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Hey there, Cricut enthusiasts! Did you score any amazing deals on your favorite crafting machine over the holidays? Congratulations! To ensure your Cricut keeps cutting like a pro, let’s talk about one of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain its performance — cleaning. For those of you who are constantly pushing your machine to the limit, here’s a pro tip to revive the sticky power of your Cricut mat: it’s time to give it a deep clean. After all, you want to keep your craft projects looking crisp and precise.

Cricut mats are thin, reusable mats that are used with the Cricut machines to help with cutting your projects. These mats have an adhesive area that holds your project in place as you work. They’re available in several different sizes for various projects and also come with different adhesive strengths to best support your design plans.

Since this mat has an adhesive surface, it can collect dirt and debris pretty easily. And to ensure your projects turn out perfect, it’s best to keep the mat clean and the surface as sticky as possible. Here are all the simple steps for how to clean a Cricut mat.

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Remove large pieces of debris.

removing large debris off of a cricut mat with tweezers

The first step to cleaning your Cricut mat is to remove any larger pieces of debris with a pair of tweezers. We like to use tweezers with slanted tips so you can tackle debris of any size. Be careful not to press too hard with the tweezers and dent or damage your mat.


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Wash the mat using water.

person washing a cricut mat with a sponge and a water faucet

To remove smaller bits of dust and dirt, you can wash your mat with water in the sink. Make it easier by placing the mat on a firmer surface (like a large cutting board) so you can wipe it gently with a soft sponge without it bending. Don’t scrub the mat with your sponge. You just need to gently wipe the dirt away.

For really stubborn dirt, you can use a small drop of mild dish soap. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly so no dish soap residue transfers to your next project.



Use a towel to pat the surface dry.

person patting a cricut mat dry with a paper towel after washing it

Lastly, use a soft lint-free towel or paper towel to pat the surface dry, without any rubbing. After patting away any excess water, let the mat sit flat to dry completely. The surface should feel sticky and clean. Now you’re ready for your next Cricut project!


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Other ways to quickly clean your Cricut mat.

The above steps work well to make your mat like new. But when you factor in the drying, it can take up precious crafting time. If you need a quick clean before you start a new project, here are a few other ideas for how to clean a Cricut mat quickly.

  • Use a lint roller on the surface to remove small bits of dust and dirt.
  • Scrape the mat gently with the edge of a plastic card or use a plastic scraper tool. Do not use this method on the pink mat because the adhesive is more sensitive.
  • Use alcohol-free baby wipes to gently clean the surface. You will still need to let it air-dry using this technique.

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Always store a Cricut mat with a plastic cover.

a person holding up a plastic cover on a cricut mat

Ensure a longer life for your mat by following instructions on how to store a Cricut mat. All Cricut mats come with a clear, plastic cover sheet. To prolong the life of your mat, it’s best to replace that cover sheet over the mat after each use. This will ensure that no dust or dirt gets on your mat while it’s not in use. It also helps you to cleanly stack mats if you have more than one without them sticking to each other and creating a mess.



Replace a Cricut mat after 50 uses.

Even if you store your mats covered and clean them regularly, the adhesive can wear down with use. It’s important to know when to replace a Cricut mat to ensure your projects turn out properly. With proper care, your Cricut mat should last between 40 – 50 uses. After that, you may notice that even with regular cleaning, the adhesive just doesn’t stick anymore. If your mat is no longer sticky, or if you have tears or rips in the mat’s surface, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Amazon is a great place to shop for replacement mats. You can buy directly from the Cricut Amazon store and get discounts you don’t normally see at other retailers. Other places to check for Cricut mat deals include Cricut.com, Joann, and Walmart. We also see deals, though more rarely, at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Target.

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Attention, Crafters: How to Clean Your Cricut Mat in a Pinch