Update: This deal is expired, but you can still learn all about how to get free Amazon credits!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, the holiday shopping season is YOUR TIME.

Not only is free Prime shipping a lifesaver, but your membership will save money as well, as Amazon is offering a number of ways to get free store credit.

If you’ve never reloaded an Amazon gift card on your account, you’ll want to pay attention.

Here’s what you need to know:


Reload your gift card balance with at least $100 to get an extra $10.

Prime members are invited to reload a gift card balance with at least $100 in a single transaction and they’ll get an extra $10 added to their balance.

Each Prime account can only earn the $10 once. The offer runs until Dec. 31, or while supplies last, Amazon says (whatever that means).


The $10 credit is only valid for first-time reloaders.

For everyone else, you can get 2% back from Amazon when you use a debit card.

Reloading with $100 gets you $102 in Amazon credit, $50 gets you $51, and so on.



There are plenty more free Amazon credits where that came from.

Whether it’s watching Prime video, trying out Amazon Cash, or using Coinstar, Amazon is giving away plenty of credits this holiday season.

You’ll want to learn about all of them.


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Get $10 When You Reload $100 on Amazon