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17 Stoney Clover Lookalikes That Cost Way, Way Less

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Looking for Stoney Clover lookalikes? We’ve got you. Never heard of it? You’ve come to the right place. Stoney Clover is a brand known for making what would otherwise be boring travel and organizational accessories more colorful and fun. Their duffel bags, backpacks, pouches, and more are all bright, and almost all of their items come with customization options to add cute patches or letters that spell out the name or word of your choosing.

If you’ve priced out the originals, you’ll quickly realize these items aren’t cheap, and if you’re on a budget, then Stoney Clover might not be an option at all. The good news is that there are a lot of Stoney Clover lookalikes out there, whether you’re looking for one of their super popular clear bags or a nylon pouch. The most impressive alternatives feature nearly the same colors with patches and letters that are almost identical to Stoney Clover originals. The best part? They come in at a fraction of the price.

We searched for some of the best Stoney Clover lookalikes out there to help you save money and still own an adorable accessory.

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1. TopTTanB Chenille Letter Clear Bag

Three clear pouches customized with letter patches to say "Beach", "Stuff", and "Snacks" lying together on a marble counter.

Love the Stoney Clover Classic Clear Flat Pouch ($78+, Stoney Clover)? This TopTTanB Clear Bag ($23.79, Amazon) is more than a $50 savings and is an impressive alternative. It’s actually a little larger than the Stoney Clover original, so not only are you saving some money, but you’re also getting a bag that can fit more. And while the Amazon alternative is the same price regardless of what word is on there, the Stoney Clover option with customized letters is a lot more: for example, the Amazon bag that says “snacks” is still just about $24, while the Stoney Clover pouch customized to spell out “snacks” comes out to $195. That’s huge savings.


2. White Clear Purse

A person wearing a custom clear pouch with the letters CB on the front in patches.

While this clear purse ($46, Etsy) isn’t an exact match for the Stoney Clover Travel Pouch ($38+, Stoney Clover), it comes close. The purse on Etsy, with two letters for custom initials included, is $46. The same bag on Stoney Clover comes out to $89 with two custom letters. The Etsy option also comes with a convenient strap, while the Stoney Clover patch is handheld. You’ll save money and get a more versatile option with the Etsy Stoney Clover lookalike.


3. No Boundaries Road Trip Tote

A lavender-colored tote bag and pouch with the words "Road Trip" printed on their fronts, on a white background.

This No Boundaries Road Trip Tote set ($16.78, Walmart) is a truly amazing value. For less than $20, you’ll get a tote bag and a smaller matching pouch. If you purchased a customized Stoney Clover tote bag ($168+, Stoney Clover) that says “road trip,” the cost comes out to $295. And if you purchased a matching pouch, it comes out to $211. Instead of spending over $500 at Stoney Clover on two items, you could buy this set from Walmart for less than $17. That’s definitely something to write home about.

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4. Nylon Pouch With Patches

Nylon pouches customized with patches in a pile on a marble counter.

Opt for a classic with this nylon pouch with patches ($19.99+, Etsy). The pastel colors and the glittering patches mimic Stoney Clover ($68+, Stoney Clover) almost exactly. But while the Stoney Clover pouch customized with two letters with glitter trim comes out to $111, the Etsy pouch with two glittering letters is only $29.99.


5. Waloner Preppy Patch Makeup Bag

A makeup pouch with three custom patches on the front of it.

Another alternative for the Stoney Clover Classic Small Pouch (68+, Stoney Clover) is this Waloner Preppy Patch Makeup Bag ($9.49, Amazon). This one comes in a few different colors, and instead of words, it features a smiley face, a lightning bolt, and a rainbow. Making a comparable option with the same icons on Stoney Clover comes out to $127. Let’s repeat: the Amazon version is less than $10. The Stoney Clover version is $127. It’s hard to argue with that price difference.



6. YogoRun Fanny Pack

Different colored fanny packs with custom patches sitting together on a table.

Stoney Clover’s Classic Fanny Pack ($98+, Stoney Clover) comes out to almost $100 without any customization. That’s a lot to spend on a plain, solid-colored fanny pack. If you want to spend less, the Stoney Clover lookalike YogoRun Fanny Pack ($31.99, Amazon) comes in at $66 less. It’s a little bit bigger than the Stoney Clover pick, but it comes in a variety of colors and looks so similar to the more expensive version.


7. Kaymey Casual Hiking Daypack

Two different colored backpacks on a white background.

The Kaymey Casual Hiking Daypack ($58.99, Amazon) is a good alternative for the Stoney Clover Classic Backpack ($148+, Stoney Clover). It’s made of a similar easy-to-clean, waterproof nylon material and comes in similar shades as well. But while the Stoney Clover option starts at $148 without any customization, the Amazon version costs just under $60. The Amazon backpack doesn’t offer customization or patches, but it’s larger than the Stoney Clover backpack, making it a great value.

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8. Dalix Cotton Canvas Tote

Two different colored tote bags on a white background.

