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Good2Grow Is Spendy, But Here's How to Save on The Popular Kids' Drink

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If you’ve seen kids drinking out of small bottles of juice with characters from Disney, Paw Patrol, Avengers, and more, it’s probably Good2Grow. The drinks have been around for years, but since the brand is always adding new characters, they’ve only gotten more popular.

Good2Grow makes several products, like large juices, milk, and snack jars, but the most popular product is their juice with character lids. The 6-oz containers contain 100% juice that comes topped with a character head from popular TV shows and movies.

But, these juices are pretty expensive for what you get. That’s why, if you’re dead set on getting these, I’m here to help you save money on the popular kids’ drinks. Let’s compare prices from different retailers, talk grocery sales, set target price points, and more. There’s a hot deal happening now through Aug. 12: Get 50% off 3-packs in-store at Target. See more below!

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What makes Good2Grow so popular?

a person holding up two good2grow drinks

The big reason is the popular characters. Good2Grow currently has partnerships with Disney, DC Comics, Sanrio, and DreamWorks, just to name a few. As such, there’s a whole community of folks who collect the tops.

And unlike your traditional juice box, Good2Grow has a spill-proof spout on all of their juice products — a win-win for parents and kids.

Additionally, as far as kids’ drinks go, Good2Grow juices are pretty healthy. The 100% juice drinks have zero added sugar, no artificial coloring or flavors, and no preservatives. Plus, they’re GMO-free, and all the bottles and tops are BPA-free!

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1. The average price of Good2Grow is $3.49 per bottle.

Hand holding a good 2 grow pack

Good2Grow only comes in one size, 6 ounces, and you can get them individually, or in 3- or 6-packs.

When I compared prices across eight different retailers, we found the average price for one bottle is $3.49. This is a lot for only six ounces of juice! Especially when you consider that you can buy 64 oz of 100% juice at Walmart for only $2.78. So why is Good2Grow so expensive?

It’s important to note that when you buy Good2Grow, you’re really just paying for the character tops with a little bit of juice. All the characters are officially licensed, which basically means Good2Grow has to pay to use the characters’ images. When partnering with big companies, those licensing rights can cost a lot. And that in turn drives up the price of the product for shoppers.


2. The cheapest place we could find Good2Grow is BJ’s Wholesale.

good2grow juice with tops graphic price comparison

Without sales, the best deal we could find on Good2Grow bottles with character tops is a six-pack sold at BJ’s Wholesale, which comes out to just under $2.50 per bottle. And on the flip side, Good2Grow on Amazon isn’t a very good deal. They have the highest price overall at $4.99 per bottle — double BJ’s price. Even with the Subscribe & Save discount, it’s still the most expensive option.


3. Good2Grow coupons and sales are rare — the Good2Grow website is your best bet.

You typically won’t find Good2Grow on sale at retailers, although I saw Walmart take $1 off Good2Grow single bottles shortly after Walmart+ Week sales in July 2023. The deal is still live, but we’re not sure for how long.

The Good2Grow website does offer promos from time to time. Right now, you’ll get 10% off when you shop on Amazon and choose the Subscribe & Save feature. They also sometimes offer $1 off when you download the Collectors App, which is used to track which character tops you’ve collected.



4. You’ll save a load by buying six packs of the brand.

I mentioned earlier that Good2Grow bottles can be sold individually or as three-packs or six-packs. It’s true that if you bulk up, you’ll end up spending less, hence why BJ’s six-pack deal at $2.49 per bottle beats Amazon’s three-pack deal at $4.99 per bottle. In that comparison alone, you’re saving 50% per bottle by opting for the six-pack.

And if you compare that to the cheapest price on a single bottle, which costs $2.98 at Walmart, you’d save 20% when opting for the bulk version.


5. The average price of Good2Grow refills is $1.66 per bottle. (Compare that to $3.49 per bottle for those with character tops).

good2grow juice no top graphic price comparison

I like that Good2Grow sells refill packs, which means you can save bottles and money. And although Good2Grow is popular because of the character lids, you’ll likely get to the point where you just don’t need any more characters.

I find that the refill packs are harder to find because they aren’t sold at many retailers. (In fact, I had a hard time finding verified Good2Grow brand refill packs anywhere besides Amazon and Walmart.)

The refill packs contain 24 individual 6-oz bottles for an average price of $1.66 per bottle. That’s still a lot for juice, especially compared to just $2.78 per bottle when you can buy that 64-oz container from Walmart I mentioned earlier.


6. You can also reuse empty Good2Grow character tops and bottles by putting them in the dishwasher.

Hand holding a good 2 grow bottle pack

Buying the refill containers is easy, and definitely less expensive than buying new character bottles each time. But the best way to save money is to reuse the containers, then refill them with a jug of less-expensive juice. In fact, Good2Grow actually encourages you to reuse the character tops, so they provide cleaning instructions on their website:

  • 6-oz juice tops should go on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Wash the main bottle by hand each time.

Once the tops come out of the dishwasher, Good2Grow recommends sanitizing them with a mild bleach and water mixture, or with lemon juice and vinegar. You can find the full instructions on their FAQ page.


7. There are over 200 different Good2Grow character tops, but some are rarer than others.

a hand holding up good2grow juice

According to Good2Grow, they make over 200 unique character tops — and they’re adding more all the time. However, Good2Grow classifies their tops into three rarity categories:

  • “Common” tops are easy to find and often are available as singles.
  • “Lucky” characters are a little harder to find and usually come in the three-pack variety packs, though you will find a few available as singles here and there.
  • The “Special Edition” characters are very rare and are only available in three-count and six-count variety packs, which means you’ll have to buy a set of characters you might not want or need to get a single special edition character.


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