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While you might not be able to dine in at your local Pizza Hut, you can still save money by using our tips in the following article:

13 Pizza Hut Deals

When’s the last time you dined inside of a Pizza Hut? Chances are, it’s been a while, and Pizza Hut gets it.

One of Pizza Hut’s biggest franchise owners, NPC International, is among the growing list of restaurant companies going bankrupt, and as part of their restructuring, they’re planning to shut down about 1/4 of their 1,225 Pizza Huts.

Don’t panic, Pizza Hut fans — there’s good news, too.

Here’s what’s happening:


Up to 300 Pizza Hut locations — most with dining rooms — will close in the coming months.

Pizza Hut restaurant building at night.

Pizza Hut says the 300 locations “significantly underperform,” and most of them are the larger-style Pizza Hut restaurants with dining rooms that aren’t seeing much traffic these days.

NPC hasn’t announced which locations will be closing, or when they’ll be closing, but chapter 11 bankruptcy plans typically take between 6 months and 2 years to complete.


Say goodbye to Pizza Huts with dining rooms.

The chain has shifted away from owning and operating dining rooms in recent years. Parent company Yum! Brands closed about 500 Pizza Huts with dining rooms in 2019, so this has definitely been in the works.

Instead, the chain is focused on pickup and delivery. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up this transition.

The once-beloved Pizza Hut lunch buffet is becoming a relic of the past (but then again, so are all buffets, it seems).

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Meanwhile, Pizza Hut is hiring tens of thousands of people.

Pizza Hut says they plan to help employees affected by the closures find new jobs at other locations.

Those locations have room for more employees. Like lots of service-industry companies, Pizza Hut is hiring something like 20,000 people to handle a steady increase in demand.

There are around 7,000 Pizza Hut locations nationwide, so don’t worry — your pizza isn’t going anywhere.


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Pizza Hut Closing Hundreds More Dine-in Restaurants