Gymboree will close all 900 retail locations over the coming months.

The children’s retail icon is in the beginning processes of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There’s no official word yet as to when, exactly, they plan to complete the process, but you should probably make all of your returns and exchanges and use up your gift card balances sooner rather than later.

Don’t worry — we’ll keep you up on all of the latest deals and best ways to save during the process.


This marks the second time that Gymboree has filed bankruptcy.

Previously they filed in 2017 and have since closed 400 of their stores. They were able to emerge from bankruptcy, but it looks like their 2018 successes weren’t enough to stay afloat.


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They’re hoping to sell their high-end stores, “Janie & Jack”.

Via The Blue Book

In an effort to keep their Janie & Jack stores out of the bankruptcy process, Gymboree is attempting to sell the high-end line, so if you happen to be a frequent shopper of theirs, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.


You can still attend Gymboree Play & Music classes.


The popular Play & Music classes are separate from the retail stores and should not be affected by the closures. So you’ll still be able to keep up all of your favorite toddler time activities on the regular.


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