more water? Hit your step goal?

Set customized alarms to help remind you to reach your goals.


11. Receive a bedtime reminder to help you wind down for sleep.

Everyone knows that most Fitbit devices track sleep patterns. But you can set goals to get a certain amount of sleep every night.

To keep yourself on track with your sleeping goals, set a bedtime target and a wake-up alarm to hit your goals.

It’s kind of like a game — you’ll reach your goal for the day if you fall asleep and wake up within 30 minutes of each target.


12. Change your Fitbit’s clock face.

Maybe this is a no-brainer — but I’ve had my Fitbit for years and had no idea there were so many options for changing the clock face!

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