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Is Frontier Airlines' All-You-Can-Fly Pass Worth It? Save Up to 70% Off Now!

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If you’re itching to travel more, the idea of an unlimited flight pass sounds pretty cool, right? It’s like getting the perks of being a flight attendant without having to demonstrate those seatback safety instructions or collect in-flight trash. However, the Frontier Airlines all-you-can-fly pass will launch in 2023, and it’s already being met with some skepticism.

Ultimately, the program is exactly as it sounds. For the length of the yearlong subscription, members are allowed to book an unlimited number of flights to all of the destinations Frontier Airlines serves.

Of course, there’s some fine print. And while Frontier hasn’t shared all of the details on the program yet, there are a few worrisome caveats we know about.

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  • Summer Pass for bookings until Sept. 30, 2023 $499/yr (reg $999/yr)
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The Frontier Airlines all-you-can-fly pass has launched.

A Frontier plane parked on the tarmac.

Frontier Airlines will launched an all-you-can-fly pass this year. The carrier is calling the program GoWild!, and the subscription price, which has yet to be announced, will cover one year of unlimited Frontier flights. After that, membership will be up for renewal, and you’ll incur another annual fee if you choose to renew.

GoWild! subscribers will have access to Frontier flights anywhere the airline services. They fly to over 100 destinations in the United States. And if you use this airline a lot, it could equal some major Frontier Airlines savings.

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There will be blackout dates for the Frontier Airlines all-you-can-fly pass.

True, Frontier Airlines all-you-can-fly passholders are allowed unlimited flights on the carrier, but there will be restrictions.

For example, Frontier says flights will be available to subscribers 300+ days a year, but that’s a little vague. Do they mean 301 days with 64 days blacked out for flying unlimited? We don’t know the answer yet. If we had to make a prediction, the busiest travel days of the year (think Dec. 22 – 23) will be off limits, but that isn’t a guarantee.


You’ll need to be flexible when flying.

People standing near the check-in desks for Frontier in the airport.

Using your Frontier Airlines all-you-can-fly pass isn’t like traditional travel booking. In this case, flights are only confirmed a day before travel. You cannot decide to book a flight three months in advance and expect it to come through. So basically, the subscription is best for people with the flexibility and desire to travel on a whim.

The reason for these last-minute flight confirmations is because Frontier is essentially using this offer to fill seats that would otherwise remain empty. On their company website, Frontier says that in 2021 alone 5 million seats flew empty. It makes sense that they want to get butts into those seats, even if they earn a small fraction of the price of a regular airline ticket.

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Flights are unlimited, but the number of memberships available are not.

If you think the GoWild! pass sounds interesting, you’ll want to sign up to receive updates on the program from Frontier. The airline says there will only be a limited number of passes available to purchase. This is because the passes will be offered at a “wildly discounted rate” (their words, not ours). Again, we don’t know yet what they mean by wildly discounted.


Some other airlines also have a form of the GoWild! pass.

A little girl with Minnie Mouse ears looks out the window at the airport at Alaskan airlines plane.

The idea of an unlimited flight pass is nothing new. Back in the 1980s, American Airlines tried a similar program, although it didn’t benefit the carrier financially and was discontinued. Now they have AirPass, allowing members to fly across AA, as well as British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, and Japan Airlines, with a subscription starting at $10,000. In this case, members receive fixed-rate fares, and the membership price funds some of this travel.

Currently, Alaska Airlines Flight Pass subscription starts at $49/month. You choose your frequent monthly flights to lock in fixed-rate fares for 12 months. This way, you don’t have to worry about price hikes throughout the year.

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