Getting free school supplies for teachers is a game-changer. Budgets are tight, and many teachers even dip into their own paychecks to fund special classroom projects.

There are a number of organizations and resources out there dedicated to giving out free stuff for teachers to help them with their classrooms.

From back-to-school season to teacher appreciation week near the end of the school year, these freebies will help teachers all year long.


1. Adopt a Classroom donates bulk-free school supplies to teachers.

If you’re a teacher or a school administrator, you can register with Adopt a Classroom to connect to their network of donors.

Schools receive funds through Adopt a Classroom and then can spend them immediately on bulk school supplies through their online marketplace.


2. Create a school crowdfunding campaign for supplies with Donors Choose.

Donors Choose is a crowdfunding platform specifically made for teachers and schools. The nonprofit site helps teachers create fundraising campaigns for things like hydropower STEM kits, CPR training materials, and library books.

Once a donation goal is reached, Donors Choose handles the purchase and shipping of supplies right to the teacher’s classroom.


3. Make a school supply list of all your classroom essentials on Class Wish.

Class Wish lets you create your ideal school supply list and shows donors exactly what you need for your classroom. The process is super simple and only takes about a minute. All donations are tax-deductible for donors.


4. Teachers get 5% back on parents’ Staples purchases to use for school supplies.

When parents, grandparents, and other school supporters log their Staples receipts to the Staples Classroom Rewards Program, 5% of their purchase goes to the teacher of their choice — up to $250 per quarter.

For teachers to be eligible and receive this store credit, you must sign up for Staples Classroom Rewards and register as a teacher on the rewards page. You will automatically receive $5 into your account.



5. Get wifi hotspots and technology grants from Digital Wish.

Digital Wish collects tech donations so they can resell them. With the proceeds, Digital Wish has been giving away mobile wifi hotspots (a big need during the pandemic) and awards teachers over 50 technology grants each month.

All you have to do is register your classroom and type up a lesson plan based on technology, then review the guidelines and fill out the online application form. Each month’s winners are announced after the 15th of the month.


6. Search for free bulk school supplies like stationery, pens, and pencils from NAEIR.

NAEIR (National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources) is a nationwide organization that offers teachers a way to get free school supplies like pencils, pens, scissors, and highlighters for their classrooms. Here’s a full list of what they offer.

Teachers who register on the website will only have to pay a small processing and handling charge, but shipping is totally free.


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7. Find free teacher supplies for your classroom on Freecycle.

Freecycle is a place where people post things they want to give away for free — or request things they’re looking for. While it isn’t set up specifically for teachers per se, teachers swear by it. We’ve seen someone give away first-grade workbooks for free!


8. Request free books from

Half Price Books accepts donation requests from educators and nonprofits that focus on literacy, the environment, or education.

Once the application has been approved, Half Price Books will send you an email to the email address provided, and you can pick up your books or other media at the nearest Half Price Books location.

Keep in mind there’s a 60-day advance notice required for Half Price Book donation requests.

Teachers, Get Free School Supplies with These 8 Resources!