Ah, June, the first month of summer. Known for prime wedding weather and its killer deals to-boot. It’s time to soak it in, sip on some iced tea, celebrate June’s many National Holidays, and stock up on the things we’ll need long after the summer season is over.

Here are the top things I found to stock up on in June:


1. Stock up on pain relief medicines, and rule your headache.

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. You’ll find savings on products like aspirin, sinus medications, and painkillers to help you rule your headaches.

Know medication lingo so you can buy generic store brands and save 20 – 50% — even more when drug stores offer store coupons and promotions on their own lines. For instance, Tylenol is acetaminophen, Advil and Motrin are the same thing: ibuprofen. Benadryl is diphenhydramine, and Zyrtec is cetirizine.

Aside from coupons and sales, one of the easiest ways to save on meds is through an app and mail-in rebates. Look for them on manufacturer websites, in store, and download rebate apps like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Checkout 51 to get started saving.

Ibotta is our favorite because when you sign up using KCL’s link, you’ll get a $1 bonus when you submit for the rebate. Plus, if you redeem 10 offers within your first 14 days, Ibotta will give you a $20 bonus. Yay!


2. Mix iced tea with fun flavors and try iced guava white tea.

June is also National Iced Tea Month, and National Iced Tea Day is June 10. You’ll see sales on tea products (bags, mixes, and pre-made) all month long.

If you find tea for less than $0.75 per box (we’ve found tea for $0.55), stock-up! Loose tea and powdered tea mix lasts 6 – 12 months in the pantry and one – two years in the freezer, while prepared tea will last three – five days in the fridge and six – eight months in the freezer.

Buy 2 Luzianne Tea, 22 – 24 count $2.79, regular price
Use two $0.60/1 – Luzianne Product from SS
And use one Free Luzianne Tea, 22 – 24 count WYB 1 Luzianna Tea, 22 – 24 count, Publix Coupon from Grocery Advantage Buy Flyer
And submit two $0.25/1 – Luzianne Family Tea Bags, via rebate app (ibotta.com)
Pay $1.59, submit for $0.50 in Ibotta Credits
Final Price: $0.55 each, when you buy 2


3. Stock up on popsicles, ice cream, and frozen yogurt (oh my!).

Wait, it’s not National Frozen Treats month?! It should be.

The first official day of summer is June 21, so you’ll start to see savings on frozen treats like ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt, and more around then. Big-box stores and traditional grocers aren’t the only places that have special promotions, though. Don’t forget to check drug stores too!

Stack in-store coupons with manufacturer coupons and sales like KCL did when ice cream sundae cups were only $1.22 at Walmart:

And when you see prices as low as $2 for ice cream, stock-up to last you through the summer and beyond. Just make sure to store ice cream and popsicles in the back of the freezer where they’ll be exposed to less air and temperature fluctuations — the very things that cause freezer burn.


4. Get fresh produce delivery or pick your own seasonal produce.

Not only are the following fruits and veggies in season, but (surpise!) it’s also National Fruit and Veggie Month. Find apricots, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cherries, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes, honeydew, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, raspberries, red onions, summer squash, strawberries, sweet Vidalia onions, tomatoes, and watermelon all on sale.

Coupons and extra savings for fresh produce do exist! You’ll find them directly on the manufacturer’s website (try Driscoll’s) and in rebate apps where you’ll discover new cash-back offers weekly for in-season fruits and veggies.

You may also want to check out CSA farms and fresh produce delivery options in your area.

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5. Women’s underwear and lingerie are totally stock up worthy.

One of the best stores you’ll score deals at is Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sale, which typically starts in June and usually lasts three – four weeks. You’ll find items for as much as 70% off, and the sales get deeper as the month progresses.

You’ll be able to find deals at other stores as well like Soma, Sears, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom. Don’t forget to stack coupon codes if you’re buying online instead of in-store!



6. Stock up on First Aid kits and supplies, especially if you’re accident-prone and love biking.

Summertime means school’s out, which also means there’s lots of time for kids to get cuts, scrapes, bites, bruises, and sunburns! Thankfully June is a great month to stock up on first aid supplies like bandages, Neosporin, gauze pads, and other emergency health essentials.

