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What can’t Alexa do? The smart device can set alarms, report the weather and news, help you buy items from Amazon, and control appliances. But the device isn’t all work and no play. Heck, there’s even an Alexa guessing game, not to mentional thousands of strategy, trivia, and guessing contests for your family game night or in moments of boredom.

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Gather around the Echo, friends. It’s time to play these 37 games for free.

Note: Some games have in-app purchases for certain features or premium content.


Alexa Guessing Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

1. Akinator

Here’s some magical fun for the whole family. This Alexa guessing game only requires that each player thinks of a real or fictional character. The Akinator genie will ask you a few questions and tell you what character you’re thinking about.

Say, “Alexa, play Akinator

2. Animal Guessing Game

Alexa will give a description of an animal and four chances to guess correctly. If you guess wrong, you’ll hear the description again, then a hint. This game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.

Say, “Alexa, play Animal Guessing Game

3. Guess The Animal

A slightly different variation from the one mentioned above, this game includes a series of clues that tell you about an animal. Be the fastest to guess to earn the most points. You can play either solo or in multiplayer mode.

Say, “Alexa, play Guess The Animal

4. Guess Who I Am Game

In Guess Who I Am, you’ll hear the voices of several different characters. To move on to the next round, you must guess who one of them is. Guess wrong; game over for you.

Say, “Alexa, open Guess Who

5. Number Guessing Game

This one requires you to guess the number Alexa chose. If your guess is incorrect, you’ll hear your number is higher or lower. Keep guessing until you get the number right.

Say, “Alexa, begin Guessing Game


Strategy Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

6. Escape the Room

You are stuck in a room and need to figure the way out by picking up items and solving puzzles. The game has six rooms that increase in difficulty (the last three are a premium feature):

  • Jail Cell
  • Office
  • Car
  • Garage
  • Spaceship
  • Airplane

Say, “Alexa, play Escape the Room

7. Gator Lake

The object of this strategy game is to retrieve your car keys from the middle of a lake that’s filled with hungry alligators. Your actions include swimming forward, diving down into the water, or acting like a wooden log.

Say, “Alexa, play Gator Lake

8. The Magic Door

This choose-your-own-adventure style game requires paying attention to clues as you explore the land beyond The Magic Door.

Say, “Alexa, open The Magic Door

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Alexa Trivia/Quiz Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

9. Disney Hits Challenge

Think you know Disney trivia? Here’s your chance to prove it. This game tests players’ knowledge of Disney characters, movie titles, and lyrics.

Say, “Alexa, play Disney Hits Challenge

10. Fact or Fib

This game will have you guessing whether statements given by Alexa are true or false. Fact or Fib questions are fun and family-friendly.

Say, “Alexa, play Fact or Fib

11. No Way That’s True

Up to four players can play this trivia game from Nickelodeon. You’ll need to guess whether the weird and wild statements about people, places, and animals are true or false.

Say, “Alexa, play No Way That’s True

12. True or False for Family

Here we have a trivia game that makes you decide if a statement is true or false. You can play this brainteaser alone or with others.

Say, “Alexa, play True or False

13. Song Quiz

Guess song titles and artists from the last 60 years. This game contains a master playlist from each decade, from the 60s through the 2010s.

Say, “Alexa, play Song Quiz

14. Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle allows players to answer eight questions every day. Topics include math, science, sports, entertainment, general knowledge, and more. Compete with people from other states.

Say, “Alexa, play Trivia Battle

15. Volley Family Trivia Game

This is a true or false game that you and your family can play. Objective: stay alive the longest.

Say, “Alexa, play Volley Family Trivia Game

16. Watch Your Words

Up to three players can play Watch Your Words by Nickelodeon. Players answer the daily questions about food, animals, movies, TV, and more without saying a certain word.

Say, “Alexa, play Watch Your Words

17. WhereInTheWorld

Players learn more about the world by answering geography questions about capital cities, country names, languages, and more.

Say, “Alexa, play Geography Trivia


Board Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

17. Categories Game

Alexa will present you with different categories and ask you to come up with a word that starts with a certain letter in each category. Playing more unlocks additional categories.

Say, “Alexa, play Categories Game

19. Clue with the Ghost of Mrs. White

Classic Clue fans will enjoy this Alexa game. Solve the murder mystery using clues and the help of Mrs. White’s ghost (if she’s in the mood to assist you) to win.

