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Save Big This Summer Using These 9 Glad Food Wrap Hacks

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Because leftovers are a regular thing in my household, there’s always a need for Glad Food Wrap; it’s something I’ve gotta keep on hand. And from my experience, it’s one of the few grocery items where store brand versions just don’t cut it. Since I love finding a great deal, I remain on the lookout for which stores are having the best sales so I can stock up and save big. Plus, there are so many great Glad wrap hacks that make the products even more necessary to keep in stock at home.

Now through July 1, Target is offering great deals on two of my favorite Glad products: Glad Press’n Seal and Glad Cling’n Seal. While Cling’n Seal Wrap clings, Press’n Seal Wrap seals. You can save $1.89 on Glad Press’n Seal and $1.39 on Glad Cling’n Seal. Plus, if you’ve signed up for Fetch, you can earn 500-1000 points when you purchase those items.

That’s right; Glad Press’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap (70 sq ft) is on sale for $3.99, down from $5.29 — a 25% discount. And Glad Cling’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap (400 sq ft) is marked down from $5.89 to $4.49, saving you 24%. Generally speaking, those 500-1000 Fetch points will earn you rewards that can be used to cash in on hundreds of popular gift cards right in the app.

With these great deals, now is the perfect time to stock up and keep your food fresh all summer long. Here are nine surprising Glad Food Wrap hacks I swear by that will keep your food fresher longer — plus save you money and time.


1. Use Glad Cling’n Seal to prevent freezer burn on ice cream.

Someone using Glad Cling N' Seal to prevent freezer burn on a tub of ice cream

There’s nothing worse than taking your favorite ice cream out of the freezer, only to see it covered in a fuzzy looking layer of ice. The spoon can barely dig in, and when it finally does, it tastes, well… like the freezer. Next time you open a new gallon of ice cream, simply take out a sheet of Glad Cling’n Seal — enough to cover the top layer — and push it all the way down. Next time you open the lid, you’ll be greeted by fresh ice cream instead of freezer burn.


2. Glad Press’n Seal will keep your bananas fresher for longer.

Someone using Glad Press N' Seal to keep a bunch of bananas fresh

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to throw away rotten bananas. This happens a lot more than I’d like to admit during the summer months, when the warm weather makes them get riper faster. But then a friend told me about this banana hack: Take a piece of Glad Press’n Seal and tie it around the top stem. You’ll be shocked to see how much longer they last!


3. Keep Glad Press’n Seal in the car to protect your seats after a pool or beach day.

GLAD wrap on a car seat

We’ve all been there. You finally load the kids, coolers, chairs, and toys into the car after an afternoon of swimming, only to get home and realize the seats of your car are soaked. If you have fabric seats, it’s even worse and the hot sun makes your car stink. Putting towels down to protect your seats isn’t enough because those are wet, too. That’s why I always keep Glad Press’n Seal in the car. I place a sheet across the backseat before anyone gets in and my seats stay dry.


4. Make an easy disposable bib with Glad Press’n Seal.

person wiping yogurt from a diy bib made from glad press'n seal wrap

This comes in especially handy at summer parties. Simply tear out a sheet of Glad Press’n Seal and it’ll stick right to your child’s shirt. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any clean-up after; you can throw it right in the trash. You’ll save big time with this hack: A 32-pack of Bibster disposable bibs costs $12.99 at Amazon, making each one $0.40. With Target’s current sale on Glad Press’n Seal, your foot-long bib would cost just a nickel. That’s a savings of over 87%.


5. Stop spills when your child is graduating from sippy cups.

a person holding up a sippy cup with a GLAD seal on top of it

I used a lot of paper towels — and my oldest son shed a lot tears — when he transitioned from sippy cups to lidless ones. But this trick has been a total lifesaver with his little brother. Now, I simply cover his cup with Glad Press’n Seal, stick a straw in, and voilà! No more spills and no more tears.


6. Keep watermelon fresher for longer.

person pulling glad clin'n seal over halved watermelon to keep it fresh

Watermelon is one of the first words that comes to mind when you think of summer foods. But because watermelons are so big, you almost always have leftovers. For whatever reason, a lot of people use aluminum foil for leftover watermelon, but Glad Cling’n Seal will keep it fresher longer. That’s because it creates a much tighter seal than foil. Using Cling’n Seal will also seal the watermelon tight enough so that other flavors from your fridge can’t sneak in.


7. Make a disposable, on-the-go placemat.

fruit sitting on top of a GLAD disposable placemat

I used to get self-conscious about my toddlers making a mess any time we went out to eat. Now, I bring a sheet of Glad Press’n Seal. It sticks right to the table and I no longer worry about the mess they’re making. This hack is also great for planes, picnic tables, and parties.

One pack of 18-inch Hippypotamus disposable placemats comes with 60 and costs $14.97 on Amazon. With one 70 sq ft package of Glad Press’n Seal, you could make 46 placemats. Since it’s on sale at Target for $3.99, that’d be like getting each one for just over $0.08, a 65% savings. Another tip: Bring markers and kids can draw on them!


8. Create a DIY Father’s Day gift.

art project using glad press'n seal on a window with a dinosaur made of tissue paper

All you need is Glad Press’n Seal and tissue paper, plus a few basic household items for your child to make a suncatcher for dad! First, have them draw whatever they want (or you can even write out the word “DAD” in bubble letters) on a piece of regular paper. Then, place it under a piece of Glad Press’n Seal, sticky side up. Depending on their age, you or your child can cut out pieces of tissue paper into squares. Next, they can place the tissue paper wherever they’d like over the drawing. Once they’re finished, place another sheet of Glad Press’n Seal over it (sticky side down) to seal it into place. Ta-da! You’ve got a low-cost gift for dad and new window decor your child will be proud of.

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