You’d think a Peeps-inspired donut would be an April Fools’ joke — especially since Dunkin’ released one on April 1 — but it’s super real, and just in time for Easter.

What a time to be alive.


The yellow marshmallow Peeps chick sits atop a green, egg-shaped sprinkle donut.

Back in 2014, their first Peeps Donut was flower-shaped.


There’s also a Peeps-flavored iced coffee.

In case you need that marshmallow taste in your caffeinated beverage.


Dunkin’ is taking a road trip this week to celebrate.

The custom-sculpted Dunkin’ coffee car is driving from the Peeps birthplace of Bethlehem, Penn. to Dunkin’s birthplace in Quincy, Mass. — bringing free Peeps donuts and beverages to Dunkin’ locations along the way.


It’ll cost you about $1.25 for a Peeps donut.

And if you want the Peeps flavored coffee, it really depends on what drink you order. The marshmallow flavor is an additive to existing drinks on the menu, which run between $1.50 and $3.00 generally. Check your local store to verify, as prices may vary.



The Peeps go away at the end of the month.

Act quickly — this is an April-only kind of thing.


If you’ve signed up for DD Perks, you can get the Peeps coffee for free.

When you sign up for DD Perks, you’ll enter your birthday so Dunkin’ Donuts can email you a coupon for a free birthday drink.

We’ve got plenty more Ways to Run on Dunkin’ for Less.


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