You’re a Krazy Coupon Lady, a bargain hunter, and clearance-rack queen! But a math whiz? Maybe not so much! There’s no need to have advanced math skills (or any math skills at all) when using these saving-savvy apps.

For Discount Divas: Shop Easy

The Shop Easy app ($0.99 for iPhone and Android) truly delivers all the convenience its name suggests. This handy little app is all about saving precious time and mental energy pricing discounted items. This out-of-the-ordinary calculator smoothly handles many mathematical challenges we bargain shoppers face, like calculating percentage discounts, pricing multiple items and figuring sales tax. It even offers instant conversions between 136 world currencies!

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the original price at the top of the main screen, slide the red starburst and see the discount percentage and final price.
  • When dealing in multiples (buying four at 60% off, for example), adjust the quantity dial and the products will be added and discounted collectively.
  • Click the shopping bag icon to save this deal to your personal list (to compare prices with other brands later).

I love that the list not only records individually calculated bargains but also totals them at the bottom, so if I’m aiming for a certain total purchase amount, I’ll know when I’ve reached it.

More tips:

  • Use the “Settings” screen to adjust the sales tax rate and select shopping and converting currencies. Once those are set, a tiny on/off button on the list screen allows users to see totals with or without sales tax. Tap a button on the main screen to toggle between screens.
  • Shop Easy is often (but not always) available for free in the iTunes app store, so check back often for the chance to download for free!

For Multiple Discounts: Discount Calculator

This fun little app may appear ever so slightly more involved, but so are those crazy amazing discounts and stacked coupon deals you love!! Discount Calculator (free for iPhone and Android) is another well-organized and easy-to-use app.

This handy app quickly and easily calculates the final price of an item after as many as two discounts have been taken and sales tax added. Enter the original price, then enter one or two discounts (either dollar amount, percentage, or both) and see totals before and after sales tax (plus the total tax). The original price, discounted price, and total money saved are also boldly displayed. Tip: I LOVE using this app whenever I plan to pay with a store card that gives a percentage off (Target RedCard 5% savings, for example) or a credit card that offers “cash back” on purchases.

The list feature has many unique benefits. Users have the option of adding an item description to a calculation before saving it to a list and calculating that next bargain. Another lovable perk is that the list also totals the amount saved and shows the total before discounts. Perhaps the most exceptional feature of all is that each list entry is completely customized in the calculation stage and tallied exactly as you entered it in the list total. While Shop Easy presents a simplified “all-or-nothing” approach to applying sales tax to its list total, Discount Calculator’s flexibility allows users to assign non-taxable items a tax rate of zero; the only tax reflected in the total will be for those items you specifically added.

Unexpected feature: Speaking of tax rates, this handy app caters to adventurous shoppers by providing an easy-to-use comprehensive tax guide for US cities/states. No more sales tax surprises when shopping out of state!

For Major Purchases and No Regrets: Decide

There’s nothing like saving the best for last: A bargain shopper’s app with an amazing twist! I love Decide (free for iPhone and Android) because it meets me in a realm where I often feel quite helpless! As a coupon lady, I am price-savvy when I’m shopping for life’s daily needs (breakfast bars, chocolate, cosmetics… you get the picture). But when it’s a major purchase (and something I can clip a coupon to buy at a lower price), I’m lost in a jungle of unfamiliar manufacturers and technical terms and too-helpful salespeople!

Described as an “unbiased shopping guide,” Decide is a masterpiece of technology that helps shoppers make major purchases with confidence, specializing in a mind-boggling array of electronics:

  • Televisions
  • Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Smart phones
  • Video game consoles
  • Appliances
  • Home and garden items

Decide saves valuable time and energy by directing shoppers to the best products on the market based on the latest feedback from experts and consumers.

Decide also provides access to data on price fluctuations and upcoming new models. All that information is then used to rate each product on a scale of 1 to 100 (100 is the best). When you are advised to buy, Decide guarantees that price will not drop for two weeks and no upgrades to that item are expected within the following five months!

Not only is knowing when and what to buy a cinch, the actual purchase transaction is easy, too. When Decide says “go,” simply select the product with the lowest price and purchase it. Email your online purchase confirmation to

Here’s how the guarantee works: Your email is Decide’s heads up to begin a vigil of price monitoring for the item you bought. If any of their vendors’ prices fall below the purchase price within that two-week window, Decide refunds the total price difference at the end of the monitoring period!

Please note: Decide is available for free in the app store, but in order to have access to all available product information and price guarantee features, you’ll be asked to pay a modest subscription fee (options range from $4.99 to $24.99).

Best wishes as you enjoy these great apps! Don’t let life find you without them!

This is a guest post by Cheryl from Strasburg, PA
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