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You could scour eBay for one of the best-selling toys of the ’90s, the Furby, or you can gear up for the smarter, brand-new 2023 edition hitting shelves. Hasbro announced in late June that they’re bringing back everyone’s favorite adorable, slightly creepy, furry talking toy. And since then, the Internet has been going crazy.

But the wait is over. You can finally shop the brand new Furby, 2023 version, on Amazon and online and in-store at Walmart. Those are the stores we found them at so far, but we’ll keep this post updated as we learn more.

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You can find Furby either at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, or Walmart in-store.


According to Hasbro, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $69.99. However, in June, sellers on Amazon offered Furby for preorder with a mid-July arrival. The sellers accepted preorders for as much as $95 for purple Furby, and $93 for the coral. That’s almost 40% more expensive than the list price. Nahhhh.

Luckily, prices dropped back to $69.99, just in time for the big release! Remember, Prime members can save on shipping with any purchase.


Walmart had unexpectedly released Furby online on July 14 — a day ahead of the official arrival. Order Furby online for shipping or in-store pickup.

As for shipping, it’s free regardless if you’re a Walmart+ member or everyday Walmart shopper, since Furby’s price ($69.99) meets the minimum free shipping requirement. Shop Furby below:

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
ONLINE or In-Store Deal

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We expect other retailers, like Target, to carry the 2023 Furby.

new furby 2024 toys, accessories, and packages in pink and purple

Furby officially hits physical shelves today, carrying a retail price of $69.99. While we’re still waiting to see Furby pop up in other retailers, we know that Amazon and Walmart have the Furby in stock now.

We anticipate that Target will eventually hop on the Furby train since the retailer has carried Furby in the past. Plus, along with Walmart, Target tends to have the best availability with new (or revamped) toy products.

And if Target does eventually have Furby in stock, you can save 5% if you use your Target RedCard, making your Furby just $66.49. You could also earn points on your purchase if you’re part of Target’s loyalty program, Target Circle, which is free to join. Or, if you shop at Walmart, you can score free shipping on this purchase since Furby surpasses the minimum for free shipping.


Furby has already sold out once in preorder — so expect this to sell out again.

This little guy was already in high demand weeks before it was even officially released. As of right now, the Furby is in stock at Amazon and Walmart, but we expect this to sell out quickly.

Here’s a tip: As soon as you’re ready to shop Furby, head to your preferred retailer and reserve the Furby for delivery or in-store pickup. That way you can beat the crowds and make sure you’re not competing with in-store shoppers for limited stock on the shelves.


Furby likely won’t be seeing discounts during ‘Black Friday in July’ sales.

Furby’s comeback release coincides with a few major sales during Black Friday in July. While the toy was available for preorder during Amazon Prime Week, we didn’t find any discounts. And we found the toy was secretly released a day early on Walmart, there weren’t any Walmart+ Week discounts either.

Now, while we don’t see Furby at Target yet, it’s highly likely that the toy will arrive on Target shelves soon. And Furby’s debut falls on the last of Target Circle Week, and it coincides with the tail end of the Semi-Annual Target Toy Sale. But because the toy is in such high demand, we don’t anticipate any sales that impact its release. (Especially since the Target Toy Sale largely focuses on clearance items.)



The newer Furby features smarter talking capabilities.

original purple furby versus new 2024 purple furby

When comparing the 2023 Furby design with the OG, the newer edition looks friendlier and furrier. The ears are bigger, the eyes lay more flat in the head instead of bulging out, and the colors are much brighter than the more natural palate of the ’90s.

In terms of tech capabilities, this edition of the Furby is much smarter. It understands five voice-activated commands for different play modes, including Dance Party, Copy Cat, Tell My Fortune, Let’s Chill, and Lightshow. It also knows over 600 phrases, jokes, and songs that kids (or nostalgic adults, no judgment) can gradually unlock. Plus, the little guy is reactive to touch, be it hugs, pats, shaking, or being fed its toy piece of pizza.

Plus, these new Furbies talk to one another. Seriously, if you put two Furbies next to each other, they’ll interact. If you decide to purchase two, or if you have a friend who owns one, you’ll double the entertainment value.


The New Furby Is Now LIVE! Get Free Shipping When You Order Online