Say, “Alexa, play Mrs. White

20. Either/Or

Previously known as “Would You Rather,” this single/multiplayer game is simple and addicting. The “would you rather” questions make you choose between two silly and upbeat situations.

Say, “Alexa, play Would You Rather

21. Memory Match

Pull the family together to play Memory Match. You need to match pairs of cards in the fewest moves possible. Sound easy? Try matching the cards without seeing them! You’ll start the game with 12 cards face down (four rows/three columns). When you guess a card, Alexa will tell you what’s on it. Guess all six pairs to win.

Say, “Alexa, play Memory Match

22. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Compete with other players by answering questions from six categories. Correct answers get you a bonus question. To win, you must correctly answer a question from each category, plus a final challenge question.

Say, “Alexa, play Trivial Pursuit Family Edition



TV/Movie-Inspired Alexa Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

23. Heads Up!

Alexa will choose a card and give you clues to help you guess the word on the card before time runs out. Words are about movies, fictional characters, and celebrities.

Say, “Alexa, play Heads Up

24. Jeopardy!

Players test their knowledge on the same Jeopardy! categories you see on television. Answer daily questions about pop culture, sports, travel, and more.

Say, “Alexa, play Jeopardy

25. The Spongebob Challenge

Players in this memory game must work alongside Spongebob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs to serve the hungry citizens of Bikini Bottom. Customer orders become increasingly harder.

Say, “Alexa, play Spongebob Challenge

26. Official Harry Potter Quiz

In this game, players answer three new questions based on the Harry Potter books. Expect questions about spells, characters, creatures, famous quotes, and more. The game has two difficulty levels (easy) O.W.L. and (hard) N.E.W.T. The harder the questions, the more points you can earn. You will compete against other players worldwide.

Say, “Alexa, play Harry Potter Quiz


Get Up and Move Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

27. Animal Workout

This game is a fun way to sneak in some exercise. Using sound effects, music, and voice-overs, Alexa gets players to become different animals and move around. Animals include bugs, farm animals, and make-believe creatures.

Say, “Alexa, play Animal Workout

28. Freeze Dance

Alexa will play kid-friendly beats to get you moving. When the music stops, freeze like a statue. Begin dancing again when the music starts.

Say, “Alexa, play Freeze Dance

29. Hide and Seek

Choose a place to hide in the same room as your Alexa device. Speak loudly so Alexa can hear you. If Alexa fails to find you after three guesses, you win.

Say, “Alexa, play Hide and Seek

30. Hot Potato

Grab a ball or something unbreakable and small enough to pass around. When Alexas says “STOP,” whoever has the object is out of the game.

Say, “Alexa, play Hot Potato

31. Musical Chairs

To begin Musical Chairs, line up one chair less than the number of players. Ask Alexa to start the game. Players walk around the chairs until the music stops. Each player must sit in a chair. The person without a chair loses that round. Remove a chair from each round, so there’s always one less chair than players.

Say, “Alexa, play Musical Chairs

32. Silly Things

Take turns asking Silly Things to give you something to do so you can act it out. Here are two examples: “Act like a fish out of water” and “Do your most silly dance.”

Say, “Alexa, play Silly Things

33. Simon Says

Alexa will give instructions you need to follow — if she begins them with “Simon Says.” If you follow an instruction that didn’t start with “Simon Says,” you’re out. The last person to correctly follow Alexa’s instructions wins.

Say, “Alexa, play Simon Says

34. The Tickle Monster Game!

The name says it all. You provide Alexa with a list of participants and she tells you who gets tickled next.

Say, “Alexa, play Tickle Monster

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Alexa Educational Games

Three icons for Alexa games above an Amazon Echo device

35. Kids Quiz!

Kids Quiz! poses fun new questions daily for children ages 5 – 12, from animals and science to brain teasers and fun facts.

Say, “Alexa, play Kids Quiz

36. Lemonade Stand

Learn about money, goods, advertising, and more as you look to expand your lemonade empire with the Alexa game Lemonade Stand.

Say, “Alexa, play Lemonade Stand

37. State Capital Game

Here’s a fun way to learn about the states and their capital cities. Alexa will give the name of a state, and players must name the capital city.

Say, “Alexa, play State Capital Game


37 Free Games You Can Play with Your Alexa Device