Last year in June, if you purchased three CVS Health first aid products you’d receive a coupon for a free first aid kit, valued at $3.99. This deal didn’t happen just once, but twice in June. And just the other month KCL found a first aid three-day survival kit for $22.34, on clearance at Walmart:

Buy 1 Camillus First Aid 3-Day Survival Kit (reg. $44.67) $22.34, clearance price
Free shipping on orders of $35+ or free store pickup
Final Price: $22.34
Buy 3 CVS Health Brand Hydrogen Peroxide, 16 ounces $1.39, regular price
Buy 3, receive a coupon for free first aid kit ($3.99 value)
Final Price: $1.39 each, when you buy 3, plus free first aid kit

Always look through rebate apps for extra savings, and check KCL Deals often this month so you don’t miss a great stock-up price.

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7. Dairy products go on sale every June so stock up.

Well what do you know, June is also National Dairy Month! That means you can expect to see products like milk, cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt, cream cheese, and whipped cream on sale all month long. And remember — you’ll save more if you choose savings over convenience. For instance, buy block cheese and shred it yourself, and opt for the bigger container of yogurt versus individual cups.

When you see products this cheap (or cheaper), stock-up! You can always freeze anything you can’t eat before the expiration date for later:


  • Stock-up price: $1.99 per gallon
  • Freeze up to two months


  • Stock-up price: $2 – $3 per pound
  • Freeze up to three months


  • Stock-up price: $2.50 per pound
  • Freeze up to one year

Cream Cheese

  • Stock-up price: $1 – $1.50 per 8 ounce block or container
  • Freeze up to five months


  • Stock-up price: $0.99 – $1.50 per dozen
  • Freeze up to one year

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8. Gift dishes and cookware to the bride-to-be or your own home.

Early summer is the peak wedding season! Retailers take that opportunity to promote both their fine and everyday china, as well as small appliances and cookware. Even if you don’t have a wedding to attend, or they’ve been postponed because of COVID-19, you can still take advantage of these deals for Christmas and future wedding gifts.

Months into quarantine, I’d wager many of us have been trying new recipes and wearing down every pot and pan cooking from home.

Whether you’re shopping for a wedding gift or to replace your family cookware, you’ll find the best savings at Kohl’s, JCPenney, Target, and Macy’s — and KCL will always give you a heads up when we see a great sale (see all the deals now).


Buy 1 Gibson 7-Piece Cookware Set (reg. $72) $34.99, sale price
Online only
Use 7NEWLOOK for 25% off
Free shipping on orders of $49
Final Price: $26.24


Buy 1 Mainstays Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set (reg. $39.97) $19.88, rollback price
Free shipping on orders of $35+ or free store pickup (1 – 2 days)
Final Price: $19.88

To save even more, look for sets of dishes and cookware that come with free bonus products. For example, cookware sets that come with a free cutting board or utensil set.


9. Stock up and save on 4th of July staple food items.

Score great deals on hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, BBQ sauce, ketchup, charcoal, salad dressing, potato chips, dips, mustard and mayo, relish, and soda pop around the last two weeks of June.

In fact, you’ll probably see a lot of condiment freebies around this time by using coupons on top of sale prices. Make sure to stock-up throughout the year so you save.

See prices this low? Get at least a three-month supply!


  • Stock-up price: $1.99 per 32 ounce bottle


  • Stock-up price: $0.75 – $1.50 per bottle


  • Stock-up price: $0.75 – $0.99 per 24 ounce bottle

BBQ Sauce

  • Stock-up price: $0.50 – $1 per bottle


  • Stock-up price: $0.75 per two liters

Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns

  • Stock-up price: $0.99 per pack

Hot Dogs

  • Stock-up price: $0.50 – $1.49 per eight pack


10. Check out gym memberships and home workout equipment.

Gyms are always eager for sign-ups during the summer months. By this time each year, many gym-goers have given up on their New Year’s resolutions and canceled memberships. But as cities begin to open in stages, gyms are actively making an effort to attract new and returning members, holding onto the hope that more customers will emerge from quarantine ready to revive their resolutions.

Amidst all of this change, make sure to take advantage of free trials before committing to any single gym! Always try to negotiate — especially when it comes to all those added fees and “extras” you’ll probably never use, let alone current obvious limitations gyms and members face.

If you’re state or city isn’t opening gyms now or soon, use this time to your advantage and purchase some at-home equipment like resistance bands, kettlebells, or a medicine ball. Some gyms and studios have been leasing pieces of equipment to their members and the general public during the quarantine. That may be the route you want to take this June, or, you may find getting a Peloton is more your speed.

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Top 10 Things to Stock Up on in June