The Dalix Cotton Canvas Tote ($16.99, Amazon) is almost the exact same size as the Stoney Clover Classic Tote Bag ($168+, Stoney Clover). While there are some clear differences (the Amazon option is cotton, while the Stoney Clover bag is nylon), these come in similar shades and look nearly the same otherwise. Plus, you’ll save at least $151 with the Amazon version, which is a considerable difference.


9. Everything Decorated Custom Fanny Pack

A pink fanny pack with the varsity letter "A" on the front.

If you love the look of the Stoney Clover Classic Fanny Pack ($98+, Stoney Clover) with the customization option, then it’s worth looking at the Everything Decorated Custom Fanny Pack ($34.99, Amazon). This option looks very similar to the Stoney Clover pack, and with two letter patches on it, costs $34.99. Meanwhile, the Stoney Clover fanny pack costs $141 for two letter patches. You’ll save nearly $100 with the budget-friendly Amazon version.


10. MABROUC Duffle Bag

A lavender-colored dufflebag on a white background.

You could spend upwards of $200 on the Stoney Clover Classic Duffle Bag ($208, Stoney Clover), or you could spend about $20 on the MABROUC Duffle Bag ($17.99, Amazon). They’re both nylon with a really similar shape, size, and look, and the Amazon one comes in some similar shades as the Stoney Clover bag. The Amazon option also has some convenient features, like a shoe compartment and a wet pocket, that overall make it a better bang for your buck.



11. Beach Tote Bag

A tote bag that says "Beach" on the front in custom patches sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The beach tote bag ($40.50+, Etsy) comes in four different colors and is made of a high-quality nylon material that makes it a great alternative for the Stoney Clover Classic Tote Bag ($168+, Stoney Clover). The Etsy option either says “beach” or “travel,” or you can customize it to say whatever you want for $58.50. While the Etsy bag that says “beach” costs $58.50, the Stoney Clover option that says “beach” costs $263. That’s about a $200 difference, which is pretty significant.


12. Camdyn Bag

A custom clear-front pouch with the word "bath" in patches, sitting on a bathroom counter next to some bath supplies.

The clear pouches on Stoney Clover ($78+, Stoney Clover) are popular and often sold out, making them hard to nab. A comparable alternative is this Camdyn Bag ($15.99+, Etsy). It’s a different size, but other than that, they look extremely similar. You can customize the bag with patches to say whatever you want, and the Etsy version is a lot cheaper. For example, the Etsy Stoney Clover lookalike with the word “stuff” costs $34.99. Since the Stoney Clover version is currently sold out, we don’t know exactly how much it would be, but comparable options on their site give us an estimate of about $163.


13. Nylon Pouch With Patches

Nylon pouches customized with patches in a pile on a marble counter.

These cute mini pouches are great for smaller items and can be thrown in larger bags or in your suitcase to keep those items from getting lost. The Stoney Clover Classic Mini Pouch ($58+, Stoney Clover) comes in at nearly $60. This Nylon Pouch with Patches ($13.49+, Amazon) will cost you less than $20, which is pretty affordable. The Etsy version can have one or two patches and costs $15.29 for one patch (you can pick from a lightning bolt, heart, or rainbow). In comparison, the Stoney Clover option is $85. That’s another significant difference, especially for such a small item.

Here’s a secret … we are totally hooked on Yeti alternatives.


14. Keychain Wallet

Different colored chained wallets sitting together on a wooden table.

This small nylon keychain wallet ($15, Etsy) comes in seven different colors and has a small gold chain to attach to your bag or keys. The comparable Stoney Clover Classic Keychain Wallet ($68, Stoney Clover) is more than four times the price. If you don’t mind an uncustomized option, the Etsy pick is a great choice.


15. Customized Passport Cover

A person's hand holding up a customized passport cover with the varsity letter A on it.

An easy-to-clean nylon passport cover is great for traveling. This customized passport cover ($12, Etsy) comes with the option to add one letter on it. With one letter patch, it costs just $12. The Stoney Clover Passport Case ($68, Stoney Clover) costs $99 for a comparable customization option. It’s also cute how the Etsy version says “passport.”



16. Stadium-Approved Fanny Pack

A clear fanny pack bag on a white background.

The Stadium-Approved Fanny Pack ($19.99, Target) is a pretty comparable alternative to the Stoney Clover Stadium Clear Fanny Pack ($108, Stoney Clover). While you can’t get a customization option for the Target fanny pack, and it’s not an exact lookalike, it costs $95 less. You can’t argue with that!


17. Tie-Dye Pouch Bag

A custom tie-dye pouch with the word "swim" on the front in patches.

Stoney Clover’s tie-dye bags are so cute and colorful. This tie-dye pouch bag ($30+, Etsy) is extremely similar and is comparable in size to the Stoney Clover Tie Dye Small Pouch ($68, Stoney Clover). Getting four patches added to the Etsy one will cost you $46. Meanwhile, for the comparable Stoney Clover alternatives with four patches, you’ll pay $147. That’s almost exactly a $100 price difference.


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