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10 Tricks to Save Money on Razors in 2023

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If you’re not already buying razors from Costco to save money, you should be. My extensive research revealed that Costco’s everyday prices on razors are lower than Amazon, Target, Walmart, drugstores, and even popular subscription services like Dollar Shave Club.

And you don’t even have to wait for a sale or coupon. It’s recommended you swap out a razor blade every five to 10 shaves (real talk: I definitely stretch mine beyond that). But if you follow that recommendation, that’s a lot of money spent on razors.

If you don’t shop at Costco, I’ve got other tips and tricks to save money on razors below. So before purchasing your next pack of razors, download our app and visit our Razor Coupon page. Also, text HACKS to 57299 for more money-saving tips.

Here are our top tips to save money on razors:


1. Get Gillette Mach3 cartridges for as low as $2.15 every day at Costco.

cost of gilette razors

When looking to save money on razors, it helps to zero in on the price per cartridge. To calculate the price per cartridge, divide the price by the number of cartridges included in the pack. Easy enough, right? And be sure to double-check the cartridge count on the package so you don’t mistake a cartridge-free razor handle for another blade (it happens).

Costco sells men’s Gillette brand razors for $2.15 – $3.31 per razor cartridge. Regularly priced, the Gilette Mach3 brand is the lowest option at Costco for just $2.15 per cartridge.

Moreover, Costco’s everyday price even beats razors purchased with Target’s 5% RedCard discount. Compared to Amazon, you’ll save $0.31 – $2.03 per Gilette brand razor when you purchase them from Costco. The Costco price also wins versus Dollar Shave Club, who sells razor cartridges for around $4.50 each.

TIP: Regarding disposable razors, save $2.03 per disposable razor when you purchase a pack of Gilette Custom Plus Disposable Razors from Costco — a $0.03 per razor savings compared to Walmart.


2. Pay $2.50 for Venus Comfort Glide razor cartridges at Costco.

cost of venus razors

Without any additional discounts, Costco sells regularly priced Venus Comfort Glide razors for $2.50 per razor.

To compare, Amazon sells the same razor blades for $3.63 per razor. That’s a $1.13 per razor savings when purchasing the same blades from Costco. Walmart also comes in high at $4.66 for the same razor cartridge, and Target is the highest at $4.92 per razor.

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3. Save up to 80% on Venus and Gillette brand razors at CVS by stacking.

roazors in shopping cart with one being held up

Stack CVS digital coupons, sale prices, store coupons, and ExtraBucks during BOGO 50% off sales at CVS to save up to 80% on razors.

The best sales typically run in April, and you can score Gilette Mach3 Razors for as low as $3.21 per razor.


4. Get $11 off a pack of Gillette razors during Costco sales.

a person holding up a pack of razors in store

Look for Gillette ProGlide Plus Razors to drop to just $2.62 per razor during Costco sales. Not to be outdone, Gillette Custom Plus3 Disposable Razors usually go on sale for just $0.69 per razor — a $0.28 per razor savings from regular prices.

Watch Costco sale flyers and emails to stock up, or download The Krazy Coupon Lady app for up to date sale info.

TIP: Costco sales are limited to three razor packs per person per purchase. So plan accordingly or bring a buddy to buy additional packs.


5. Stock up when you see $12 off Venus razors during Costco sales.

a person holding up a pack of razors in store

Venus Sensitive razors go on sale for up to $12 off at Costco, taking the cost down from $3.36 per razor to just $2.27 per razor. That’s a $1.39 per razor savings compared to Amazon prices.

Look for $5 off Venus Disposable Razors, which will take the price down to just $1.33 per disposable razor.



6. Try a Billie subscription for $2.50/razor refill.

billie razor kit

Curious whether those popular razor subscriptions are worth it?

Dollar Shave Club razor refills can cost around $4.50 each, or $18 a month for four cartridges. To compare, Billie brand refill cartridges are $10 for four refills, or $2.50 a razor.

So if you want to try a monthly subscription, save $2 each and go with Billie. You’ll get free shipping each month, but you’ll have to begin with a Starter Kit to get your first razor handle.

The Billie Starter Kit is $10 and only includes two cartridges, plus a Magic Holder. So your savings won’t start until the second month when the price of refills drops to just $2.50 a razor, or $10 a month for a pack of four refills.


7. Save money on razors at Costco by shopping in store instead of online.

cost of razors at costco

To ensure you get the lowest razor price out there, purchase your Costco razors in store. Why? Costco’s own website is almost always priced higher than their in-store prices. And since Costco doesn’t price match Costco warehouse prices for purchases, you’ve gotta go in person to get the best deal.

For example, a 36-count pack of Gillette Custom Plus3 Razors is $39.99 online but only $34.99 in store — a $5 savings. A 20-count Gillette Mach3 pack is $42.99 in store but $46.99 on Costco’s website — an instant $4 savings.

Also, never use Instacart to purchase razors from Costco. You’ll pay up to $0.64 per razor more just by purchasing Costco razors through Instacart.


8. Download The Krazy Coupon Lady app to keep razor coupons on hand.

a person holding a cellphone with the Krazy Coupon Lady app on screen

Once you download The Krazy Coupon Lady app, you’ll have all our top razor coupons and sales at your fingertips.

Use our name-brand razor coupons at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and grocery stores, like Albertsons, to cut razor costs. You can stack manufacturer coupons with eligible store coupons and percentage-off or gift card deals on the Target Circle app.

Look for $2/1 Gillette Razor Products or $4/1 Schick Products to save the most on already low sale prices.


9. Opt for disposable generic razors at $0.13 each from Dollar Tree.

a person holding razor packages in front of dollar tree cart

If you’re just looking for cheap, generic, disposable razors, you’ll find the lowest price at Dollar Tree.

You can get a 10-count pack of disposable razors for $1.25 from Dollar Tree.

By comparison, Target has a 12-pack of generic, disposable razors for $2.19, or $0.18/razor. Walmart’s generic disposable 8-count pack of razors is the worst deal priced at $0.75 per generic razor.


10. Stack 5% Red Card savings, sale prices, and manufacturer coupons at Target to save money on razors.

skintimate bloom razor clearance at target

Once you see a razor on sale at Target, check our razor coupon page for an eligible coupon to stack. Then use your RedCard to get an extra 5% off.

Look for one-off clearance razors at the endcap of an aisle in the personal care section of the store.


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