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How to Sip on Capri Sun Flavors for Cheap All Summer Long

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It’s summer which means it’s time to stock up on cheap Capri Sun flavors. These beverage pouches always remind me of summertime and long days spent playing outside. Even as an adult, I still like to keep a few packs handy, especially if I know my nephew is coming over.

That said, going through so many juice pouches can get pricey. And nobody wants to drain their entire summer snack budget on just drinks. I’ve done some research to find out what is even a good price on Capri Sun these days, and who has ’em cheapest.

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Shop this deal on Capri Sun bundle pack now.

In-Store or ONLINE Deal
$5.69$8.94(36% off)
Price Summary
Pay $8.94, submit for $3.25 in Ibotta credit
$0.19 per pouch
3 Capri Sun 10-Packs
In-Store or ONLINE Deal
$4.19$8.94(53% off)
Pickup: Free
Price Summary
Pay $8.94, submit for $4.75 in Ibotta credit
$0.14 per pouch

First: Calculate the price per pouch to compare prices across different package sizes.

Some packages have 10 pouches, others have 40. While prices vary between these different packages, the name of the game is price per pouch. To calculate this, take the total cost of the package and divide it by the number of pouches it has.

For example, a 30-pack of Capri Sun at Walmart costs $8.78, and when you divide it by 30, we get a price per pouch of $0.29.

If you come across a really big sale or a coupon that makes it a steal, buy a ton. Or rather, buy as much as you can comfortably afford and have space for. And don’t worry, Capri Suns are perfectly shelf stable for 12-18 months so long as they stay unopened.


1. When you can find Capri Sun for $0.20 or less per pouch, stock up.

Hand holding a box of Caprisun

We’re constantly monitoring stores’ prices on a bunch of things, including Capri Sun, to determine the stock-up price. What is a stock-up price? It’s the drop-everything-and-shop kind of price, based on what we’ve seen stores sell for.

If you find Capri Sun for $0.20 a pouch or less, congrats — that’s a low enough price where you’ll want to buy a three-month supply for your family. Get it down to $0.15 with sales, coupons, or both, and you’ve hit the six-month supply stock-up price.

How much is a six-month supply of a product? That looks different for every household. The best way to determine how much you’ll go through in that time is to buy a small pack and see how long it lasts you. If you go through one package a week, for three months you’d go through about 12.

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2. Target, Walmart, Amazon & Aldi sell cheap Capri Sun at $0.29 per pouch.

Depending on where you shop, most retailers sell Capri Suns for $0.29 to $0.32 per pouch. But really, you don’t even have to pay more than $0.29 per pouch, because Walmart, Target, Aldi, and Amazon sell them at that price.

But … if you use Amazon Subscribe & Save discounts, you can get 10% off when you order five 10-packs or more (as of this publication). That puts the cost at a winning $0.26 per pouch.

As low as$1.69$2.98(43% off)
What to buy
5% or 15% off with Subscribe & Save
Similarly, the 5% discount you get for using Target RedCard brings the price down to a second-best $0.28 per pouch. Check out the table above to see how your grocery store stacks up.

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3. Costco & Sam’s Club sell Capri Sun for $0.24 per pouch.

You can score an even lower price per pouch by shopping warehouse retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco. It’s a general rule of thumb that buying larger quantities lowers the overall price per unit, and although there are some things you should never buy in bulk, Capri Sun isn’t one of them. Costco and Sam’s Club both offer cheap Capri Sun for only $0.24 per pouch.

Costco gets the edge, though, because they sell their 40-pack for a nearly negligible $0.19 cheaper.



4. To get to the $0.20 stock-up price, you’ll need help from coupons and sales.

None of those previously mentioned regular prices reached the stock-up price. So how do you bridge the gap? By using Capri Sun coupons and taking advantage of sales at your store.

We’ve seen most sales on cheap Capri Sun happen in April, and we expect a similar sale at the end of the season, in August or September. This past April we saw a 10-pack go for just $1.90 at Target. They also sold a 30-pack for $5.98. Both of those deals totaled out to just $0.19 per pouch. That’s BELOW than the three-month stock-up price.

We also recommend checking Walmart grocery rollbacks for some good Capri Sun deals.


5. If you’re not picky about Capri Sun, comparable brands from Kool-Aid & others are even cheaper.

There are comparable products that are less expensive than Capri Sun. By opting for the similar Kool-Aid Jammers, for example, you can pay as little as $0.19 per pouch without any coupons or sales if you shop at Sam’s Club.

Not every Capri Sun alternative is cheaper, though. It’s important to note that Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch also comes in a pouch and has a fruity flavor. But it’s also a whopping $0.47 per pouch — $0.18 more than the cheaper Capri Sun varieties at Walmart, Target, ALDI, and Amazon.


6. Original Capri Sun is $0.10 per pouch cheaper than the 100% juice variety.

Chart showing pricing between different types of Capri Sun products

There are currently three main Capri Sun products on the market: Original, Roarin’ Waters, and 100% Juice. Capri Sun Original is a flavored water-based beverage, Roarin’ Waters is a lighter fruit-flavored water with no artificial colors or preservatives, and 100% Juice is a pure fruit juice option with no added sugar.

At Walmart, Original Capri Sun and Roarin’ Waters are the same prices. But a 10-pack of 100% Juice Capri Sun is $3.98. That’s a dollar more expensive than the same-sized package the other two varieties. That maths out to $0.10 per pouch more.

If you’re looking for an all-natural variety, it’s still much cheaper than Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch. However, it’s still not the cheapest option for Capri Sun.


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